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What to buy - feeding

What to buy
We help you choose the right highchair for your baby and help your kit out your kitchen with our guide to the best bowls, cups and spoons plus...

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Weaning - what to buy
At around six months your baby is ready to move on from milk to solid food. Take a look at the essentials you'll need to start the weaning process

06 October 2012

10 of the best first cups for your baby
Make the transition from bottle to cup in style with these cool trainer cup offerings for babies from 6 months and up

23 September 2012

8 of the best baby weaning bowls
If you're introducing solids to your baby, check out these funky weaning bowls, sure to brighten up feeding time.

14 September 2012

Buyer's Guide to highchairs and boosters
High chairs, boosters and everything else you need to get your baby to the table. But can you make him eat?

07 September 2012

6 of the best weaning spoons for your baby
If your baby's heading towards solid foods, a specially designed weaning spoon can help make it easier on those soft gums and little mouths used to just teats and nipples.

26 October 2010

New self-sterilising anti-colic bottle from MAM
No steriliser unit needed with MAM’s clever new baby feeding bottle

06 September 2010

Medela launches bottle that mimics breastfeeding
Medela’s brand-new Calma bottle designed to help babies move from breast to bottle and back to breast again

06 July 2010

Mums urged to check bottle packaging carefully to avoid BPA
Shop with caution to avoid the controversial chemical

06 April 2010

Sneak preview – chic BabyBjörn highchair
The BabyBjörn High Chair Appetite is ideal for lovers of modern looking baby kit

05 March 2010

There are 9 articles
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