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10/07/2006 at 14:41
emily-jade is now just 11 months old, she has started having screaming bouts at bedtime and wanting to play instead of sleep-i dont like the idea of putting her in her cot and letting her cry for a few minutes before going in to her, it just seems so cruel. any advice welcome!
also if i dont give her any attention for longer than 5minutes if im busy she puts her fingers to the back of her throat and makes herself physically sick so then obviously i have to stop what im doing and tend to her-ive tried putting a dummy in her mouth but she just takes it out to make herself sick.
i would be greatful of any advice given.
x x x
26/07/2006 at 16:58
has she got a good bed time routine? both ours have, and weve hardly had any problems at night.
when you start a routine it can hard work but once its working you wonder how you ever did without out.
as for the being sick, she knows it provokes a reaction, so leave her be for a while, try leaving the door slightly ajar so you can see her but she can't see you, that way you can monitor the situation without actually running in to her, it seems harsh but works quickly and effectivley, as they realise your not going to run in to the room.
26/07/2006 at 21:57
hi luke, thanx for your reply. yes she does have a bedtime routine-we started one from her being 2 days old. she has her bath at 7 then has supper then i get her to sleep on my bed then transfer her to her cot (she wont go to sleep on her own because she's never had to and i wont put her in her cot awake and let her cry).
her screaming fits have actually stopped now strangely-must have been a phase. so bedtime isn't a problem anymore but the being sick is.
i sat her in her high chair today with some toys and something to snack on to keep her occupied while i sorted the washing out, but she wasn't happy with not getting any attention so she put her fingers to the back of her throat until she was sick again-if i tell her not to do it or take her fingers out of her mouth and put a dummy in instead, she just thinks it's funny and does it again.
oh the joys of parenthood eh.
lynsey and emily-jade x x x
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3 messages
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