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Food Intolerances after a baby

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18/10/2009 at 23:31

Hi Guys

for those of you that don't know me, Im Vicky mum to Freya who I had nearly 8 months ago,

Since having her I have shifted a bit but not a lot of baby weight despite exercising and eatig very healthily apart from the odd treat, for the last 6 weeks or so I have been so tired after eating and feel so bloated some nights. Also I have been waking up a bit thirsty in the morning not really thirsty just a sharp taste in my mouth that I want to wash away if that makes any sense at all!!

its not diabetes and Im not PG again!! getting a bit dispondant as I was a bit overweight before having my baby and when I spoke to the dr he was less than inspiring!! suggested I keep a food diary seems if anything is similar when I feel ill, I have done this and have narrowed it down to potatoes, pasta, sugar, wheat, or all of the above!! lol!!

Im already lactose intolerant but this subsided when I was pg and I drank milk by the gallon but thats bak now as well but presents very differently, bloated and I get a rash on my front and bad tummy ache.

Any way enough of the symptons! lol!! Basically I wanted to know if anyone has any experience of this kind of thing or knows someone who has, Im feeling a bit crazy!! lol you guys are always great at helping so Im hoping someone has some good advice!

thank you so much in advance ladies,

love vicky xx

19/10/2009 at 10:26

Hi Vicky,

I sympathise greatly. I started losing weight after Libby, then suddenly, my weight had stayed the same but I was really really bloated, I have dairy intolerances so try steer clear as much as possible. I also started getting really bad indigestion again, so trotted off to the docs and she took some blood and 2 stool samples (both of which have been lost) and the blood came back as my liver function being slightly abnormal, maybe it would be better if you ask your doc to do some bloods to see whats going on?

I have now also given up well and truly eating miniscule amounts and torturing myself to lose the baby weight, it'll come off when it comes off and I end up binging when I deprive myself!

Hope you get some answers soon


19/10/2009 at 17:43

Hi Vicky,

The food diary may be a good idea as i will help you pin point any foods that may be upsetting you.

Do you have any other symptoms? Have you had them since having the baby?

I would personally go back to the doctors and if you find you get a similar response ask to see someone else.

Also make sure you are not doing too much, it is easy to over do it and if you are bound to feel tired when you finally sit down to eat e.t.c

Could the tiredness just be down to the new lifestyle with baby. My daughter is 9 months old and she is such hard work, I spend so much time chasing around after her and then with the housework I often feel tired out.

Hope you feel better soon


19/10/2009 at 18:52

thanks guys I, I don't think the tiredness s due to the exhausting challenge of looking after Freya as I know she's a handful but its much easier than it was when she was new born and it has got worse from then, I don't get the tiredness straight after a meal its an hour or two after.

I think Ill ask the nurse what she thinks cause Ive got to see her about my pill and she's lovely so hopefully Ill get a more helpful response!!

Sj how stupid loosing your samples!! as if its something you want to do again! is someone stealing your poop! lol hope they get to the bottom of it for you soon.

thank you so much for your responses so far!!  your great xxx

19/10/2009 at 19:05

I have found im feeling a different sort of tired to what i did when my little girl was a new born. She was awful for the first 8 weeks and was constantly hungry and woke alomst every hour at night. I was like a walking zombie!! Now as shes gettin older its gettin harder. From about 4 - 5 months it started with rolling and scooting across the floor then crawling and now shes crusing and using anythin she can to push herself around the house. She can open drawers with the latches on and is constantly emptying then and eating her favourite thing ever paper!! So i feel like im constantly on the go, I have a play pen but she hates going in it as she always wants to be doing something. So where as before it was a lack of sleep tired now its a running around all day if that makes sense? Is that how you feel?


19/10/2009 at 20:33

hahahaha!! sounds like you've got more than a handful with Carla may!!! Freya sounds the same but Im lucky and she will play for hours and hours in her playpen and only moan when hungry/tired!! its a blessing, she is such a good baby, she would be into everything given the chance but we seem to be on top of it at the mo, Im really not over stretching my self, I worked in a florist before having a baby and stood up and ran around for 8hrs a day with just 1/2 hour break right till I popped!! other than this I am normally very fit and have a lot of stamina usually, I feel so silly cause even though I know milk etc makes me ill Im not one to jump on the intolerance band wagon so many celeb types do who are allergic to EVERYTHING!! lol !!

Im gonna go back to drs after seeing the nurse next week and keep on with the fod diary! if it is potatoes I might cry cause I love nothing better than mashed or jacket potatoes!!

Jen it sounds like you could do with a holiday!! lol xxx 

19/10/2009 at 21:07

Im used to it, it only gets me when other half comes in late as hes a boiler engineer and is on 24/7 call out so can be a bit annoying at times!

I worked as a bar manager until 2 weeks before I had Carla on a holiday park and they didnt have any other bar staff apart from myself and my hubby and he was working during the day and with me for the evening but I was doing 16+ hour days and up until I was 36 weeks preggers I couldnt drive (passed my test then) so had to walk a mile home and a mile back to work leaving me with half hour for a break inbetween and that if i was lucky enough to get a break!!  I remember we had a country and western themed party and covered the whole bar in sawdust and I was there from bout 8am and then got out of there at bout 2.30am after cleaning most of it up and the next day I could barely walk as was about 6 and a half months pregnant by then lol I also ended up doing the cooking some nights which I wasnt amused with!!

Going back to the drs is a good idea as my mums always says if in doubt check it out lol

Im sure it will be nothing just one of lifes little niggles lol


19/10/2009 at 21:23

yeah just another thing to contend with!! OMG and I thought I had it tough!! my last day was valentines day which as you can imagine in a florist is far from a bed of roses!! (lol did you see what I did there!! lol)

the things we do!! xx

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