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Nappies for new babies

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10/03/2011 at 15:20

Although they state a size according to the weight of the baby it doesn't mean that they'll be a good fit. My son always had a tiny waist and chubby little legs so i always had trouble. 

I usually ended up trying a few different brands when he reached different stages. I'm now expecting my second little boy in just over a week and i have stocked up on Pampers and huggies to try.

You can never really have enough nappies and you probably won't get time to do shopping with a newborn, plus you feel like a zombie for the first few months.

I try to get whats gonna be more comfortable for the baby as some cheaper brands are a lot more bulky, some are better than others though. I did find that when my son was tiny not even Pampers kept him dry throughout the night and he often leaked and woke himself up. The only ones that would cope with that amount ofwee was the Huggies Super Dry ones, but i did get probs with the fit.

I think it's all about compromise, none are perfect all the time.

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