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When is it time to give baby a cup?

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14/06/2009 at 09:35

hi ladies

my baby is coming up to 6 months old and when i was in boots the other day there were cups from 3 months should i be tryin to use a cup instead of a bottle for his drinks?


14/06/2009 at 16:01

Hi Vicky,

My daughter is almost 1 and we've used a beaker with her from about 4 months, she now feeds herself with the trainer cups (well, apart from her last bottle before bed at 5pm but she still feeds herself with that!) From about 6 months-recommended that they dont have juice out of bottles (as they hold too much sugar/sucrose solution around their gums/teeth) so now would be a great time to start as his  hand eye coordination will start to improve.

Good luck!

14/06/2009 at 17:17

hi vicky

i breastfed my little girl and gave her all juice out of a beaker ( she would never drink out of a bottle )she started having juice at around 6 months when i weaned her they do cups for newborn's as the lady i was in hospital with had one they do say its better for teeth to have a beaker not a bottle.

you can only try your son and see if he will drink from a cup dont worry if he wont it might take time for him to get use to it.

good luck. xx

14/06/2009 at 22:04
Hey girls
My son is nearly 11 months and i only started trying a cup again a couple of weeks ago. i tried one of those cups where he had to bite it when he was about 4 months without much success and am now trying the cup that looks like a black/white cow. Again he is struggling with it and just cant grasp it at all, even with me doing demonstrations. i usually end up giving him the bottle anyway because it is so hot at the moment im worried he isnt getting enough liquid in the day.

My grandmother has a nuby cup i think which is shaped like a sippy cup but is soft like a teat, he drinks fine from that but is it too much like a bottle to make a difference? Or should i invest in one or persevere with my cup? Any opinions greatly appreciated.

Thanks donna and a lazy william
15/06/2009 at 12:41
Its always best to persevere with the drinking cups and sometimes you have to try a few befory you find one that they like. I learned the hard way and gave my son juice out of a bottle because thats all I could get him to drink out of. I gave up too soon and he suffered with his teeth because of it but I didnt really know any better at the time. He had to have 4 teeth out when he was 3 and had to be sedated. It was awful. I have always found the boots own ones the best for starting off with, they are suitable from 4 months and are only quite cheap. I think they come in blue, pink and green. I now will not give them juice at all out of a bottle, just milk or water, if they want juice it has to be out of a cup.
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