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21/04/2006 at 19:33
Hi my name is Linzi an iv just joined "think baby" i have a little boy who is 4months named Oliver and up until now he had no problems with sleeping,hes started waking from his naps after about 25min of going down and is wrestles and tired but refuse everything i try doing to get him back to sleep and this is making him very grumpy and overtired,until late afternoon he is so tired he decides to sleep no problem for hours if i let him and so wen its time for bed(in which i have a calming routine)he is not tired as hes slept in the afternoon-so you see my problem has anyone got any advice to give to get him sleeping longer for his naps????????
21/04/2006 at 19:46
hi linzi,
welcome to thinkbaby.
sounds simple but is your little boy warm enough? and have you tried wrapping him tightly in a blanket so he thinks he's still being held?
my little one, emily-jade is 8months old and still only sleeps longer if she's wrapped up tightly and warm.
emily-jade still likes to have a crying when she's tired but refuses to sleep.
hope this helps and welcome again.
x x x
21/04/2006 at 19:55
Hi thanx for your reply although Oliver hates his hands being woddled by his sides he jumps around like a little worm ah ah trying to free himself out the blanket,so i woddle him now but leaving his arms out, iv watched why hes sleeping and he trows his arms about whilst hes asleep an in effect startles himslf and wakes up,i go in quickly and try to hush him back to sleep but he refuses and puts up a mighty fight and then later on as i say hes tired wrestles and grumpy.
21/04/2006 at 20:58
is there a different position you think might help? such as on his front or on his side maybe. emily-jade used to panic being lay on her back and sleeps much better on her front.
x x x
21/04/2006 at 21:21
I dont think i would be happy putting him on his front just yet, although he does sleep better on his side, just wondered do you put emily-jade(lovely name by the way!!) to sleep in a dark room in the day as iv been told that blackout blinds are a good thing ? Do you think this would help??
21/04/2006 at 22:07
a blackout blind is actually on my list of things to get as the nights are lighter she refuses to go to sleep until it's dark.
i just lay her in her cot in her room with the curtains still open during the day as she only has half an hour about 10am and half an hour about 1pm. so she doesnt really sleep much during the day.i'm not complaining though as she sleeps all way through the night, lol.
my sister uses blackout blinds for her two little girls and she says she wouldnt be without them even though my nieces are 2yrs old and 4yrs old. funny we're talking of this actually as emily-jade has just woke 3times in the last half hour crying for a cuddle, she's very much a mummys girl. x x x
21/04/2006 at 22:29
Oliver was sleeping through from 10weeks waking up for just one feed (this is when i changed from breast to bottle)he slept through for three weeks up until he had his injections never since,im thinking of trying to wean him as he has been waking for an extra feed when did you start emily-jade and out of intrest when did she start to sleep through the night?
21/04/2006 at 22:45
she only started to sleep through when i started weaning her. i started weaning her at 4months, just gave her a spoonful of baby rice every so often. i believe some babies are ready before others just follow your instinct and do what you feel best.
x x x
22/04/2006 at 13:59
Thanx for replying today im off to fetch a blackout blind eee!! Hopefully he wont wake so early either its gone from 6 to 5 am since the clocks changed first bit of daylight and hes up

thanxs again xxx
23/04/2006 at 20:39
hi linzi,
how did you get on with the blackout blind last night? did it make a difference or is your little ones clock set to wake at that time no matter what?
hope it helps!
x x x
24/04/2006 at 13:41
Dont want to ginxs it but yes hes layed in till 7:00 two mornings in a row so fingers crossed it lasts!! xxxxxx
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