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When is the right time to potty train

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10/06/2010 at 16:45

Hiya all

just after some info really, my son is 15months old and i dont think hes ready to potty train just yet (or maybe he is...) but what age did you start to train your little ones to use a potty

he has been in pull up for a few weeks as i thought this may be a good way for him to  learn that things will change etc also we brought the potty into the living room since he was about 9months old although he wouldnt even sit on it then  lol, however he will sit on it for a few mins but then gets bored etc, i have tried once without a nappy but he wasnt having any of it and i didnt want to make him afriad of the potty

hes never been bothered by sitting a wet/dirty nappy so doesnt let me know hes peed or pooped just yet - when will i know when he is ready and what age?

10/06/2010 at 17:59

hi kimberley!!

thanks for the info - i will have a nosey on there!! deffo think ill be waiting until hes around two - dont want to rush things!!

10/06/2010 at 19:44


I am embarking on the potty training fiasco over the summer with my daughter who will be 2 in September.  Apparantly before 18 months they don't really have the ability to 'control when they go' but obviously all babies are different.  Just from talking to all my mummy friends who have done it the key thing seems to be putting them straight into pants, apart from sleep times and putting up with puddles for the first couple of weeks, switching between nappies and pants can make it take ages, but is maybe less messy! Most of my firends have done it around age 2, some a bit before, some it abit after. It obviously all depends on what suits you and your son.  I'm sure I will be having a first hand experience of the puddles very soon!


10/06/2010 at 21:22


Theo turns 2 in july and we are just starting. Like you nicole we have had the potty around for ages and tho he initially used to sit on it he now wont go anywhere near it at all! But since he was about 14 months he started hiding when doing a poo and now he either runs off and peeps out when he is doing one, or on a really good day, just as he is about to do it, he will say, "Mama, poo!" but when i ask him if he wants to go on the toilet or potty he just shakes his head. Also, he often wont tolerate being left in a dirty nappy now. He has also for the last 4/5 months started to hold himself as he is weeing so that is now a dead give away also.

i recently bought one of those seats that sits on the toilet so he can sit on our toilet and for the last few weeks we have been sitting on the toilet every morning when he gets dressed and every night before bed. Iv encouraged him to do a wee, and we will talk about it whilst he is trying, and he tells me where his wee comes from, etc but as of yet we havent had one! Although he is def getting used to going to the toilet at these times, and will even pull the lid down and flush and wash hands afterwards. if nothing else it is at least getting him used to the routine. I really want to take advantage of the summer and try and get him sorted asap as i think he is def nearning the point of being ready....i guess its just a case of being brave enough to take the plunge and stick to it!!

oh and gem - thats interesting, id never really thought about just sticking him in pants to associate the wetness,etc...thats def a good idea, def in summer!

10/06/2010 at 22:02
Hi Nicole. My eldest has just turned 3 and he's only just ready to be potty trained lol yet amazingly at only 17months my youngest is showing signs of getting ready to be in pants.He loves sitting on the potty and on a few occasions has wee'd in it, he also tells me when he's pooed and hate's having a dirty nappy. I'm in 2 minds now about when to train him although it would be brilliant to have them both in pants for when the new baby comes in September lol. Laura x
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