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Vitamin D and your baby

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for your baby, and increasingly scientists rate its anti-cancer powers, so how do you bring it into your baby's diet?

Posted: 26 February 2010
by Laura Lee Davies

Why is vitamin D important?
Vitamin D helps build healthy bones and teeth, aiding the body's use of its mineral intake. It also helps your baby make the most of the calcium he's having. Without enough vitamin D a child can be at risk of rickets. Rickets is a condition where the bones are too soft, and can become deformed, or be more prone to breaking. Increasingly, scientists find that vitamin D can be a valuable tool in protecting against cancer.

Vitamin D in your baby's diet
Many breakfast cereals and foods like margarine are fortified with vitamin D, but it is also found in oily fish, yoghurt and eggs.
In babies and toddlers, only a small amount (about 7mcg) is needed, and excess can cause problems for vital organs. However, in a normal, varied diet there is little danger of overdoing it.

Vitamin D and sunlight
Your baby can create vitamin D himself when his skin is exposed to sunlight (this is Vitamin D3). Although we now protect our children from direct exposure to the sun in the summer, your little one should receive enough sunlight through regular normal exposure every day.

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