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encourage crawling

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26/03/2010 at 20:34

I actually think i am more frustrated than Jacob! He's one next week and makes no attempts what so ever to crawl. He won't even put pressure on his legs, so no sign of skipping a step and going straight to walking. The doctor says there isn't anything wrong physically but the problem now is he is getting heavier and heavier, so he will need to be so strong to lift his weight!

Has anyone experienced this and if so what did you do?

27/03/2010 at 17:41

hey carly,

my little boy is 14 months and had no signs of crawling at all. he would get up on all fours but never actually moved no matter how much we encouraged him, we bought him toys, left our phones out for him to get and even bought a carwling winnie the pooh but nothing worked, he still isnt crawling and isnt walking either, he will walk woth us holding his hand but as soon as we try and let go of his hand he just makes himself fall to the ground. 

I really wouldnt worry about it, all kids are different and he might just suprise u one day and get up and toddle away, if you are still really concerned then give your hv a call and see what she says.

Sorry i couldnt be more use,

claire xx

28/03/2010 at 21:01

Thanks for your reply Claire - it's funny how babies are so different. Jacob's older brother was crawling at 4 months they must be opposites!

I'd like him to be mobile for his sake though, so he could explore a bit more. I think i's strange that he won't put pressure on his legs - i guess we willhave to be patient!

Thanks x

20/04/2011 at 13:30
my girl is 1 next week and she has no signs of walking yet or crawling, she manages to get around a little bit but only on her bottom
17/11/2011 at 11:32

I think you shouldn't worry so much. There are a lot of babies who never actually go through the crawling phase. My sisters baby never crawled she just scooted across the floor and went straight to walking. Every baby is different. 

17/11/2011 at 21:18

my girl is 18 months old now and still not walking either yet, not even pulling herself up,

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