Special diets for babies
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Special diets for babies

Special diets for babies
How can you safely wean a vegetarian or vegan baby? What if your baby has a wheat or egg allergy? We reveal how to cope with special diets

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Is your baby allergic to bread?
If your toddler has a wheat allergy, then standard toast, crackers and biscuits are all off-limits, but fortunately, these days, there are alternatives

14 March 2011

How to cope when your baby can't drink milk
We think of cow's milk as a staple of babies' diets, but luckily there are ways to manage if your little one has a dairy allergy

06 March 2011

Food allergies: the tell-tale signs
Do you think your baby may be suffering from a food allergy? Here's what to look out for, from wheeziness to skin rashes

06 March 2011

All about nut allergies
Allergic reactions to nuts are becoming more common in little ones, and can be highly dangerous. What are the signs, and when can you introduce them?

05 March 2011

Does my baby have a food intolerance?
How can you tell whether your baby has a food intolerance or a more serious allergy? Read our guide to spotting the crucial differences

24 February 2011

How to wean a vegetarian baby
If you've decided to wean your baby on a vegetarian diet, follow our guide to which foods and supplements will give him a fully nutritious and well-balanced diet

24 November 2010

There are 6 articles
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