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Baby constipation!

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09/10/2008 at 09:24

My 20week son is now on 2 small meals of solids a day. He is having 4 x milk feeds, and on top of that is having 2 bottles of water to help him go. He still gets really constipated and I don't think I can get any more fluids in him! Does anyone know what's best to do?? It's really upsetting him and he cries for ages before he goes.

Any help would be great! x

09/10/2008 at 12:32

Hi. Insread of one of the water drinks, try 1 oz fresh orange juice with 2 oz cooled, boiled water.

It makes my little one go everytime, and has helped out a coulpe of others on this website.

If it still doesnt work, go to your Drs and get some Lactulose. (It reabsorbs water from the intestines to make the stool softer. It takes a couple of days to work and once established bowel opening has started, you can wean him off it. You'll probably be prescribed 2.5mls twice a day, so cut it down to once a day for a few days beofre stopping. It just allows thier gut to do the work instead of becoming reliant on stimulation.) My daughter needs the regieme every few weeks, but lactulose has no other side effects/long term issues.

Good luck! I know how frustrating it is!

09/10/2008 at 14:27
I've been putting a tiny ammount of orange in his 5oz of water, didn't know could give him more than that, will have to give it a try. Is orange juice safe to give them every couple of days in that volume? I guess it is if it's ok for them to eat solids!?!?! x
09/10/2008 at 16:17

you can add pure prune juice to water, give him some apricots with baby porridge or prune with baby porridge get dried ones, re moisten them and puree, make sure the water is warm, massage his tummy, warm baths also help. i was told pure orange is too acidic really and a bit of sugar free dilute juice works better. Pear is also a good thing to have, avoid root veg other than carrot and avoid banana as these can be constipation causes

my daughter was the same but at 6mth old. So we gave her fatty food like lamb mince and also weetabix and fruit mix.

we did the above inc the meat and within 2 days she went - and we knew about it lol

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