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Due July/August/September :)

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03/08/2011 at 15:32

Hey ladies,

Hope the sweep gets things going for you Jo. I've heard Clary Sage oil is good - to use for massage and aromatherapy but again I think it is only good at moving things along once they have started. Drinking castor oil has some unappealing effects on your bowels which I don't think midwifes are particularly fond of if you get what I mean! Sex and nipple stimulation is also supposed to be good. Sounds like you are not far off either way though - very exciting! Hopefully baby will decide to come of their own accord before you are induced. I think it's definitely good to try breastfeeding if you can, there are so many benefits and you can always move to formula later if it's not working for you but if you go straight on to formula then you can't go back to bf. It's a personal choice though so you need to do what's best for you aswell as the baby - happy mums = happy babies I reckon.

I've got 2 more weeks of work and definitely wishing away the days! I kind of wish I took more time off (that will be 2 1/2 weeks before my due date) but on the other hand I will probably get quite bored since all of my friends are working at the moment. I had a great trip to Dublin to meet my nephew - he is absolutely gorgeous (of course!) and a happy little baby. My bro is following the Contented Little Baby book - it's quite regimented about routine for sleep and feeding etc but seems to be working well for them, my nephew only wakes once in the night for a feed and he's only 3 weeks old. I have bought the book and think we will probably try to follow it too. Has anyone else used this or know anyone who has?   

Hope everyone else and their bumps and babies are doing well xx

03/08/2011 at 16:59
Hiya Tui,

I had my sweep really didn't like it - was just really uncomfortable! Now I feel like u know that feeling when you just come on your period?!

I have that book you are talking about I havent really sat down and read it I should do really!! I'm booked in for saturday for induction if nothing happens eek!! Quite scared!

I finished work 3 weeks early i was due to leave 2 weeks before but just was too knackered.. I think as well my work was quite demanding and had to meet deadlines so me being knackered from not sleepig wasn't helping!

This heat is just so horrid!!! I got th fan out hope it's nice and cool in the hospital.

04/08/2011 at 15:50

Hi Ladies

Can you tell i'm finished with work, not been on here for ages and now on every other day LOL!

Jo- hope the sweep gets things moving for you sooner than saturday but if not at least you know things will definitely be moving by then and hopefully before the weekend is out you will have your little bundle in your arms.

Regarding breastfeeding, i'm just going to give it a go this time and see how i get on, when pg with dd i really didn't want to bf(?!) but then when she was born she just latched on during skin to skin, so i tried but gave up after 2 days. I really didn't have much knowlege about it all to persevere. This time however i have read the books,watched the dvd and attended a breastfeeding workshop so feel i'm in with a better chance to make it work.

I used contented little baby book with my dd and it worked brilliantly in the long run. I didn't buy it until dd was 3 months and must admit i was quite overwhelmed by it when i first read it, however i picked out the bits i liked and tweaked the routines to suit us and got on fine with it. She is and always has been a fantastic sleeper as a result.However as i said dd was formula fed and i'm looking at it this time thinking are these routines really going to work with breastfeeding. I like to be quite an organised person so i'll give it a go, but keep an open mind about it all.

Hope everyone else is well xxxxxxxxxxxx

05/08/2011 at 18:14
hi ladies,
Jo poor you, i feel for you, i was induced with my 1st and he was 18days late by time he came, (day after induction) must have been a busy time just after christmas, my other 2 were late 2 but went into labour naturally. good luck for things to start before sat. as for raspberry leaf tea, you could also try blue co-hosh and evening primrose oil, all supposed to help with labour, again dont know if they start things or just help along once you start, i plan on taking back co-hosh too, i took it with my dd 9 n half yrs ago and went into labour next day, but i dont think its recommended

i tried breast feeding my eldest and couldnt get on with it, i very large breasted and felt he was suffocating! lol im happy to go straight to bottle this time.

tui, not long left at work, hope it flies fr you.

as for me, well spd is a nightmare lately, baby engaged a tad so can eat n breathe a bit easier now........also been diagnosed with carpel tunnel dont rain for me it bloomin pours!
had 32 week scan at 33 weeks cos i got the date wrong lol all well, baby not big not small, just right, went to see doctor for clinic appointment after scan and she was bloody useless! foreign, not that i got anything against that but i could barely make out what she was saying nor did she seemed bothered by my concerns......then she said i gotta have another GTT test done, im majorly pissed off about that, and it was booked for monday coming, but thankfully i saw my midwife today and she doesnt know why they want another done as no blood in urine etc, so she postponed it for a few weeks and hopefully baby will be a tad early lol i only had a gtt test done 3 weeks ago!
all went very well today, had the 'birth' talk, made my birth plan, heard heart beat nice and loud, kids all heard it too. booked for physio in a week and midwife in 3, im measuring correctly, just fed up of being pregnant this time and deffo dont want to go thro it again! 4 is enough for me!
right im off out with the ladies tonight for something to eat, see how long i last lol
catch yuo soon, leah 33+4 xxxx
06/08/2011 at 15:56


Hope the sweep has had the desired effect Jo and you get to meet your bubba soon if you haven't already!

Nic - I must admit the contented baby thing looks a lot easier if you are formula feeding and can measure feeds exactly. I'll give it a go anyway - the theory sounds good. I also read somewhere that babys that kick during the day in the womb are usually more active in the day when they are out so I'm hoping that's true since I have a very active day kicker on my hands!

Leah - sounds rough - I never knew carpal tunnel was linked to pregnancy. Glad the kids got to hear the heartbeat, I bet they loved it - I never get sick of hearing it.

I still need to write up my birth plan. I started to get things together for a hospital bag the other day but then got sidetracked online shopping for some of the things we didn't have! Some of the lists I've seen have so much on them it's crazy. I think I might make one small bag - assuming there are no complications and we don't have to stay long and another to leave at home for DH to grab if we have to stay in the hospital longer than the minimum. 

18/08/2011 at 13:05

How is everyone? gone quiet all of a sudden!

I just finished work yesterday - was hoping for a nice sleep in this morning but woke up at ten to six and just couldn't get back to sleep. Thinking I may aswell get in the habit of early mornings and afternoon napping now.

Hope you are enjoying your new arrival Jo (assuming baby must be here by now!!).

xx Tui

18/08/2011 at 20:17

Hi Tui- i bet you're so glad your finished work now, this is my third week off and loving it. Been busy getting dd prepared for school, she starts next tuesday, think i'm going to be a blubbering wreck,but will just blame it on pg hormones!

Have started this week getting my bag ready for hospital and have hired a TENS machine, i used one last time and it was fab during labour. I just need to get a few baby things at the weekend then bubba can show any time he/she likes because i will finally be organised! Have the midwife next tues then i think that could be my last appointment until due date. I have filled out my birth plan stating that i want the same labour as last time LOL! I don't know if you can be that lucky twice, it was completely textbook and a really positive experience so i have high expectations this time round LOL!

Jo-hope everything is going well with you, i imagine you will have your hands full by now and be up to your ears in nappies. Hope everything went smoothly with the induction etc.

Leah- hope the carpal tunnel isn't causing you too much probs, have you got wrist splints to help? what with that and the spd, no wonder your counting down the weeks until your date, it would be nice if bubba put in an early appearance for you.

Is there anyone else thats due imminently or are we just waiting on the september babies to start appearing? Hope everyone is well anyway xxxxxxxxxx

Nic 36+4

27/08/2011 at 20:39

Heya - hope your DD is enjoying school Nic. My mum cried on my first day when I changed schools when I was about 8, I got teased about it for ages!

I'm loving my time off. have been really busy so far and now have a house full of boxes becasue we are shipping stuff home to NZ - it takes 12 weeks to ship so hopefully will arrive just after we do.

One week til my due date!! Hopefully baby decides to come on-time. I'm really hoping they at least wait until all these boxes have been picked up! then I'll be ready!

take care everyone - looking forward to hearing some more birth announcements. xx

02/09/2011 at 21:34
Hi girls! Sorry I have not been on for ages! I dunno were the time goes these days! Well Charley will be 10weeks on Sunday! Yes it goes to fast! She had her injections two weeks ago and she hated it she also has a slight clicky hip and turned in right foot so needs a hip scan! She is most probably over 11lb's now and is a hungry horse! I have had to move her onto the hungry baby milk as she was draining 6 6oz bottles every day!! She is very clingy but a fab sleeper and will sleep right through....he is currently sat in front of te tv watching super nanny lol! Erm I know Nicole had her baby Jayden 5lb 11oz.....amd Kirsty had a her boy 9lb! I am sure they will be on a sum point! Anymore popped yet now we are in September??? Get bouncing girls!!!! Xxxx
05/09/2011 at 12:38
hi all, emma 10 weeks already wow! my eldestwas on the hungry baby milk but even earlier than charlie lol but then that was in the days when weaning was 4months also!

well i am 38 weeks today, i was signed offconsultant care and left under my midwife but i have made an appointment with a consultant today to discuss the possibility of inducing next week or atleast no later than due date, the spd and carpel tunnel is awful, but im feeling generally unwell most of the time now, was terrible sick last night and just feel like crap, sooo very tired and achey all over so hope they can say yes! on a sofabed now which is surprisingly ok, thought id be worse for it but its pretty comfy, got the moses basket ready next to it, tho i still haven't packed my hospital bag...eek, do it today i think. LOL.
babies room still isnt ready, not painted yet and have to lay carpet but she wont be in there straight away so plenty of time really, we have everything just gotta swing our arses into gear, mark fell and someone landed on his knee at football and he now has a top of the thigh to ankle leg brace and crutches, we must look like a right pair when we are out together! he is just waiting for mri results..........
im so hungry all the time but mixed with feeling sick all the time aint helpful lol youngest 2 went back to school today, woop, eldest on weds, it seems weird!
tui and nic hope alls well with you guys, and everyone else
will report back how i get on with consultant1
love leah 38 weeks xxxxxx
06/09/2011 at 13:53

Hi Ladies hope everyone is well

Emma-10 wks already eek that time has flown. I forgot how early they start to have their jabs, poor wee sole it's not nice to see them in pain. Hopefully you get her hip scan sooner rather than later. I was born with dislocated hips and had to wear a brace but no adverse effects once it came off.

Tui-any news yet hun? Hope you got all your boxes sorted and shipped. You will be looking forward to heading back to NZ and getting settled as a family once bubba here.

Leah- not long now, you really seem to have had a run of bad luck. Hope OH gets his MRI soon.How did your appointment go? Are they going to give you a date for induction?

Well my edd is sunday so only 5 days away, but i'm not too optimistic that this baby is putting in  an appearance anytime soon, seems far too comfy in there! I have midwife next tues so i imagine she may do sweep if she can and perhaps give me a date for induction. My feet and ankles have swollen right up but other than that still feel relatively well. I was a bit fed up last week but suspect this was more to do with dd doing full days at school and house was too quiet. This week i've been keeping myself busy and meeting up with friends so feeling a bit more settled. Everybody keeps saying enjoy the time to relax but i'm not very good at relaxing prefer to be on the go LOL!

Congrats to the girlies that have had their babies,cherish the time because they grow up way too fast.

Love Nic 39+2 xxxxxxx

06/09/2011 at 17:16
Hi again, got a date, i have to ring hosp on 17th at 6pm for a time to go in the next day, then start me off with a 24 hour pessary thing, hoping it wont take that long tho!
got midwife on monday (12th) and hoping she will do a sweep, doc said if not they will do one at the hospital, so could still be next week.
mark had his mri on sat he is just waiting the results.
it seemed so long ago that mine were going all day at school.......they are in years 5, 6 and 9 now
13/09/2011 at 17:37

Hi Ladies hope you are all well.

Just a quick update from me:had midwife today, unable to do sweep as head not engaged. So have return appointment for next tues to see if they can do it then. Have date for induction as 23rd, but really hope i go myself before then and if not at least i know that one way or another this bubba will be here by next weekend.

Nic 40 +2 xxxxxxxxxxxx

13/09/2011 at 19:00

Hi Nic, i had a sweep yesterday but didnt do anything even tried some sex too cos the 2 together supposed to be good and ate 2 pineapples but baby here isn't fully engaged and MW said her head still quite high but she still did it, she said cervix is still like a tube but she could get 1 finger inside and felt babies head, so 1 cm dilated, gonna get other half to try a sweep again tonight cos i cant do sex at the mo lol, he has torn ligaments in his knee and was in loads pain last night but i said its his turn to try now lmao. im going in sunday to start induction ready for monday, hope it doesnt take too long mind...........good luck nic, looks like there will only be a week between our babies if inductions go to plan, hope something happens for you in mean time tho cos i'm totally ready now and had enough and ur already due, im not due til monday 

love leah n bubs 39+1 xxxxxxxx

16/09/2011 at 22:52

My first time using this site, wish I had found it sooner...not sure where I have been ha ha finished hectic work 10 days ago and baby due tomorrow.  Midwife was going to do sweep for me today, but I had really bad stitch down side where baby's back is, so feeling uncomfortable enough I chickened out. 

This is my second full term pregnancy and I am now much more relaxed about it all, but anxious about the age gap my daughter being 11 and 3/4's it feels like first time all over again.  I was induced first time and it went well for me, straightforward as they say, with everything going in order and on time.  I didn't even attempt breastfeeding last time but will with this baby, feel comfortable with the idea.

Hope everything has gone well for you all above!!

Sarah xx

28/09/2011 at 13:51

Well ladies sorry i have been missing in action but i've been busy having a baby! Ethan came into the world on friday 16th september weighing 7lb 10 ozs. So 5 days late but didn't have to have induction which would have been planned for the 23rd. In the end it all happened pretty quickly. First contraction at 02.45, got to hospital at 09.45 and delivered at 13.26, all on gas and air and using a TENS machine. I did give the breastfeeding a go but gave up yesterday as found it too stressful and fed up sitting about with my boob out all day! It has been very quiet on here and i'm presuming that we probably have a few more september babies keeping you all busy.

Anyway love to all and hope to hear of the new arrival details soon xxxxxxxxxx

03/10/2011 at 10:21

Congratulations Nic and hi Sarah. I haven't been on for ages either sorry - was also busy having my baby boy Mahi. He was 12 days late in the end and despite the birth being  the exact opposite of what I wanted it all worked out OK and thanks to an epidural I had my pain free delivery I was hoping for! Mahi was 8 pounds 5 (3.76 kg) and is a lovely content baby most of the time he is also a pretty good sleeper, waking twice in the night which is definitely managable.

Hope all mummies and babies are enjoying this time getting to know your little ones and hopefully managing to get some sleep.

xx Tui

03/10/2011 at 12:01

Hi Tui-big congrats to you hun. What a big boy! Mahi is a lovely name is it of NZ origin. I forgot how crazy the early weeks are with a newborn, everything just goes by in a blur of feeding and nappy changing! I find i'm going to bed really early to try and get enough sleep but i know the sleepless nights don't go on for ever and thats what's getting me through it this time.

Hugs to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

07/10/2011 at 20:53
Hello girls! Long time eh??? Lol think baby changed the forums so I couldn't post off my phone but all fixed now! YEY! CONGRTAS to all your girls and welcome tithe world to all the babies!!! Hope your all feeling good? Charley is now 14 weeks (15 on Sunday) and she is AMAZING!!! she smiles giggles and is talks (not real words obviously ha) she loves to be sat up and taking everything in. She has started reaching and grabbing toys I am so in love with her! My other DD Olivia is 3 on Sunday, I joined this site when I was 6 weeks PG with her and it's mad to think she is nearly 3!! Any way I am off to chill as all girls in bed! All my love xxx Emma and charley xxx
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