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We want your travel stories!

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15/06/2007 at 10:59
To mark our BabyBJörn Traveller Competition 2007, we want to have an honest, inspiring, useful and hopefully entertaining (!) chat about holidays with new babies and young families. Have you had a special holiday or an experience you want to pass on?
Perhaps you firmly believe that new babies shouldn't stop you from exotic travelling, or you are taking your young family to the places you enjoyed as a child? What are your top tips for travelling?
All new parents need a few tips if they're going to make the most of lugging buggies, sterilisers and travel cots around the world in the spirit of new-baby adventure!
We'll be running this thread until August and every week we'll be giving away a BabyBjörn carrier and backpack (see the article above for more details) to a randomly selected contributor.
We can't wait to hear your travel tales!
17/06/2007 at 10:35
Hi I have recently been away with my baby and we used the services of Tinytotsaway.
They are an on line shop where you order all you need for your baby and they shop for, pack and delivered it to our hotel, it was fantastic and well worth the money which was about the same as paying excess baggage charges without having to carry it!
Just thought you should know about this service
18/06/2007 at 14:01
We recently flew to New York with our 7 month old daughter. I made sure I packed plenty of things in our carry on luggage to occupy her, a favourite toy, a new board book, little finger food snacks...then I rotated them through the trip for her to be busy with.

Also, I took tommee tippee disposable bibs which were brilliant for feeding her whilst we were out and about as we could just mop up the mess & then throw it all away.
18/06/2007 at 16:26

I have 2 toddlers aged 2 and 3 and I'm expecting my 3rd. Last year we brought a touring caravan and went away for many long weekends, we found using a travel cot was great as a bed and a play pen, it meant the youngest wasn't sitting on damp grass, or running. My partner and i enjoy cycling, and brought child seats for the back of our bikes so that we can still go out. The children can even sleep in them. the other great useful item was our baby monitor, we could sit outside of the caravan and socialise with friends while being able to hear the children sleeping in the caravan.

We plan to continue caravaning even after our 3rd child is born.

19/06/2007 at 07:08
went to Butlins, what a complete nightmare.

Parents !! Don't do it. it's awful !!
22/06/2007 at 22:32
We took our little one to Disneyland Paris with her big brother for her 1st birthday. We flew with easyjet and they couldn't have made things easier, we didn't need to pay for speedy boarding as we were given boarding assistance and we weren't even charged for my extra heavy case when we explained about all the baby equipment in it ! For the flight I can recommend wearing beads, they keep little ones entertained for hours and give them little things to play with that they usually wouldn't have, eg a bottle with water in, etc - they are used to rattles, etc so books, leaflets and anything else which is safe and you get inflight can keep them occupied (it also cuts down on luggage!). We took a plastic box and milton cold water steriliser tablets to keep the bottles clean, disposable bibs and pull up nappies for quick and easy changes when we were out and about, we also used the dettol spray in restaurants, etc just to make sure although it was spotless. One thing I did take was disposable cutlery, the type you get in starbucks, etc - it saves having to take your own and washing it and carrying it around with food smells attracting bugs. Disneyland is so child friendly, good change areas, bottle warming, baby food, etc and if you want to ride you can do baby swap - perfect and although she was only one she took it all in and brother had a wonderful time too. We recently took the train to London and that was a nightmare in comparison to the flight, it was dirty, hot and busy and the baby change area was not nice. The tube in London was also a nightmare so avoid this too! My top tips are: plenty of baby wipes, anti bac hand gel, milton spray, cheap plastic wristband from Mothercare to repel bugs, pull up nappies, sachets of baby calpol (just in case), cold water sterilising equipment and plastic container, disposable cutlery and bibs and half a bottle of evian to be shook, dropped and smacked - it provided hours of entertainment. Good luck and happy holidays xx Oh and another quick tip is try to give your little one a drink on take off and landing (if they are still awake), it helps their ears and also gives them a bit of a distraction.
23/06/2007 at 13:51
I always pop my baby carrier in the car or the pram as it gives me extra flexibility when I am out and about. It really comes into it's own when you don't want to cart around the car seat and can't be bothered with a pushchair or pram. I use it particularly if I am wanting to get in and out of shops quickly.
24/06/2007 at 20:05
Hi, we are heading to Estepona in Spain in a couple of weeks time with our three and a half month old little boy, I am already drawing up lists of things to pack. My aunt is going out before us and can check out that we can source Aptamil milk and Huggies nappiers out there, but any further hints and tips would be useful.

Many Thanks
27/06/2007 at 14:11
My daughter is 13 months and we have taken her away twice in her first year- both times were fine. It took me a bit of time to relise you don't get a holiday from being a mum! The first time we took her to German to stay with family and it was great, I breast fed her on take off and landing and she never seemed to notice she was in a plane. Both times I have found a sling really usefull for carrying her around and for using in the Airport when they take your buggy away, and when you get of the plane and are waiting for buggy and bagage again. The second holiday we went to a Villa in the Algarve with the family- thats a holiday- best tip take granny with you! Disposable bibs are great and summer weight sleeping bags.
29/06/2007 at 12:51
We've just been brave enough to book our first trip away, and I'm a bit nervous about it!

Our daughter will be 8 months when we go. We worked out we didn't want a hotel room with her in the same room as we didn't want the same bedtimes!

We've plumped for a static caravan in a holiday park that has an indoor swimming pool, a soft play area and on-site walks. Then at least if the weather is bad, there are things to do on-site and I won't feel too bad if she wakes up in the middle of the night.

The park is only a few hours drive away, so it's easy to come home if we need to, and if all goes well, we'll be more adventurous next time!

One thing I did notice was the park wanted to charge £10 for a week's hire of a highchair - I bought a booster seat that you can also use on the floor for £20 and I get to keep it!!

Happy holidays!!
29/06/2007 at 23:02
We are planning on taking our 10 month old baby to see her great grandmother. It'll be great to have the baby go through all the fussing over that only grans can give. Only worried about baby food. Taking as much stock as possible and from what we have heard they are also available to buy there now but very expensive. somethings better than nothing I guess
02/07/2007 at 13:25
When DD was about 5 months old we were really brave and went on holiday without a buggy! We only took a sling and just carried her everywhere. People thought we were mad not to take a buggy but it really didn't bother us at all and the holiday was great. We got to go everywhere and didn't have to worry about taking a buggy on the place, leaving it places, getting on public transport etc. In fact it was probably easier not having a buggy!
02/07/2007 at 23:32
My husband and I took our 4 month old and 3 yr old to the high street last week in our Graco tandem buggy. It was not very convenient managing it. My 3 yr old was not comfortable in her seat as her seating space was smaller. Moreover it started raining. My younger one wanted to be carried as his view was being restricted by my daughter and the seat in front. I think i would prefer taking 2 separate buggies than managing a bulky tandem.
04/07/2007 at 22:25
me and my partner took our son to bridlington for his first mini holiday (only for the day) it was such a lovely day. harry was brill on the 3 hour bus ride and as soon as he clapped eyes on the sand,he made a right lunge for it! i was stood there armed with anti septic spray and wipes, zapping him like a spider plant every time a grain of sand touched him which earned me lots of eyeball rolling from lee who says i over react at everything! then we carried him near the sea and picked up some pebbles and i realsied when we came home we had a fossil, which now sits in harrys memory box as a reminder of his first ever holiday.
05/07/2007 at 09:47
we have just been on a family holiday to haven, we had a fab time, great for wheelchair access for my 5 yr old daughter and they younger too loved `rory the tiger and the pink elephant, it was a tiring holiday but the kids loved it and thats the main thing,
09/07/2007 at 20:29
We went away several times during our daughter's first year, and have been away quite a bit since. This is really a tip for older babies and toddlers. It sounds a bit old-fashioned, but I always do lots of baking before I go away. Toddlers and older babies who are able to feed themselves love things like cheese straws, cheese scones, fairy cakes and chocolate cookies. All are easy to make and if kept in an air tight container should last for a good few days. I bake lots and keep them in the car. They are really handy if you get stuck in a traffic jam, or are late back after a trip out and your little one is getting hungry. Far healthier than just giving them bought snacks and sweets, and it keeps them quiet and happy too!!
If you have toddlers/older children, you can keep them occupied in the few days before the holiday by getting them to help you with the baking - they'll love it!
Good luck to everyone going on their first family holidays this year - you'll have a great time!
13/07/2007 at 16:20
The most useful thing I have ever come across for travelling with a baby is Lindam microwave steriliser bags. I got a box when my youngest, Lucy, was born and they have been so useful I only wish I had had them when I had Liam, now 7. They hold 2 standard bottles, teats and caps or one wide neck bottle teat and cap and you just pop 70mls of water in and microwave for 3 minutes, a life saver when the baby won't wait even at home! I used them on our caravan holiday and when we stayed with family and my mum keeps a box at her house for 'emergencies'! What's even better is that they only cost £4.99 for a box of 3 and each bag can be used 20 times making them great value!
13/07/2007 at 17:08
The most useful thing I've found for out-and about are toy ties. Simply loop the thread around the toy/dummy/teether and loop the other end to your pram/sling/wrist. this avoids the endless game of mummy pick up & wash - baby throw on floor, means you never lose the item and saves all that bending
16/07/2007 at 18:56
We took our little boy to Tenerife last month - he is 7 months. We had a great time; although I was apprehensive beforehand, I would recommend a holiday with a baby. Just having a week with both parents together is a break in itself (for mum, anyway!) and not having to fit in housework, ironing etc round a baby for a week is a delight!

My top tips would be to take a travel kettle and some of the sterilising bags (the type you hang from a door handle/bathroom hook. If you have these and can boil water, travelling even with a baby who is being weaned is no problem. I bought washing up liquid, washed his cups/bowls etc in the bathroom sink, then sterilised them and rinsed them in water we'd boiled. All in all the holiday was much easier and less stressful than I might have thought.
24/07/2007 at 11:28
Our daughter, Eva, is coming up for her first birthday and has already completed 12 flights and has visited seven countries. This might sound mad but I work for an airline so get good perks and my wife and I are from different countries so air travel has been necessary to allow all the family to meet the little one!
We have been lucky so far and that is part of the reason we keep booking more flights. Here are some of the tips we have learned along the way...

- Don't leave home without all the usual kit e.g nappies and wipes, baby bjorn, collapsible stroller, plus don't forget passport!. Even babies need their own passports these days and can't be added to parents.

- Boarding the plane : Most airlines will call for families with young children to board first but personally I prefer to wait till last anyway then everyone else will be sitting down instead of wanting to get past while you sort out your stuff.

- Many airports and airlines are great with babies. Try and find out before you go. Examples include airports that loan out buggies for you to get through the terminal. Also find out if you can take your own stroller to the gate. On some flights we have been on we have been able to leave the stroller at the plane door and it is there when we land waiting. On other flights we have HAD to check it in.

- Check your stroller for damage before you leave the luggage collection and report it if there is any.

- Bananas are great food to take on the road. The skin keeps them hygenic and most babies love them.

- Take a cup with a lid so baby can drink in-flight without spillage. Swallowing will help your little one cope with changes in ear pressure you know when your ears "pop".

- Don't worry about being a pain to other travellers. There may be some grumpy people not keen on travelling near a baby but in our experience these are in the minority and most people are very kind and happy to meet your baby.

- Try and relax and don't get stressed by the travel. The baby will most likely pick up on your stress makeing the situation worse for everyone.

- Pick travel times that suit your baby's routine as much as possible so you can minimize the disruption.

- Make the most of the time now, you don't have to pay much for a baby not using a seat and can travel outside of the school holidays when things are cheaper and just as important, less crowded.

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