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Looking for tips on which flavours to introduce to your baby and when? Heinz understands how to expand your baby's favourite tastes so you can help your little one enjoy new foods

Heinz advice on taste

As they get older, many children don't like to try new foods, but giving a wide variety of flavours during weaning may help avoid this fussiness.

Did you know?

Babies have more taste buds than adults; however, their taste buds are also more sensitive to certain flavours than adults. So for example, they react more positively to sweet flavours (like fruits) than adults and more negatively to bitter flavours (like green vegetables). That’s not to say you shouldn’t give them green vegetables but it can take up to 8 attempts for your baby to like food initially rejected.

Top tips for introducing your baby to new flavours from Heinz:

  • Offering your baby food in a variety of colours can help in encouraging them to get used to lots of flavours. If food is interesting to look at, your baby may be more encouraged to eat it.
  • Interesting flavour combinations may help your baby to explore new foods: A few recipes to choose from the Mum’s Own Recipe range include:
    Sweet potato & beef pie (from 4-6 months+)
    Cheesy tomato pasta stars (from 7 months+)
    Creamy chicken curry (from 10 months+)

Click here for handy meal planners from Heinz which will help you get lots of variety and the right balance of nutrition as they develop and grow.

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