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Weaning - loose stools

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09/01/2007 at 13:34
I am trying to wean my 6 month old baby onto solids, I haven't started to do my own food yet, but will as soon as he eats a little bit more. The only problem I have is that is absolutely loves his porridge etc but a few minutes after he catapultes it through his backside (sorry if you've just eaten!) I spoke with my HV and she says just persevere as he's tummy is getting used to solids. He used to sleep through but now has tummy upset around 4am and of course I need to change him and then he is in the wide awake club and you can guess the rest!!!! He's stools have always been loose with his milk which is Cow and Gate I was wondering whether to change his milk but again the HV said no need he can continue on with this indefiniately no need to buy follow on milk. He is not unwell when he has these stomach upsets quite the opposite I would say and it's not all day just usually 20 mins after his meal or sometimes his milk. It's also a pain if we go shopping as I need to take a change of clothes with me as it always ends up up his back etc. Any advice would be much appreciated. From Denise and baby Alex 5 3/4 months!
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