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01/04/2008 at 11:46

Good Morning All

Claire - Wow that is fantastic news! I am really pleased for you.

Lynne - I am not sure if you saw my post (ages ago) about diet and how it affects the milk. My sis told me that in Germany there are 400 foods that they are told to avoid when bfing as it can upset the baby. Brassicas are top of the list (cabbage, cauliflower), pulses, peanuts, parsnips, spicy foods, garlic. I cannot remember any more - Amelia gets very bad about 12hrs after I have had cabbage - I just bfed loads (she was on almost constantly and just kept sicking up) until i had made a new cabbage free supply of milk!

Someone mentioned baby being sick - Amelia was spitting up loads until about a week ago. I found it very distressing especially as I had worked so hard to make the milk!!! But I think it was just her digestive system was immature and she was gobbling too much (she sometimes starts choking when on the breast as she is sucking so hard and forgets to co-ordinate her breathing) But now there is very little - apart from sat eve when she managed to cover DH (his shirt, jumper, jeans & shoes) and my parents carpet AND managed to avoid the cloth over DH's shoulder

Bfing in public - I have done it - with a camisole and baggy jumper so that i can cover everyting except the business part which is very quickly in Amelias mouth! - I have also used a muslin to cover my shoulder and her head which worked fin until Amelia had finished and threw back her head pulling it off and exposing me  but as Nat (?) said it helps if you don't think about other people watching/ commenting.

Vicky - I think you mentioned wishing you were back at work occasionally. I have felt like that too - I was a senior geophysicist, a highly specialised expert and now I am new mummy that knows NOTHING - it has been difficult to adjust and I think I will have to join a toddler group soon just for some adult conversation but I am desperately shy - at least I can come on here. So don't feel you are alone.

I had a lovely wkend at my parents - my sis came over from germany to see Amelia and thinks she is lovely. Amelia has been thoughroughly spoilt as she has been cuddled nearly constantly the whole time! But she seems to have settled right back to the "routine" I was trying to get her into before we went away - she has been asleep on her own in her moses basket upstairs since 8.30, due to wake in half an hour for her lunchtime feed.

 Hope everyone else is well - sorry if I have missed anyone/thing.


01/04/2008 at 13:24

Fi - I'll have adult conversations with you anytime!! (When I'm not in a childish mood that is!) x x

Claire - my gorgeous nephew is getting a little chubby boy! As always I'm emotional now, thinking what the three of you have been through kind of makes anything else seem insignificant! So I'll be getting a new photo of fat boy?? x x

Breastfeeding - I may have already said this, but when you are used to people staring at you because of how you walk, you probably don't worry about whether they stare at your breasts. However, I wanted to breastfeed, I did not want to stay in doors all day, I breastfed on demand, he demanded feeding while I was shopping, I fed him.  If anyone had a problem with my breastfeeding in public then they shouldn't look.  In fact, a man and his wife were staring at me giving disapproving looks, as they walked past my table (I was in McDonalds) I said "Excuse me, can I ask you why you are staring at me, do I know you", she said "I think it's disgusting you feeding your baby so that men can ogle your breasts" I said "Oh" she went to walk away and I said really loudly "Is that because your breasts are so small and your husband just wanted to see what a real woman looks like", quite a few people laughed, including her husband, she plonked her tray down on the table and walked out!  Quite a few people came up to me and said "Well done" and "It's not your problem if people don't like you breastfeeding in public, it's their problem" Okay, breastfeeding rant over

x x

01/04/2008 at 13:36

Claire- congrats Reece will be home before you know it, and then like the rest of us you wont get time to post on here as much! lol

Isaac now five weeks and had a mad feeding frenzy over past two days in the daytime (like every one or two hours if I was lucky) but seems a little bit more settled today.

oops take that back needinga another feed try to pop on later when things have calmed down. have a nice afternoon mummies and babies x 

01/04/2008 at 13:36
Carol - not adult conversation - converation with an adult!!!!  Love the story - Go Carol. Go Carol.
01/04/2008 at 14:03

Fi - conversation with an adult I can do! Yes well, I also wanted to say could you please ask your husband to stop rearranging his scrotum as I am trying to breastfeed and it is making me feel sick, but she left so quickly. I forgot to mention that my bestfriend was so embarassed she went to sit at a different table. Not embarassed by my breastfeeding, but shouting out in the middle of MacDonalds and everyone was now staring at us!!

Also, still feel the need to protect the right of mothers to breast feed their baby in public, most of the people you see in the shopping centre, etc are people that you are 98% unlikely to see again, so are you really going to let a complete stranger who you are highly unlikely to ever meet again, affect your decisions??  Would you go into the supermarket and let a complete stranger put food in your trolley to dictate what you eat, I DON'T THINK SO.

God whatever is wrong with me today??

x x

01/04/2008 at 14:33

Carol you make me laugh!

Well doctors was a complete c**k up! they booked me in for 9.30, I was told 10.30 (I'm certain about that as I would never have accepted a 9.30am appointment as I know I would never have got there on time!) so was told I could come back at 12noon and "wait" for an emergency appointment... I told them it wasn't realistic with a 3 week old baby to just wait around and by this time Willow was too hot, woke up and started crying! I really need to get some confidence about going out because I was ready to burst into tears at this point so just stormed out with an appointment for Thursday, came home and cried, OH went nuts when he phoned and called them back and has managed to get us an appointment for 6pm tonight. I have to say that although I can drive and I love to walk I feel rather housebound at the moment and miss being close to my family just now... OHs' family just isn't the same...I want my sisters! 

Have cheered myself up putting some funky wall stickers all over Willows room!

01/04/2008 at 15:08

Annie - i can totally understand how you feel. I am missing my family so much now that Mia is here. OH did say the other day that if i wanted to move home we could do it but i would never ask him to leave his family. BUT today i have had thoughts of moving. Franco can work anywhere but at least if i am in a familiar are i could go out and about more. His family are lovely, but we never see one ever calls in to see us, whereas my family would be around every other evening if not more.

MW is coming tomorrow and i think i am going to have to insist on someone seeing me to check everything is out with my womanly bits. I'm teary today becuase im so worried about the bleeding. I know it is probably irrational but i cant seem to shake it. And i dont want to still be worrying about it next week when i am officially on my own.

Mia has been an angel today. sleeping and eating and not much else. I even managed to convince her to have 5ozs at her 1pm feed!! yey. going to see if she will have another 5oz feed at 10ish tonight. Obviously she will have feeds inbetween now and then!!

I think i must be allergic to the handwash we have in the bathroom as i have a rash on my knuckles now. Ive had a lazy no make-up, now doing hair day today!! feel a right scruff bag but hey-ho!! going to have a bath later and do my hair tonight so i dont need to bother in the morning.


01/04/2008 at 15:39

Del, my families the same, they would be round all the time if we were close but OHs' family are all older, he has one brother he's not talking to and so all that's left is the mIL and Aunty-IL neither of whom are really who i want to be spending my time with, don't get me wrong they mean well but are both 60+... I'm 29 and need younger company! Still, I will arrange to meet up with some friends over the next few weeks and that should help.

Do insist on MW checking your bits, My "loss" now looks like fresh blood so I'm a bit worried too and that's why we're going to the docs, Antibiotics have helped with the pain I was having though.  

01/04/2008 at 16:05

Annie- im going to ask MW if i can see consultant...she did say last time that if i was still anxious she would book me in with him so he could do an examination and order a postnatal scan. My blood loss is varying lots. last night its was red again (only when i wiped after loo stop) today it is kind of redy/browny/yellowy. which is how it should be i think? all the worry is not doing me good so if MW says no to consultant appt im going to book an appt with doctor...just hope i dont have to wait long as i remember the receptionist saying that non urgent appts are to be made 2 weeks in advance. surely my sanity is urgent though?? what did your pain feel like??

does anyone know what happens at the 6week check?? do they routinely examine your lady area?

thanks sarah xx

01/04/2008 at 18:48

Annie - bless you hun sorry to hear about the doctors ((hugs))

Claire - that is brilliant news about little Reece coming home soon im sooo pleased for you hun xx

well i was gonna put a post on but little one has started again sorry mummies


01/04/2008 at 19:01

well ladies. Mia is washed and ready for bed. we are full up on chinese. just going to have an hour downstairs and then i think we will all be heading up to bed. sooo bigging to get black eyes!! aaarrrggghhh.

so i will say goodnight to you all. im going to attempt to get mia to take another 5ozs before lights out and hopefully she may sleep 5hours through.

night night all.

annie - hope all went ok at the docs.


01/04/2008 at 19:14

evening ladies well we had a really bad night last night abi just screamed all night it got to 8am and OH brought her downstairs as she had been feeding for an hour and was still screaming she settled for him and he left me there till 12.20 was so pleased tired again now though she hasn't really settled much all afternoon just went down at 6.30 so hopeing she stays asleep for a couple of hours.

so pleased its not just me that never has the time to get on here anymore.

claire- so pleased to hear that reece is doing well and will be home soon.

hope everyone else is ok will try and pop on facebook later just going to have chicken roast potatoes and gravy mmm

love anne-marie x x

01/04/2008 at 20:33
isnt it absurd how early u want 2 go 2 bed now Del? if erin stays asleep i am going to bed now, she should be due a breastfeeding session about 10ish- but she wont settle

not sure she having it tho- she wants constantly feeding this eve- either another growth spurt or just comfort? she sick most of it up tho

we went 2 baby clinic today- she weighs 8lb 13 now, has put 8oz on this wk. her poor bum is still very sore +inflamed tho-nothing seems 2 be working-poor love- we change her nappy about 10-12 times at least!

went to a playgroup this afternoon- Erin was the youngst there! there was also a 6wk old baby, but all the others were about 5mths+ will keep going tho, as some of these mums are going back to work soon, and sure new ones will join soon

well night night ladies- may be on in the early hours again? decided not to BF in bed last night as we both always fall asleep, so got up and went on computer (one-handed) and uploaded some photos- they are really old- from her first week of life, but just sooo unorganised! not got any printed off yet or framed!

01/04/2008 at 21:23

hey girls

Claire fantastic news about reece seems so long ago(well it is!!) when he was born can't believe how well he is doing, hes fab!

Carol the poster sounds fab and certainly a lot easier than john's id he wants to mount a piece of mdf on the ceiling with fiber optics in as tiny stars- great idea except i would be the one doing it as i'm the practical/diy person and me thinks it may be hard work!!

Jo Seth is exactly the same such i contented little boy even tho i had him in hospital it was such a lovely relaxed birth and being home the same night i think that has deffinatly influenced things!!

had a busy couple of days seth fed every 2 hours during the day yesterday he's deffinatly having a little growth spurt! went over to Hull today to see the final make up of the pictures were having. having a canvas done for the living room but because of the pics we've chosen they looked better in a 70x 20 inch format but apparently the printers don't do this size so its going to end up 79x24 inch its going to look imense!!

well all the boys are asleep DH is at footie and i've cleaned the house so sitting down with a very nice glass of shiraz and watching crappy tele (katie and peter!! i love it but Dh won't let me watch it so whilst he's out...!)

have a nice evening ladies love sare xx

01/04/2008 at 21:33

Sare, check this out, I had the 1000 mini glow stars stuck all over my ceiling it was awesome!:

Well finally went to docs, they pee me off so much, she made it so obvious that she didn't want to do an internal exam because I was bleeding, she kept saying well I can examine you if you want me to... I felt like saying "listen here love, I don't want anyone sticking their hand up there but I would also like to no that nothing is wrong!" anyway she did and said everything felt ok but she couldn't take swabs or anything because I am already on antibiotics so it's wait and see however she did say it could just be my period which confused me as I am BFing exclusively and it's only been just under 4 weeks since Willow was born so surely not? And that would not explain the dizzy spells, hot flushes and some of the pains! Anyway I feel a bit reassured and a bit better in myself so hopefully will feel better day by day!

Oh and I posted on the local meet-a-mum section of Netmums today and have 3 replies already so if any of you want to meet local mums you should try it!

I suppose I should go to bed now really so I'll say goodnight x x x x x x 

01/04/2008 at 21:37

Annie ,Del have just read your birth stories they were both beautiful and made me cry!!

annie thanks for the link it looks fab!!glad your feeling better x

01/04/2008 at 21:49

Hi Ladies!

Just to let you know, me and Raj will be 'rooming in' at the hospital tomorow with our little chubby one! Hes having his immunisations tonight and hopefully, all being well..he will be coming home with us on Thurs!!!!!!......OMG!!!

They like to leave you alone with him for one or two nights to see how we cope with him! Hes doing really well with the demand feedig, much happier (and fatter!)

If you want to see new pics, please have a look at the website


01/04/2008 at 22:22

Claire and Raj have just been on your web site its fantastic such an incredibly moving and uplifting journey i can't believe the first chapter of your unbelievable story is almost over!! i am so happy and excited for you that the next chapter is about to start. Good luck to you all and heres to many sleepless nights!!hooray we'll all be thinking of you on thursday and have to say a toast in reeece's honour will be made. Well done honey you've been through so much your both just incredible  x x x

02/04/2008 at 08:28

morning all.

clarie & raj - hope yo have a fab night at the hospital tonight!! woo hoo thursday is tomorrow!! thats amazing!!! you must be sooo excited. im amazed at how strong you both have been deserve medals!! Reece is a lucky boy to have you both!!

annie - trust doctors!! gggrrr. like we enjoy having strangers findle with us!!

MW is coming today and i think i will be discharged from their care....scary!! im going to see if i can have a doc appt or see consultant. one MW said last week that if i was still bleeding she could see if the consultant would request a scan for me to put my mind at rest. we shall see what she says today. knowing my luck i will have a different one and she will say no!! gggrrr.

right Mia wants cuddles i think. be back later ladies.


02/04/2008 at 09:30

morning ladies and babies x x

Seth had a tricky night last night he's really constapated at the minute and its effecting his feeds took 1 1/2 to feed during the night he then threw it all back up! going to get plenty of water into him today and see if that helps!

Annie showed John that website- he now wants everything from it!!lol think we're gonna get the laser projector- same effect as the fibre optics but a lot less fiddly!

got to book a dr's appointment today as need to sort out contreception have been naughty a few times and have told john need to sort it asap or may get caught again!! what is everyone else doing about this? thinking about a coil has anyone had one before is it anygood?

right off to B&Q to pick paint for the dining room decided we're gonna put the canvas of the boys in there as it need to go against a strong colour to stand out and didn't want to do that in the living room!

take care girls

Jem Claire hope we have some news soon, Jem sounds like things were moving for you


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