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Due Dec 2011

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09/05/2011 at 19:47
hi jen, yeah I reckon we shoudl hang out in here!!!! Only us on the nov thread it seems - wonder what happend to the other girls.
Just seen the horrid news about kelly brook its just so sad. Makes you feel lucky with what you have...
Jen glad the sickness is getting better for you. Mines mainly evening now but also sporadically throughout the day!!!!!
do you have a bump? i feel huge!!!
09/05/2011 at 19:54
Im bloated but can feel my bump coming up now so have a mini baby bump be glas when its a little bigger though

Seems to be going pretty quick atm! Just over 2 weeks until my 16 week check

My dd thinks everyone has a baby in theyre tummy as a lot of my friends are pregnant/just had babies! She even thinks she has a baby haha


09/05/2011 at 20:09

Just read about Kelly Brooke poor thing, I cant believe how many celebs have gone through this recently, you have to wonder if its down to the hectic lifestyles they are living. I know it happens, but I didnt think it was that common. Scary stuff


09/05/2011 at 20:12
Yay November and December mummies!! Perfect x
09/05/2011 at 20:17

Hi ladies,

How is everyone, i'm popping over to be nosey from the 'Due Oct 11' thread again, there's only four of us over there and can get quite quiet, and i'm a natter box lol thought i might straddle the two threads if thats ok?I hadmentioned to the girlies on my thread the idea of merging with Nov and Dec and we all like that idea,any thoughts on that over here?

Sounds like everyone's getting on ok which is great to hear

I read about Kelly Brook this evening too, really upset me. Really is a miracle to have a baby isn't it?! Poor woman. It does seem to be happening so much at the moment to celebs, just awful.


09/05/2011 at 20:22
Hey Rach I'm up for the merge!! I'm a natter box too so the more people to talk to the better for me!!!

I got diagnosed with tonsilittis today, i suffer from it quite often, hope it doesn't last too long!!!

09/05/2011 at 21:30
yeah im up for the merge too!!! Oct/Nov/Dec - aka winter mummies!
10/05/2011 at 13:27
guys I now have my scan tomorrow!!!! Nervous / excited! will keep you posted
10/05/2011 at 14:05

Wow, yay Wendy that's exciting, how did that happen? What time is it?

Also, I have officially merged the threads Hope to see you all over on 'Due Oct, Nov & Dec 11'.


10/05/2011 at 15:31
Fantastic wendy! Excited for you! X
10/05/2011 at 16:59
rach were is the thread i cant see it am i being totally thick?!
10/05/2011 at 19:05

Hi Wendy, it's under pregnancy called 'Due Oct, Nov & Dec 11' if you click on Latest Posts it should come up on that list, that's how I get to it


18/11/2011 at 21:13

Hi girls im just gate crashing really i used to use this site when i was pregnant with my own girls well now i am selling on some of there preloved clothes i have a page on fb called coullkidz preloved selling page if u fancy having a look please feel free to add me and let ur friends know too thanks x

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61 to 73 of 73 messages
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