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Cruiser shoes or not??

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09/10/2007 at 13:24

Hi all

I have a wee girl who is nearly 9 months and is crawling really well. The last 2 weeks she has found her feet and loves standing at the furniture and cruising round it. Do i need to buy her cruiser shoes as she is spending a lot of time in a weight bearing position with mainly bare feet and i'm worried she needs support. I have had mixed advice from people some say she won't need shoes until she's walking and that barefeet is best to let her feet grow and others say her ankles need the support of shoes!! the other problem i have is she is very small for her age only 16lb 9 ozs at last weigh in 2 weeks ago and her feet are tiny wearing 3-6 months pram shoes so will i be able to get shoes this small??

Any advice would be appreciated thanks

Nic x

09/10/2007 at 14:00
HI Nic, she doesn't need shoes until she's walking and lots of time with bare feet is great for her.  If you have issues with slipping and so on then either grippy socks or those soft leather shoes are really good. My son still uses his soft leather shoes as indoor slippers now, so even when she's ready for real shoes you'll probably still get good use out of them (it sounds like she'll be walking around the one year mark if not before).
11/10/2007 at 21:48

Hi there,

 Both my children were fitted for their first pair of shoes at 9 months when they were crawling and cruising.  I went to Clarks and they have crawlers, cruisers then normal shoes for walking.  I think starting at this age gets them used to 'real' shoes and it does support their little feet.  The crawlers are soft and have a rubber sole that comes all the way over their toes so they don't scuff.  I didn't bother with the cruising stage shoes as once they are walking they get normal shoes.  Clarks measure the size and width of your babies feet and make sure their feet have room to grow.

 Hope this helps 

23/10/2007 at 21:35

Hi maria & Lorraine

 Eventually spoke to my HV and she said shoes not essential until walking stage, but thanks for your help anyway.

25/05/2010 at 13:39


I got some from http:/ they are really cute and under £10.

25/05/2010 at 20:42


I was told that bare feet is definately the way to go till they are confident to walk outside, they need to be able to spread their toes and learn to use their feet properly before you put shoes on them.  My daughter took her first steps at 11 months but didn't get her first shoes till 13 months and then I got the light weight cruising type shoes from clarkes to get her used to walking in them as it took her a while to work it out, she kept scrunching her toes up with shoes on! (also they are bloody expensive!)  good luck what ever you decide.

Gem and Freya

24/12/2011 at 06:20

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