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Vitamin drops & follow on milk

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17/03/2008 at 14:04


Just looking for some advice really, does anyone use vitamin drops and/or follow on milk? are they worthwhile or just a gimmick?

My little girl is 14 months old and just on cows milk, she eats homecooked food along with the family and i try to offer her a varied diet. However, she only eats small amounts and has always been slow to gain weight. She started nursery in november, one half days a week, when i went back to work and has had one cold/virus after another which always seem to last a few weeks, was just wondering if follow on milk and/or vitamin drops might benefit her. Has anyone had experience of this or are all these colds just par for the course?

Any advice or thoughts on the matter would be much appreciated



17/03/2008 at 18:22

Hi Nic,

 My son has just turned 1 year. Around Christmas time I thought about vitamins as he was also getting one cold after another. I decided against it, mainly because there is so much choice on the market, but also because my GP said he did not feel they were necessary. I have just stuck to the same home cooked meals as always.

Anyway, over the past few months he has improved so I'm just putting it down to the fact that his resistance must have been low for a while.

We have not used follow on milk, again on advice of HV. He is now being weaned onto cows milk.

 Good Luck and let me know what you decide.

Em x

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