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20/03/2008 at 09:04


Welcome to Motherhood! Auntie Carol suggested I be the one to start our new forum re motherhood and all that is baby rather than pregnancy! So here I am!! Come say hi all you March mummies (and those of you due in March who rudely had their babies early! lol only kidding!)

Nat xx

20/03/2008 at 09:48

Hi Nat -

Good idea about starting March thread as I am sure the due march thread will be finished really soon.

How are you feeding Evie ? I am still struggling with breastfeeding, not so much with the doing of it just how long it takes and how frequently. I was up last night at 11, 1, 3, 5 and 6 as Isaac has had trouble feeding with his blocked nose as he has a cough and cold that he has caught from Melissa  who also has a temperature and upset tummy so I am up to my eyeballs in nappies and snotty tissues......oh the joys of motherhood!

Still keeping an eye on our original thread as dont want to miss out on any gossip, but once we have all delivered we can maybe go into more detail about how our deliveries went, unless you would rather forget about the ordeal. It already  seems so long ago as Issac will be 4 weeks this Sunday.

Take care mummies and babies and have a nice Easter. x       

20/03/2008 at 12:53

Hi Nat

How are you? Good idea setting p this thread.

Archie is doing fine, still trying to establish a routine, sometimes it works other times it but he, like Evie only 2 wks old! They share a birthday! Me? Well i`m still not allowed to drive so going a bit nuts stuck in the house, been out walking when the weather is ok, but wound still gets a bit sore.

Hi Tracy, cant believe Isaac is nearly a month old already!! Time flies


20/03/2008 at 12:57

Hi Nat & Tracy

Tracy - I am breastfeeding Amelia & have had no probs at all - she is now feeding at 10.30pm, 2.30am & 6.50am during the night but it is more frequent and erratic during the day - She has aquired this nightime routine by herself! I would be a wreck if she was up as much as Isaac. I guess it is just because of the cold & once he is breathing more easily the feeding will settle and space out too.

I am happy to share details of my delivery - but i think others will find it a bit boring as it was so easy compared to some of the others on this thread. 


20/03/2008 at 13:41
hi ladies...

just thought i would gate crash your thread....hehehehehe

hope you are all well x x x x x x x x
20/03/2008 at 14:53

Hi Ladies, well done for starting this Nat! Fi well done on getting a night time routine for BF, we have some nights where Willow is up at 10pm, 1am, 4am and 6am and others where it is total random factor but then she's only 2 weeks today so I am happy to let a routine work itself out over the next few weeks! My main rpoblem seems to be an overactive right booby LOL! When Willow is done with it it continues to pour out until I put a pad and bra back on!!! The left one is better behaved though

I'm also happy to share my birth story, when I have time to type it LOL!  

20/03/2008 at 16:02

Annie - you say well done as if I had anuthing to do with it! I am feeding "on demand" and at about 4 weeks I noticed the previous few nights she had woken up at the same time! How pleased am I  Amelia doesn't leave enough in the breast for it to leak after she has finished... my problem is she doesn't let go if something distracts her and she turns her head  ouch. I am def giving up bf when she gets teeth . Do you set your alarm or does she wake up every 3 hrs by herself? At 2 weeks I was setting my alarm through the night - I stopped at 3wks.


20/03/2008 at 16:37

No I don't set an alarm, MW said she would wake when she needed feeding so have not bothered, she tends to come both boobs after about 10 minutes on each but the right one always has something left no matter which one I start with, I'm hoping they will balance out over time.

Willow doesn't get distracted yet but she does nod off so I have to stroke her to wake her up again to continue feeding! At night she tends to wake, we do one boob then change nappy to stir her again and then do the other!  

21/03/2008 at 10:40

hey girls

fi and annie well done on the bf  my left boob just didn't want to play and produced no milk and the right one couldn't keep up with my demanding little man so this is why we switched to bottles!he has a better routine during the day but think this is due to his colic have to say i can gaurentee he'll wake at 4am and scream for an hour ! babies don't you just love them!! not feeling too sleep deprived at the mo which is encouraging as hopefully things will get better from here!!

Nat hows things going for you? have you recovered from your c section? think we'll deffinalty share our stories but may be best to wait till all the others have dropped!! don't want to scare them now!

Mo how are you are things any better with your OH? hows little Archie doing? 

love sare x

21/03/2008 at 13:00

Sare.. i wrote to you on the other Archie has problems with wind too.

OH has been good, he went back to work last saturday, its 7 days a week which isnt good but i`m used to it.

Hi Fi and Annie.. how are you?


22/03/2008 at 09:27

Hi everyone

Well Archie had a better night... yay!! he went from 10.. 1am .. 4.30am and 7.30 am, not quite making his 4 hours between but we`re getting there.

getting rather annoyed with OH, he`s never changed Archie or done a nappy change, washed bottles or made up feeds!. Its like he`s happy to do a feed at tea time and maybe one through the night usually around 4 /5 am but thats it, he does nothing else. Anything out of his comfort zone is a no  no! i asked him to undress Archie and he panics. I dont want to be harsh but i need a little help from him. He is working everyday so i`m not getting much help at all.  i am lucky tho, Archie isnt too bad, he has his moments of screaming but having read what some are going through, i`m lucky so far.

sare , how is seth with his wind. Archie is bad. not sure what to do to help him? His poo is quite soft cant decide if its diarroreah, maybei should try a differnt formula.. not sure.

how is everyone today? xxxx 

22/03/2008 at 11:21

Morning Mummies,

Well this thread definitely isn't as busy as the due march one! You can tell we have other things in our lives other than the internet now!

Evie is doing really well - putting on weight like a goodun! I'm bf too and like you Fi, Evie is very erratic during the day and much better at night. She's not quite into a routine yet but she's 2 weeks old so hopefully she'll be in a routine by 4 weeks like Amelia!

Sare - Recovering from the c-section ok aswell.. Mo like you I can't drive either - counting down the days til I can! Lots of visitors lined up for the daytime this week so that will keep me busy although I will be kicking people out if I get too tired! How you coping with the boys aswell?

Annie/Fi - do your little ladies get wind aswell? Poor Evie suffers from wind and I have to take her off half way through and wind her.. Just wondering if yours do and if so what you do (other than wind them).

Tracy - can't believe Isaac is 4 weeks already! Poor little thing with a cold - I'm sure his feeding will get better when he shifts his cold.

Evie is sleeping at the moment and she let me lie in til 9.30 today! Went to bed at 8 and she had a good night last night so I feel semi-normal at the moment!

Chat later ladies,

Nat xx

22/03/2008 at 11:33

Hi girls .  I can well and truly say that I am shattered. I have been keeping a breast feeding diary in the hope that some kind of routine will emerge, but not a hope. Yesterday I fed Isaac 15 times lasting on average of 20 mins each time and then last night I fed him 8 times between midnight and 8.30 this mornng. I feel like a zombie so thank goodness my darling oh is home to help till tuesday.

Melissa is ill and has runny bottom sorry tmi, and poor Isaac still has snuffly nose and cough. I am hoping to last till tuesday and will take them both to doctors if they are not better by then .

Who was it that had lumpy sore boobs? I have a largish lump in my armpit that is really uncomfortable. I cant put my arm down or lay on my side. Its not red or anything so I dont think it is mastitis. I had a similar experience when feeding Melissa and it contributed to me giving up bf when she was four months. I had a scan and they said I had breast tissue under my armpit that was producing milk but had no where to drain away. So I am guessing I wll have to put up with it but I wish I could ease the pain. 

Am I right in thinking it is ok to take paracetamol when bf?  

Isaac asleep since 8.30 so now I am thinking maybe I should wake him for a feed soon as noticed nappies a bit dry during the night. I am so undecided about feeding when he is too frequent I worry and then when he does go a reasonable length I worry!

And he has got sticky eyes!

time to sort him out , Have a nice day mummies and babies.

22/03/2008 at 13:16

Morning ladies

Tracey - I am taking paracetamol as part of my pain killers for my c section and breat feeding.  They were prescribed by the hospital so I assume they are safe.

Nat - Glad to hear you had a good night, at least it gives me some light at the end of the tunnel.

R xx

22/03/2008 at 13:40

Hi Girls,

Nat yes Willow gets lots of wind, tumps like an adult and burps like a builder LOL! Other than sitting her up, having her over my shoulder and holding her airplane style I also give her time sleeping on her side as she seems to find it easier to trump this way! She's forever scrunching up and popping one out! Sometimes though nothing seems to help so just resort to lots of cuddles! She also gets hiccups half a dozen times a day!!!

My MW said when she BF her two they were sleeping 5-6 hrs at night by about 8 weeks but she also warned me not to expect any routine for the first 4/5 weeks and they often have a growth spurt at 3 and 6 weeks which throws any kind of pattern you might see emerging completely out the window!  


Yes you can take paracetemol and/or ibuprofen when BF. I had a lump under my arm, the sze of a large spot but not red...I squeezed it and Milk came out thankfully it has now dissapeared! Perhaps some gentle massage of the lump might help yours?

I keep a BF diary too and we average anything from 8-12 feeds in 24 hours, I run mine from midnight to midnight. When you say Issac feeds for 20 minutes is that all on one boob or 10 minutes on each?

Rachel I take my hat off to you BF after a section, how is Ben doing now?

Mo your OH is probably just scared of getting it wrong, I know Mike was worried about all sorts but I told him he was in charge of bath time and I just tell him when I want him to change her, leaving him alone with her (albeit in the next room) has helped because he doesn't feel like I'm watching his every move to see if he is getting it right. I think with men it also depends what their own fathers were like!!

22/03/2008 at 13:53

Annie - Its not easy.  milk is now in and things are far as feeding goes.  Its just his sleeping we need to master now, he has taken to cat napping.  Ben is such a grumpy little man sometimes.   Dummy and bouncy chair work for short periods of time.  But he is guaranteed to stop crying is he is vertically bounced up and down.  I hear you're a fellow cancerian!

R xx

22/03/2008 at 13:55

Annie.. Archie is exactly the same as Willow...lots of wind and hiccupps. lol ans yes,, OH probably is just scared of getting it wrong or hurting archie. they need more alone time. ooops i smell stinky bot!! lol vback later xxx

22/03/2008 at 14:04

Hello All

Nat -  Yes Amelia gets wind!!!! Big style - sometimes I wonder who it is her or her father  Also she gets hiccups loads - that doesn't stop her bfing though. If she stops feeding after a couple of mins then i wind her (over shoulder) then put her back.

Tracy - Amelia had a sticky eye in the first couple of weeks - the hv said to just wipe it with salt water - it cleared up in a week. Poor you with poorly babies - just as well OH is there to help.

Mo - maybe changing formula will help with Archies wind? Can you just go out and leave OH with Archie (knowing he will need a feed and change while you are out) maybe once he has done it once (on his own and like Annie says with nobody watching him) he may feel more capable?

Annie - Amelia feeds 20-25mins on one boob (usually with one short wind break) then I offer her the other and depending on how long it has been since her last feed she goes from 5-15mins (2 lots of 20mins at 11 last night and she didn't wake up until 5am!!!) I almost feel worse for the longer sleep - as if it has reminded me how much more I need.

Sounds like all the c-sections are healing well - how much longer have you all got left before you can drive again? DH has the car most days at the mo and I feel like I have had an arm cut off - at least if I want the car i can - I would be lost if I couldn't drive.


22/03/2008 at 14:17

Fi.. yes i think leaving them alone is a good idea.. will try that soon. Youre not supposed to drive for 6 wks, but it depends on your insurance company... i`ll be driving next week, have had enough stuck in the house everyday. with OH working all the time i cant get out!!!! arrrggg!! its driving me mad! lol... i`m sure i can make it the few miles to the village.

Will se my hv next week, i`ll wait and see how it goes on Aptimal and ask her what she thinks.. he`s been really great today.. so maybe im` over reacting!

great to hear Amelia is doing so well! xx


22/03/2008 at 20:02

Hello my mummies!

You are really testing my spy mw skills to the limit now!!!

I will try and keep up, but have promised I won't abandon my ladies in waiting

x x

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