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12/03/2010 at 14:53

Hi Girls!

Stuck at work at mo, but just wanted Sare to know - I am still here!!!

Will try and post tonight!

Love Sarah x x x x x x x

13/03/2010 at 14:27
hia chick how is work going? better now you have your own office? x
13/03/2010 at 21:55

Hi girls!

Sare - yeah, work is much better thanks hun! Am lovin havin my own office, it's so much better!

Harry is alot better thanks - it has been awful him having this flippin ear infection! It's so terrible when they can't tell you what's the matter! He was screaming with pain, but with the anti biotics, and the Nurofen, it seems to have done the trick - taken all week though!!!!

Hope everyone is well - where are you all???

Love to everyone!

Sarah x x x x

15/03/2010 at 18:43

hia sarah, glad to hear H is doing much better!

Seth being an absolute terror at the minute! he keeps stripping himself off pooing on the floor then playing with it! its really tersting my paitence at the moment and i'm lost as to what to do as no matter what i dress him in he can get him self out of it??? 

hope everyone else is well xxx 

sara xxx

27/03/2010 at 21:20

Hello All

Sorry I haven't posted for ages hope everyone and their lo s are ok.

We are all good, I have had nonstop colds this winter and I hate it, I was never ill and probably only had 2 colds in the last 10years but this year has been terrible. I blame the move and Amelias nursery: the new germ pool, she just has the odd snotty nose but I have really suffered.


27/03/2010 at 21:56

hi ladies hope everyone is well im not finding it much different having 2 except when im feeding kirsty abi nearly always needs the toilet lol abi has been potty trained since last october/november and i was dreading doing the nappy free nights but started about a month aogo and have only had 2 wet beds so pleased with her she never stops with her talking neither can count to twelve and knows all her colours which is great we had a party in the house for her birthday which was fun she had a great time.

kirsty is lush and is only waking once in the night for a feed she loves abi and her eyes follow abi all round the room abi loves cuddling her which is good she will sit all day holding her

fi hope you ok its awful when little uns are at nursery picking up all the germs

sara- poor you i would kill abi if she pooed on the floor do you do the naughty corner thats what i do with abi and it seems to work are you really not having anymore babies i think im sticking at 2

sarah-peased harry is getting better abi has had a few days where she hasnt seemed well but hasnt complained but she is getting the back teeth through so think that is bothering her but she hasnt told me

hope everyone is well

love anne-marie x x

10/04/2010 at 10:16
Think I have scared everyone away
Sarah thinking of u hun hope u feeling better today
Hope everyone is well can't believe our babies r all 2 now its flown over
Love anne-marie xx
12/04/2010 at 22:30

think i have scared you all away

sarah r u organising a meet for up north?

does anyone fancy meeting up if yes suggest a place and a rough date and we can try and arrange something as oxford was such a good meet

hope everyone is well

love anne-marie xx

24/04/2010 at 15:44

hia girls

hope your all well

i would love it if we had another meet the only days i can do are mondays with archie and finnie being in school and preschool and john works saturdays so he could look after the boys on a sunday so i could just bring seth down! 

seth seems to have gotten out of his poo fasination which is great for me hes talking more but still only at the 1-2 word stage he has a couple of little phrases that he says like "dont want it" or "mummy do it" but thats it really.

 Anne marie we've tried the naughty step with him but its n ot working with him as think he's a little young and dosen't really understand it yet! i will use it in the future as i do with archie and finnie and it works with them! no i'm definatly stopping at 3 i don't think it would be fair to theboys to have any more as i feel quite stretched as it is!

We've finally been given some one to one help with finn so he'll get his own pre scholl teacher who will help him transition into school. i'm so relieved as we were so worried about him he's getting better with his language but is still very basic he finds it hard to find the words to say plus he has grteat difficulty wirth his pronunciation he says B for P F and D sounds and can't pronounce other sounds! also he dosen't know his shapes or colours other than round and orange and he can only count 3,4 and 8,9  but with a 1 2 1 helper he should be ok! 

Sarah are you back home yet?  bet your fed up if not! what are the neighbours having done?? 

Fi hope your feeling better, i have hayfever all sumer then seem to get every cold going as i'm asthamatic its not good and really drains me so ypu have my sympathy xx

right off to get the bbq fired up as the weather is glorious today! xxxx

take care ladies hope to meet soon 

 love sare and her brood xxxx

26/04/2010 at 09:37
Hi Girls!

Hope you're all well, I thought I'd just pop in with an update from us. We've been so busy since Tate was born, he's 6 weeks now and we're off to the GP for his check up today...she'll probably comment on his lovely tan... the result of me feeding him in the garden on these lovely sunny days we've had *whoops!* He's been a little colicky and so I'm breastfeeding with one bottle of formula each evening to give me and my sore cracked boobies a break! Other than that he's gorgeous and we adore him as does Willow!

Willow is great, but has 3 teeth cutting and an awful throat infection so a little grumpy this past week! She did her first wee wee on the potty yesterday at her Nanna's so we will start potty training as soon as Tate is a little more settled as having two in nappies is expensive and a pain! She tells me every time she wee's or poo's so I think she's ready... Del/Anne-Marie how are your girls doing...they're both potty trained now aren't they? Any tips?

Sare, it's great that you're getting the 121 support you need for Finn, I'm sure he'll be fine. I had language problems as a child along with a dreadful lisp but you'd never know now, in fact some people think I sound a bit posh at times but it's only because the whole world was forever correcting my speech so I think I almost went too far in the other direction LOL!

How is everyone else? Mo have you sold your house yet?
Lynne, Hows you? I must say you have my full respect and admiration for having two so close together with Mike away so often, I have only been left to put both mine to bed at night once and it was such a hard night!

Love to you all, Annie, Willow and Tate x x x x
27/11/2010 at 23:43
hiya girls x its very quiet on here!!! hope ur all ok x anne marie is on her month long honeymoon - in lovely sun while we r stuck freezing our tits off in snow lmao! aww bet shes loving it xxx hope evry1 is ok tho and gettin ready 4 xmas xx
05/10/2011 at 20:52

Hi Ladies..

Just beenr eading thru our due March thread and this thread.. had a giggle in places remembering all our chats lol x

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