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It seems impossible to calm my baby down

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03/06/2009 at 20:01

For the last few nights, my baby girl has been crying in the evenings until she crys herself asleep. I dont know what todo, shes had a bath, nappy change and feed. We been trying to put her down to sleep 7-9ish she is about 6months old though she was 7 weeks prem.  Is it normall to babys to cry in the evenings?

03/06/2009 at 20:17
Hi Charlie, my Cameron has been a tiredness fighter from day one and hes around 7 months now! I got him a fisherprice rainforest soother and that keeps his attention for ages and most of the time now i put him in his cot awake put the soother on and he eventually falls asleep he was particularly grumpy yesterday and i think the heat is not helping so hes got a fan in his room and i cuddle him if hes fighting as he pulls his hair, and when hes seems more settled i  put him down. They grow out of it eventually
04/06/2009 at 12:42

hi charlie,i agree with deb, it could well be the hot weather, maybe useful to get a room thermometre (cant spell lol) my 5 1/2 month old has been very unsettled and naggy due to the weather. other than that it may just be a stage shes going through, it sounds like your doin all the right things and although its hard work u may just have to put up wih it for the time being.

sorry i havent been really helpfull, hope things work out hun x

04/06/2009 at 17:56

Hi Charlie, like Deb my little boy was a fighter from day one, he would cry every time I put him down to sleep and I spent many hours sitting with my hand on his chest singing him songs trying to get him to first of all calm down and secondly go to sleep! When he got to 6 months I began controlled crying with him, it took about a week (the first 2 days he cried for 1 1/2hrs) but he is now 20months old and he goes down each night without a fuss.

As both Deb and Rachael have said it may just be down to the heat that she's finding it hard to settle down, especially as she's only been doing it for a little while but it could also be her getting to a stage where she doesn't want to be separated from you. Could be worth giving her another few days and seeing if it's down to the weather otherwise you may have to begin some method to help her settle - I know not everyone likes to go down the controlled crying method...I was told by a hv that whatever you choose to do it will work as long as you stick with it.

06/06/2009 at 22:06

hi charlie

hows things/ has your little one settled down now the heat has disappeared? My Theo was 5 weeks prem and he was a terror for crying in the evenings. it turned out he had colic - which we treated when he was young and it sorted itself out. however from 6 months old he started crying really bad in the evenings and if he woke in the night. There is a type of colic that can present itself once the baby gets alot older - we were prescribed a colic medicine called merbentyl by our doc nad it works wonders! you just use it as and when you need to - it doesnt have to be a regular thing - but theo hasnt had a problem since. they do say prem babies are more suseptible to colicy problems.

also - have you changed your daughters milk? we found that when we moved theo up to follow on milk at 6 months it played hell with him. we moved him over to goats milk as it is easier to digest and similar to breast milk and again he has been great since.

hope this might have been some help - i now how hard it is when nothing comforts them xx

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