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What makes your baby cry - rational or irrational

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17/10/2011 at 19:24

Bit of help needed. My baby is 5 months old, very happy, confident, social same as most. When out visiting family yesterday he started off a bit grizzly when we got out the car cos he hates being confined in his car seat and he was hungry. Fed him, played, smiled, (had my happy boy) put him down to sleep on his mat. Other members of the family arrived, had lunch, baby woke up, sat him at the table with me and he screamed, tears and all. This continued for the next 2 hours (not always tears though), nothing would calm him down. In the end it was a case of lets just get him home, put him in the car seat and instantly he was quiet. He hates his car seat, always has. Everytime I think, this is what could have caused it there's always a reason it's not. It happened last time we went to.
I'm asking if your baby had/has an irrational fear or something that could cause pain that I can't think of that maybe can help me solve the mystery of our day yesterday.

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