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Baby carriers and slings for active holidays

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09/08/2006 at 13:17
Do you have any tips on getting about easily with your baby, or a favourite sling or carrier?
14/08/2006 at 15:57
Hello all :o)

I love my ring sling - slings are far more versatile, comfortable and longer lasting than almost all the baby carriers on the market!

Where baby carriers pull on your shoulders & neck, and can only be used up to about 9kgs - (And only comfortably used up to baby being about 4 months old!!) I still use my sling with Jacob now- and he weighs a whopping 2 & half stone!!
His Dad also carries him it- and can carry him laying down if he falls asleep!
For newborns it provides a far more friendly place to fall asleep- they are simply cradled in a comfortable fetal position in the fabric.

Even now- when I am 35 weeks pregnant I can comfortably carry Jacob in the sling- and for far longer periods of time then I could in his Tomy baby carrier when he was 2 months old!
I paraded around the baby show in birmingham earlier this year with Jake in his sling when I was 5 months pregant, no backache, no sore neck!

I always pop it in the changing bag even if I am out with the pushchair. It doubles as a blanket if our unpredictable british weather takes a turn for the worse!

Ring slings offer far more adjustability between parents too- no fiddly straps or toggles! - bespoke slings for the trendy parent & baby/toddler about town - My personal favourites!! - another WAHM with classic ring sling designs in a variety of more sombre colours.

I have slings made by each of these companies and I love them both!
I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!

MG, Jacob & 35 wk Bump

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