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Due Jan 2011

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17/05/2010 at 10:10
If I have pressed ignore member how do I get her back? Aww sorry Beth! Don't understand! Will try and sort it! X
17/05/2010 at 10:55

Beth i just checked my settings and i was irgnoring you  Sorry!! Must have been my phone cos its touch screen and i must have pressed it by accident but your back now

Ill be seeing the midwife on the 2nd of june and ill be around 9weeks then so she will book me straight in for a scan hopefully!! 2nd is such i long time away tho!! I may call into Tesco and buy a test on my way to work!! but if it doesnt go up ill only worry cos CB digi tests dont always go up and docs and midwifes are trying to take them of the selves. Dont think ill be albe to stop myself from doing it though!!

Hi Gill glad everythings all ok!! xx Not heard from Hollie either?? xx

17/05/2010 at 12:24
Done one Beth and says 3plus! Phew! X
17/05/2010 at 12:58

hi everyone!

had my scan and Squidge is there flickering away, measuring a little behind at 7+1 which makes me due 2/1/11 but it could all change right up until the 12 week scan.  My blood clot doesnt seem to be there she said there is something that could be but its not bad and my cyst was 42mm square last week and now its 37mm square whooop!!!

gotta go pack hope you're all ok!

17/05/2010 at 16:56
hi girls - hope your all well! lauren, thats great news!

unfortunately the same doesnt apply for me and i started bleeding and cloting on saturday, i went to a&e and they did a urine test and said i wasn't pregnant (and basically implied i was daft and had never been) after arguing for ages and telling them i had 10 positive tests at home they agreed to do a blood test and sent me home. they rang later and said my blood was positive but my hcg level was only 80 so likely am having a mc, and told me to go to my gp today.

so i'm at the doctors at 6.40 tonight for the next steps, totally gutted!

look after yourselves girls and i wish you happy healthy pregnancies, hopefully i'll be on here with a succuess story in the near future.

17/05/2010 at 17:52

Oh no - hollie!!!!! soooooo sorry to hear your news, stay positive and ride it thro, you know you can get pregnant so hopefully your next one will be a sticky one and you will go the distance!!! Love and hugs to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On a positive note for me - I had a scan today too, everything is good, baby and sac look like a diamond ring!!! LOL so i guess this ones nick-name is going to be diamond!! LOL They said i was measuring 5 weeks instead of the 6 weeks i KNOW i am, but all my pregnancies measure small to start then they make up for it later!!! like Kizzy!!!!so im sticking to my guns and im still on for the 10th January, they said they wouldnt let me go over on this one having had such a big baby last time so that was reasureing, saw all on the screen including the heartbeat, which i know doesnt start to beat until after 5+ weeks so i know my dates are on the spot!

Right on with the dinner for the rest of the tribe and i can let my breath out again and be a little relieved at least until the 2nd July when my next scan is due!!! LOL

Hope everyone else is good - Hollie again, so sorry to hear your sad news. Take very good care of yourself and hopefully you will come and update us all when you have some more happy STICKY news!!! love and hugs to all xxxxxxxx

17/05/2010 at 18:12
Oh, Hollie - I'm so sorry. Look after yourself - am gutted for you, too.  Well done for pushing at A&E - no mean feat. Much love and as Karen says, hope we get to hear happier news from you soon. xxx
17/05/2010 at 18:28

Hollie - I'm so sorry to hear this. I know nothing will ease the pain at the moment but remember that you can get pregnant and have come back from this before. It is so unfair that you have to go through it again, my thoughts are with you and your oh - be sure to talk to eachother and be there for eachother.


17/05/2010 at 18:32

Well vix, fancy ignoring me - what did I do? (only joking!) Yay for 3+!!!

Lauren, Karen, glad your scans went well - I can't wait to see something on the screen  -  didn't ever get that far last time.

Gill - how you feeling now?

Well I'm still really tired! My sense of smell seems to have developed to super strength! Quite useful today when trying to work out who had an accident in school! I've also had a few waves of nausea but that is just today!


17/05/2010 at 19:22
Awww I'm so sorry Hollie sending you lots of love honey x x x

I don't see midwife for another two weeks then scan a few weeks after that I reckon! I had a missed miscarriage last time so I didn't know anything was wrong until I'd gone for scan at 12weeks and was no heartbeat! So I'm dreading my scan to be honest! Anyway best go cos I'm at work!

Glad Lauren n Karen scan went well and so sorry again Hollie! X x
17/05/2010 at 20:03


hollie im so sorry i mc at 8weeks in march.

can i come over girls i got a very fait bfp today so here we try again


17/05/2010 at 21:04
Awww congratulations Jo! Good to see you on here honey x
17/05/2010 at 21:13
jo looking forward to having a waddle in a few months time
17/05/2010 at 21:49

WOOHOO!!! Congratulations Jo!!!! Fantastic news!!  Have you worked out roughly when you might be due - we got a list going on (somewhere!!) LOL add yourself to it, its great when a thread starts filling up!!

I'm trying to work out my menu for the week for food, my brain is just mush at the moment, dont anyone tell you that there is NO such thing as baby-brain - I'm living proof that it does!!!! LMAO!!!

A & E have a lot to answer for sometimes, christ, fancy saying that you aren't pregnant and never were!!!! DOH!! like - they were the ones with all the home tests right??? STUPID STUPID!!!!! Hollie once again, so sorry you lost the little one!!! am still feeling angry at the way you got treated! RRAAAARRRR!!!! Maybe your doc will do tests as this is not your first mc??!!

Well am well and truely knackered tonight! just bought a large pizza for dinner, was too tired to do anything else, it takes it out of me driving thats for sure my hospital is an hours drive away.

Right back to menu! - have a good evening girls, get some rest! xxxxxxxxx

17/05/2010 at 21:51

Yay Jo!!!!!

Lovely to see you over here - I just said congrats on the TTC thread - we really are having a ttc bfp boom aren't we? Have youworked out what your estimated due date would be so we can add you to the list?


18/05/2010 at 08:03

26th jan is edd

jackie i dont intend to have a waddle lol

rhys baby bump was nice and small but then isnt your second ment to be bigger ?

well have to log off now im at work and really clamped down on these things so speak to you soon have a good day


18/05/2010 at 09:40

Morning, y'all! Congrats and hello, Jo!

Now you say waddling, and I'm worrying - this is my 1st so you wouldn't expect a bump, but I'm 7w today and there's no hiding thet something's going down, down there. Had to take off the fave jeans today after a 10 minute squeeze through town and I'm not putting on weight...

Experienced mums out there, help! I don't want to buy any maternity clobber yet, but are there any high st solutions you can suggest for bump-hiding? This is getting unhideable but I don't want to get into online buying for this yet!

Saw midwife yesterday. V ambiguous about whether I can still go jogging (as had mc a few years ago) and got ticked off for my 2 units of alc a week, which I thought was permissable. Oh, well. Also gotta see consultant, as used to have epilepsy (ie nothing at all for 5 years now), which might mean I can't have a midwife birth-centre birth. We'll see - best laid plans & all that!

 Hope you're all grinning and the sun's out wherever you are!


18/05/2010 at 14:14

OK - here i go - soap-box time!!! LMAO right, tell midwife to get stuffed, you can drink, obviously in moderation, there is nothing wrong with the odd glass of wine here and there, you CAN jog as long as its something that you are not just starting up, cant help you with the epilepsy thing tho sorry!! thats one best left to the meds i guess!!

Bump hiding - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - all i do is go up a size in jeans for a few months then when they bet too tight i go in to maternatiy ones, you can get early preggy ones which are not "full on" and are really comfy, i got a few pairs from ebay, good value!!!

Well, i managed to get all my washing done this morning and make/bake 2 loaves of bread to last a couple days, dont know if ive got the energy left to peg it all out now tho!! LOL think it might be a trip in the barn to put it in the tumble-dryer! will crack on with the washing-up now after giving kiz some milk - ad has done the shopping for me today as going to the hossy yesterday buggered up my schedule!!! LOL

Gill - ive tried on every one of my births to go it at homein a watertub - did i get any - NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!! I give up!!! this time i will have to go into hossy anyway as keira got stuck and was HUGE AND i had to be induced, so its prudent for me to be there, otherwise you would have me fighting tooth and nail for a homey again!!!This time i am not going over my due date and will be requesting induction on or before the date if the baby is looking big again!! 

Right - cuppa and back to it, hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather at the mo!!

hugs to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

18/05/2010 at 17:36
well i think i shall log on later to catch up the sounds coming from my sons bum while in his highchair are not good im off to run the bath as i can tell im going to need it when hes quite finnished x
18/05/2010 at 19:06

just a bit of fun this website tells me im haveing a girl

beth i think look and it was a girl too so we shall see


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