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04/04/2008 at 21:17

evening girls

Claire WOW thats the best news ever!!! well done to the 3 of you! you must be walking on air! like you say its all new to him but i'm sure he'll settle in no time and soon be as good as gold!

Jem congrats honey glad your home!

Aimee hello we've missed you on here!! how are you?

Del get better soon hun!

tracy hugs for you think what youv'e decided is the best thing you can do! its all about finding a balance and its difficult enough with 1 let alone 2 babies to deal with! i really admire you for sticking with it this long- i gave up after 5 days cause i couldn't cope with Finn as well and he's 2!

Seth's been a good boy today he's still feeding every 2 hours but has been awake for a big part of the day so hopefully he'll sleep well tonight! fingers crossed x John's out at a works team building meal he didn't want to go but i made him as he is the boss!(looks bad if he dosent go!) plus i wanted time to myself to watch some of my tele! instead i've painted the kitchen wall can't believe it only took an hour(just got the bits up to the skirting and the ceiling to do! may need to give it a second coat tomorrow once i've seen it in daylight as its a dark colour and may look patchy in the  daylight)

right off to watch desperate housewifes love sare x  

05/04/2008 at 07:35

morning girls

up early this morn but not too bad as seth feel like i actually got some sleep!! off back to Donny today to visit Johns grandma she was 85 on wednesday. then doing a bit of shopping this arvo before getting back to finish the kitchen.

hope all our little darlings behave themselves to day

have fun

love sare x x

05/04/2008 at 10:23


Well not feelig too good. Have an infection in my wound, feeling really rotten and very sore. Its like being right back at square one after the section. So, very down and upset, OH had to do all the feeds last night, so he`s grumpy and tired. He`s at work so i`m trying to get a few things done.

Archie is doing fine... he fed at 11.30 then he woke at 3 i usually keep him going until 5 but OH just fed him.. Archie was awake again at 6.30 but OH put him in beside me so fell asleep again. He`s been really happy and content this morning, he took 5oz at 8am. Just as well as mummy is feeling awful.

Hope everyone else is ok

Claire thats great news your all home xxxx

05/04/2008 at 11:44

Morning All

Sorry Sarah, I ate ALL the cheesecake with only a little help from DH


Claire - what a great feeling for you all - I am sure you will be complaining about the sleepless nights soon!

Aimee - good to hear from you again - hope everything is going well.

(((Mo))) - hope your infection clears up quickly but at least it means OH has a taste of how much you have to do all the time and may be more sympathetic in future?

I think I must have fed Amelia in my sleep the other night as she was awake at 4.30am and my boobs were very grateful! We are going out for lunch with friends today (they haven't met her yet) so kept her awake until 11 so that she will sleep through lunch and I will be able to eat but she hasn't been dressed yet so I am looking forward to a cross baby in about 15mins!!!! She does cross very well

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend


05/04/2008 at 12:34

mornin girlos x

chester is doin well.he usually feeds at 11pm,3am then 6am.but hes dropped his 3am feed now.he has 5oz at 11pm then he wakes at around 5 or 6am for 6oz.hes brill.had a scare wiv him few wks ago thot he had meninjitus but turned out 2 b viral infection.hes 7wks now.all his pix r on my facebook.he looks different in every pic lol.hes a monkey always wantin 2 b up lookin around.

mummies - hope ur all feelin ok.i bn doin my pelvic floor excersizes but i stil worryin.cos wen i need a poo,it feels like my muscles in my back passage r weaker.any1 else feelin like theyr muscles down below r weak?im worryin bout it.stopped bleedin but ive not had sex yet.i wanna get the coil fitted.but u know wat its like,never enuff hours in the day.i wana go 2 the clinic 4 contraception.also my weight as bn pissin me off - i lost lot weight within 1st 3wks,but lately ive put loads on.i seem 2 b comfort eatin.i think i got visitor done questionaire wiv me i scored 13 which she said is she doin it again wiv me on april 8th.just 2 c its not stress cos the kids r off not depressed bout the baby or the kids - theyre fab - i jus feel so down n im constantly cleanin as if ive developed OCD.then i realise wat im doin,end up eatin crap then to cheer myself up.i was like this after i had jayden.dunno why im feelin like this - its doin my nut in.some days im great n laugh all day - the other days i wake up dreadin the day - thinkin of a huge list in my head of wat i gotta do - n then i write a list n wont go 2 bed at nite til ive ticked off everythin i had 2 do in the day - anyway im off now cos my mums made me breakfast - i had a lie in cos im sleepin up here - she had chester 4 me.

right then i wil catch u later -

claire - good news bringin reece home u must b soooo excited xx


05/04/2008 at 15:13

hiya again x u must all b busy x chesters asleep,i jus bathed him n fed him.

mo - ru bottle feedin 2?hows ur OH now?last time we spoke,u were stil pregnant n he was bein  a grump! hope everythins ok now xxx dan's bn fab - he does the steralisin n he has chester in bath wiv him its sooo sweet.

del - how ru?saw mia on facebook - she got a lovely mop of hair!

sarah - ur babys huge lol how much does he weigh?chester was 11lb 9 at 6wks old.hes now 7wks but i missed clinic on fri morn - i think hes at leat 12lb 4 now.he puts weight on fast.

its a lush day.goin home at 4.

im obsessed wiv prams at  the mo - i got a lovely mamas n papas pliko - but now ive oredered a mamas n papas luna pushchair.the truffle one.its comin on mon.i cant wait.i luv prams.i want a new car.i hate cuts out all time so i got no confidence in it 2 scared 2 drive im gona get a smaller car - thats why i bought the luna pushchair - it says that it folds so small it fits in bk of a mini!

any1 else sik of people buyin ur baby crap ugly cheapy outfits?its drivin me up the wall.ive given loads shit.inlaws buyin him crappy nylon suits they look like  80's baby wear.ive given them all 2 oxfam lol.hope they dont ask why hav they not seen chester wearin them lol.they keep buyin them in all sizes up to wan tell them stop bein so tight n buy him summin nice.

health visitor was tellin me that u cant wean baby til hes 6months old now! used 2 b 4months! josh was on baby rice at 3months! wat u think girls?chester is a gutsy baby.i cant c him goin til 6 months b4 havin baby food! also i used 2 make up bottles in mornin them put them in fridge.they could stay in fridge for 24 hours.was so much u gotta make them up fresh.time raw skin on my things change in few was ok b4 so why not now?

sara - n otha mums wiv other kids already - hows ur kids bn wiv the new baby? my 2 hav bn excellent - i expected jealousy - but theyve actually behaved more.jayden treats the baby like a king he adores him always kissin him.the both kids even feed him n help bath him lol its lovely 2 c.cos josh was very jealous wen jayden was born.but they both idolise chester.

hes woke up now.

i'l log on nxt wk if im up my mums again xxx

luv amie n chester

05/04/2008 at 20:47

Hi all, Hope you have had a good day.

Me, I am laughing now at the day I have had as Melissa is in bed..... but I have had the day from hell with the two of them. I swear Melissa is starting 'the terrible two's' early as she has had major tantrums today every time I was feeding or holding Isaac. I have not noticed her show any jealousy up until now but today she was really upset and frustrated poor little thing. I ended up sitting on the floor feeding Isaac and holding her at the same time. I am exhausted as was on my own all day with them crying was non- stop and it wasnt just me crying! 

Thank goodness oh is back tomorrow lunchtime so he can help me out as I really need a break, and my big boys are on school hols this week so that will be a reprieve for a couple of weeks as they are very good at entertaining Melissa.

Its funny sitting here now but it was awful earlier and I cringe to think what the message I left on my mums answerphone sounds like. I rang them to ask for help but they were out shopping and I was like please, please, come round at some point today. My mum was laughing when she rang me back eventually and everything had calmed down as I had managed to get Melissa to go down for a nap so it was crisis over. Did have the idea of taking them out for a walk but it was such rubbish weather couldnt face waking in the hail.

Anyway enough of the rant, tomorrow is another day!

Hope you all get a reasonable night. x         

05/04/2008 at 21:06

tracy hope issac is good for you tonight! Finn started his terrible 2's when he got to about 15 months he's still not talking(even tho he's 2!!) and its really difficult to communicate with him so he gets frustrated really easily and hits out quite a lot which i can deal with but he sometimes does it whilst i'm feeding seth which is really hard!! he's also a very cuddly boy and gets jelaous when i'm cuddling Seth and he want's one!

seths had really bad wind today so cried quite a lot but luckily John's been around to help!! going back to donny tomorrow instead! didn't get there today as weather was that bad decided to give it a miss

feel knackered tonight so gonna have an early bed especially as it would be my turn for a lie in in the morning but we've got a boogie birthday party to go to in the morning!

have a nice evening girls love sare x x x

06/04/2008 at 08:50

Amie.. Hi! Good to chat to you again. I`m doing ok, Archie is pretty good. He`s in a rountine of sorts and I am bottle feeding. My OH does feed Archie but thats about it. More of a confidence thing than anything else. But he`ll have to start doing more!

Tracy, hope you have a better day today x

I had a horrible night.. wound sore , night sweats.. just aching all over. Hoping the pills kick in today.

How is everyone?


06/04/2008 at 09:15

morning ladies well i had a great night didnt think i would abi ended up in with me after her feed at 11 then i woke her at 3 when i went to move her so fed her and she went down in her moses basket till 7.30 think it was katie that woke her up so now im up with them both im dressed karie is in the bath so going to get abi ready then might take them out while OH is in bed just to keep them quiet really.

mo- hope you not in to much pain and feeling better soon

tracy- well done you for managing and being able to laugh about it hope things get easier for you.

hi to everyone else hope you are all ok.

love anne-marie x x

06/04/2008 at 11:03

Hello everyone

Sorry I haven't been on. Baby Lucas McRae King arrived at 9am on April Fools' Day. I went into hospital at 3am and was told I was only 3 cm so was very relieved it didn't take longer. I used the birth pool and really liked it.

I haven't had chance to catch up on all the comings and goings but it seems that the honour of last March baby to arrive went to Jem - I'm so glad you didn't have to be induced!

Despite being 8 days overdue, Lucas is tiny - 5lb 6oz - so we had to stay in hospital an extra day as he wasn't maintaining his blood glucose levels. Since we got home it has been a nightmare of visitors and trying to feed him and sleep. My parents were so excited that they drove down the same day he was born (they live in Cheshire, we're in Hampshire) and have been staying with us - not easy when you only have a small house, they were sleeping on a blow up bed downstairs. They went home yesterday and today is going to be the last day we are inundated. Luckily (?) DH has an awful cold so we've cancelled one lot of the friends that were going to come over this morning as they have three kids under 5. We really should have said no to people but people don't even ask - they just tell you they are coming over!! DH is back at work tomorrow and I don't feel we've had any time just the three of us.

I can't help wondering why Lucas ended up so small and we are both worried about him growing - he's perfect in every way but just so tiny! Has anyone else had a tiny full term baby, or any positive experience that they can share to make me feel less worried? They don't help at the hospital when they use words like 'on the borderline of growth restricted'.

He was supposed to have his 5 day check today but there's thick snow here and the midwife rang to say she isn't coming. Got to go to the post natal clinic tomorrow instead which I'm not pleased about. Would rather be visited at home.

Sorry this is rushed, I will be able to come on more this week and actually read what everyone has been doing!

Congrats to everyone and lots of hugs for the babies.

Claire x

06/04/2008 at 13:43

Claire- congratulations! on your tiny wonderful bundle of joy, and well done!

love from lyn and erin


(sorry not got time to post more, will try and get back on later)
06/04/2008 at 14:32
Congratulations Claire & Russell  Welcome to the World Lucas x x
06/04/2008 at 14:43
Claire & Raj. I am sooooo very pleased for you both that Reece Tiger is home with you at last. I hope Reece settles in to a better nighttime routine soon. Take care of yourselves!! Give Reece a kiss and cuddle from Aunty C xx
06/04/2008 at 14:45


due 15th March arrived 18th Nov - Claire G - BOY - Reece Tiger 1lb 5oz

due 5th March arrived 14th Feb - Amie Davies - BOY - Chester 7lb 15oz

due 9th Feb arrived 18th Feb - Fiona Chester - GIRL - Amelia Kathleen 8lb 4oz

due 7th March arrived 18th Feb - Kelly Herring - TWIN GIRLS - Faith Rose 6lb 10oz and Lily Grace 6 lb 9oz

due 7th March arrived 18th Feb -Vicky Webb -GIRL- Annabel Louisa Webb 6 lb 12oz

due 8th March arrived 24th Feb - Tracy Hall - BOY - Isaac William Alfred 7lb 6oz

due 7th March arrived 25th Feb - Lynne Abbott - GIRL - Erin Rose 7lb 7oz

due 10th March arrived 25th Feb - Sarah Wilson -BOY - Harry George 8lb 1 oz

due 12th March arrived 1st Mar - Tracy Cross - BOY - Marley Leon 9lb

due 10th March arrived 2nd Mar - Sara Scotting - BOY - Seth Maxwell Briers Scotting 6lb 11.5oz

due 18th March arrived 3rd Mar - Gemma Stamp - BOY - Alfie 5lb 13oz

due 24th Feb arrived 4th March - Batsho - GIRL - Makayla Nomsa - 7lb 8oz

due 19th March arrived 6th Mar - Morag Young - BOY - Archie 7lb 13oz

due 1st March arrived 6th March - Natalie Summers - GIRL - Evie Mae Rose 8lb 1oz

due 13th March arrived 6th March - Annie Smith - GIRL - Willow Heidi 7lb 12oz

due 7th March arrived 11th March - Del Jones - GIRL - Mia Francesca 7lbs 10.5oz

due 2nd March arrived 11th March - Ree Drew - BOY - Ethan Matthew Elliot 9lb 2oz

due 7th March arrived 12th March - Kelly Pye - BOY - Zach Donovan 6lbs 15oz

due 9th March arrived 14th March - Rachel Wells - BOY - Ben Joseph Davey- 6lb 4oz

due 20th March arrived 18th March - Jo Farndell - BOY - Alfie - 7lb 5oz

due 15th March arrived 18th March - Michelle - BOY - Kai - 8lb 4oz

due 7th March arrived 19th March - Hayley Kennerley - GIRL - Lily Grace 8lb 8oz

due 18th March arrived 21st March - Anne-Marie McConville - GIRL - Abi - 8lb 0oz

due 18th March arrived 21st March - Hayley White - BOY - Jayden - 8lb 1oz

due 20th March arrived 19th March - Sofia Garcia - BOY - Noah - 8lb 2oz

due 20th March arrived 24th March - Rachel Dyson - BOY - Harry Isaac Joseph - 7lb 15oz

due 24th March arrived 25th March - Lisa Sainsbury - GIRL - Phoebe - 9lb 0oz

due 24th March arrived 1st April - Claire King - BOY - Lucas McRae - 5lb 6oz

due 19th March arrived 2nd April - Jemma Ashley - BOY - Noah Ashley - 8lb 2oz

06/04/2008 at 15:17

Hello everyone.

A few of us have been talking on MSN about a mini meet up and we are hoping to meet up at Lakeside on Wednesday. Obviously anyone who can make it is more than welcome, the more the merrier really. If anyone wants further information you know where I am.

Which one of you has put a hex on me to have sleepless nights like the rest of you????? For the past few nights I have been waking every two or three hours, toss and turn for half an hour or even get up and have a drink. I don't always need a wee so I'm not incontinent lol. Come on own up!!!

I'm a bit depressed today as I have to go to work tomorrow and Dave is at home with Daryl for two wees, not fair

It's very quiet her today so hopefully you're all having a lovely roast, cooked by someone else, and having a restful Sunday.

Take care

x x

06/04/2008 at 16:12

Hello Girls!

Little one is asleep on his Dad in the chair, so thought I would make a nice cuppa and log on!

Didn't have a very good night last night, feeding was fine and the usual times of 11, 3.30 and 6.30, but he was really restless and crying lots! His colic is no better, but we went out this mornin for some fresh air - I have noticed that when I take him out for a walk, he is much more settled at night! Rich is doing ten nights in a row this week, so Mummy has got LO practically 24/7! Needless to say, I am walking around like a sleepless zombie! Still, looking forward to this week, am goin to get him weighed on Tuesday  as he is really filling out now! (I think that is Mummy's polite way of saying he is getting a fat little man!!!Am goin to get Dh to take some "Mummy and Harry" pics this afternoon, and I will put them on facebook

Hope everyone is ok!

Love to all,

Sarah x x x

06/04/2008 at 19:49

Hi Girls, how are you all? It's been quiet on here today!

Mo - I hope you feel better soon! I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry about the housework or anything like that, just stay in your pyjamas and look after yourself and Archie until you are feeling a bit better and if you have any visitors ask them to do jobs for you!

Fiona - I don't think I have fed Willow in my sleep yet but close... I often wake with a startle and wonder where she is because I can remember getting her out for a feed but not putting her back so after checking in the bed I peer over and she's always back in the basket fast asleep!  

Amie - good to hear from you but sorry to hear that you are a bit down, one of the things you've missed not being online is the big ups and downs the rest of us have also been feeling, I think it's fair to say it's been a bit of a rollercoaster for a few on here and sleep deprivation is just awful and makes everything seem so much worse. I hope you feel better soon but in the meantime it's good that the HV is keeping an eye on you so that they can offer the right spport if its' needed. It's sounds like your doing a terrific job with Josh, Jayden and Chester!

Tracy - I hope today was better than yesterday for you!

Claire - Congratulations on the arrival of Lucas! I love that name! Don't worry about him only being little, I'm sure in the coming weeks you'll see him grow and grow!

Carol I think it's great some of you are having a mini meet up! I wish I could come but it's too far for me at the moment, make sure one of you takes a camera!

Hope everyone else is well!

Willow has been a little cutie today, we had a lie in together and watched the snow falling then OH came home early from golf (snow stopped play!) so we all had a nice lazy day. About an hour ago I was BFing and Willow suddenly just puked all over me and her, it shot out of her nose and everything.. I found it quite traumatic...OH found it quite funny!  

06/04/2008 at 20:40

Mo - hope you are feeling a bit better today.

Yes thanks today was much better altho Isaac is now constipated and seems very uncomfortable as hasnt had a poo since yesterday morning . ANy suggestions anyone? 

06/04/2008 at 20:58

Hi ladies

Sorry i havent been on for ages .....

Well CONGRATULATIONS Claire and Raj its briiliant news WELCOME HOME Reece

well i hope everyone is well and all your little people are being well behaved

Im now bottle feeding Alfie he just wasn't getting enough from me unfortunatly but i did 5 weeks so im happy not been doing much else really every time i want to eat or get on the computer he starts crying so i never seem to get on i think he is psychic which is typical but daddy has him tonight .....

take care everyone

Gem & Alfie xx

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