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27/05/2009 at 20:33

Argh!  My 15 week old son feeds every 2-3 hours at night and only snacks during the day.  I've tried to feed him more during the day but all he does is a: scream at me, b: spit it out, or c: clamps his lips together!

I wake him at 9pm (before I crawl to bed) and he usually takes 4fl ozs.  But it's just not enough!  I am finding the 9pm/12am/3am/5am/7am night feeding schedule exhausting!  

Please can someone share some simple steps to encourage him to feed during the day and sleep at night?!

30/05/2009 at 20:25
Great.  There's no help out there.
01/06/2009 at 23:04
Hey loopy - dont despare!!!! It gets easier honestly (says she with baby no.7 on the way) so you see its not all bad!!!! At 15 weeks i would try carrying on encouraging him to feed in the day and perhaps add a petit filous at supper time so he gets used to "day for play and eat and night for sleep" kinda routine (dont care what any midwife says, all of mine have been having a little solids by this age!) it works for me, or perhaps a little rusk or cereal last thing so that his tummy is full to go to bed on, it may take a few days but they normally get the message, you could also try (big one this one!!!) letting him cry at night for longer periods of time so again he gets used to attention in the day but nothing at night.  Hope some of this has been of help to you, his clock is wired back-to-front is all and needs a bit of a shock to jolt him back to the right time zone!!! LOL heres hoping he settles down. Take care and make sure you are not getting frazzled too!!! xxx
08/06/2009 at 16:38

Hi Loopy,

My aunt was told by health visitor to give her son baby rice at 11 weeks to help with sleep-this was 20yrs ago, but he turned out fine. Also make sure Isaac gets plenty fresh outdoor air every day (several  hours) as this tires them out.

 Try doing a 4hr deal with your OH too. Get him to have Isaac for 4 hourrs one day, and you do what you want (sleep, bath etc) then give him same in return. This has worked wonders for me, and i really look forward to my 'morning off'.

Good luck,

Emma & mimi 11weeks and DJ 20 months X

08/06/2009 at 16:41

its probably a silly question but does he know the difference between night and day? does he have a solid bed time routine?

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