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Due March 2011

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26/08/2010 at 20:23

well got a dr eventually they did an internal exam and my cervix is slightly opened but there doesnt seem to be any proper bleeding so i just have to wait and hope!! Fingers crossed it all going to be ok, im like a bag of nerves now!!!


27/08/2010 at 16:00

Thanks for your messages guys.

 Hope you are ok Tracy, I know what you mean about no support - I don't think anyone really cares in the first trimester - well it feels that way.

Although I have called the cow and gate pregnancy advice line twice, both times the midwife was really friendly and helpful.

 Hope everyone is ok!

 B x

28/08/2010 at 16:36

I feel for all you ladies and feel so guilty now that I seemed to have sailed through the first 3 months without any sickness or extreme tiredness, funnily enough, i get tired days now but i'm working stupid hours as well.

Still the occasional bleeding, well, spotting, but I know not to go into complete panic mode now.

I'm just enjoying cause yesterday I all of a sudden felt different and have definitely got a little bit of a bump, so happy  my friend is 26 weeks and i was getting jealous of hers..

But must agree with the help side. Called mw to ask bout changing hospital and itchiness, said cant help, saw dr but apparently she doesn't know when or how i hear about the hospital request. They're hopeless!!


30/08/2010 at 11:22

well going for my blood tests today, absolutely crapping it!!! lol  Think im finally getting rid of the thrush nearly a week later!!! But in the bright side i have my scan date of the 7th sept so only a week to go, i cant wait


30/08/2010 at 18:51

Hope everything went ok Tracy & glad you're scan date is soon for you


30/08/2010 at 20:12
Evening ladies,
Glad everyone is getting there scan dates and stuff through. After my visit to the hospital last week I've got to go back for a glucose tolerance test
Hoping I don't have to control my diet too much as I'm finding it hard to find things to eat as it is!
Oh well. Hope everyone has had a good bank holiday weekend! xx
31/08/2010 at 12:25

Hey ladies,

I've been for my scan this morning and everything is fine. New due date of 14th March.

I hope everyone elses scans come round quickly so we can all get past that dreaded 12 week mark! x

31/08/2010 at 15:33

glad your scan went well sam xx

i hope everyone else is feeling okay, i cant wait for my scan so that i know everthing is okay!!

claire xxx

31/08/2010 at 16:14

Hi everyone

 scan date through for Sept 14th so just a couple of weeks to wait now. Am I the last to get first scan?

Glad yours went well today, Sam - have you a date for yours, Claire?

Still got the sickness  seems to come on worse in the afternoon and hangs about for the whole evening. It's bringing me down a lot, just hope it eases off soon

How's everyone else feeling? I've been feeling a lot more fretful and anxious this pregnancy - not necessarily about how the baby is but about everything - how I'll cope when it's born etc. I dont remember this form my first pregnancy - and it was unplanned! - so it's wierd I'm more fretful. Maybe the hormones or may be that I'm more aware what I'm letting myslef in for this time!!!


31/08/2010 at 17:22
I'm the same  Laura, I've been really nervous about everything with this pregnancy. I've been certain that I'll miscarry (silly I know) and now I'm worried that I wont manage when the new baby comes. I'm hoping it's just hormones!! If in doubt, blame the hormones lol Thats my new motto xx
01/09/2010 at 14:18

hi girls, my scan is next friday (10th)

i feel the same i cant relax until i see that little heart beating on that scanner, and i know the little one is okay.then ill have the anxious wait for the nuchal scan and bloods for downs etc, so really a while yet till i can relax, im also thinking how will i cope ive always been so organised and i learnt the hard way babies just wont be organised and i feel ive just got back to normal- sleeping and work etc and its all going to be turned upside down again, my hubby says WE'LL cope but to be honest he's pretty useless he doesnt do much atall, i think im on a bit of a downer today sorry about that girls im going to go and get a cuppa and some chocky see if that does the trick.

claire xxx

01/09/2010 at 16:08

Hi all

I had an earlyish scan at 9 weeks and saw the heartbeat but I' still mega paranoid all the time about something being wrong with the baby, or that it may have stopped growing etc etc.. I don't think any of us will stop worrying until our babies arrive; then for years of worrying ! haha.

 I had a terrible migrane yesterday and was sick a few times with it, couldn't help myself started blubbing to anyone who would listen - what are we like?

 The choccy sounds good claire - not sure about the cuppa. I've not had tea or coffee for 8 weeks can't stand the smell anymore. I'm sure the people in Starbucks are wondering where I've got to!!! 

 Hope everyone starts to feel better soon!


01/09/2010 at 20:41

Evening all, I feel exactly the same with the worrying this time. I also feel sure that i will miscarry, i just want to get my scan and maybe then i can relax a bit but like someone said we probably wont stop worrying till bubbas are here.

Im in such a mood today, i dont even kno why!!! Noone has annoyed me lol the sickness has gone (touch wood) so im starting to get a bit more done during the day instead of sitting about feeling sorry for myself lol


02/09/2010 at 19:55

hi girls again,

how you all feeling today?? bit perkier i hope, had my booking appt at home with my midwife yesterday afternoon and all went well except platelets are too high so ive got to be retested for those and she couldnt find the heartbeat but she said its still quite early so not to worry-AS IF!! roll on next friday for my scan, i just hope everything is okay.

claire xxx this worrying never ends does it.

claire xxx

03/09/2010 at 14:46

Hi all, i know what u all mean about being paranoid! Can't stop thinking what if there is no baby in there.

I've actually had 4 days sick free and although it's great, i'm now wondering why? My boobs have stopped hurting too. I'm 12 weeks Monday so hopefully it's just cuz i'm finally approaching the second trimester.

 Can't wait for the scan on the 14th Sept, but also scared about it. Had a miscarriage previous to my son and it was only at the scan at 12 wks it was revealed. Keep feeling my belly everyday to see if i can feel my womb as it shoul be able to be felt by the twelth week they say, but i can't feel a thing. Can anyone else feel that yet?

03/09/2010 at 20:36

Lolly -  i dont think i can feel anything yet but im not really sure, i didnt have sore boobs this time either. I was the same as u had a miscarriage in April 08 then fell pregnant with my son in the nov. The sickness is also starting to go away but i am really really tired all the time!!! Im hoping that the scan on tue will settle my worries a bit. xx

06/09/2010 at 09:58


I haven't tried to feel for my womb (it makes me too ill to have my stomach touched) but my boobs are huge and sore and my belly is protruding (I look 4 months gone!) and I still feel constantly sick. I'm not so much worrying about the baby any more, although like everyone else wont feel 100% secure til the scan (tracy mine is also 14th Sept!). It must be so much harder for you who have had a miscarraige before - plus there's been some sad news on this forum - but hopefully things will all be good this time. 

I've been feeling anxious about other things tho, mostly how we'll cope. I guess it must be hormonal. I've been a bit of a nightmare recently, but in some ways it's a bit like a cleansing process where I'm getting all my anger and resentment off my chest! Very strange and not great for my other half but luckily he's taking it all in his stride and it actually seems to be making things better between us!

 Claire - it's true it's the woman who has to do most of the coping and deal with all the changes, even if you have the most supportive partner in the world I still think it's much more of a life changing thing for a woman. I feel a bit resentful that I've just started getting my life back a bit and now I know what's to come I can easily kiss goodbye to all that for the next couple of years but I'm adamanet this will be my last pregnancy so it's a period of my life I'm unlikely to repeat again therefore I'm going to try to relish it as much as I can (if only the damned sickness would stop!!!!) and know I can focus on myself more in a few years time.

I wish I was one of those earth mother types that just loved being pregnant and loved little babies but the truth is I'm not a fan of pregnancy at all and I find new babies just hard bloody work! I'm much prefer the toddler stage so I know I've got a tough couple of years to get through! Still, I keep looking at my little boy and telling myself it's all worth it!


06/09/2010 at 11:31

Laura E, I've been a nightmare with my husband.

Although we were trying for another baby, now I'm actually pregnant I can't stop thinking about much harder it's going to the 2nd time around. I don't have much free time to myself as it is and when I do get it I'm cleaning or cooking dinner. I had a right rant about it yesterday when hubby got back from football!!

I do feel better for getting it off my chest and I did get an altogether more helpful husband.....for about an hour!! lol

 13 weeks today xx

06/09/2010 at 12:57

Yep Sam that's exactly it! I also have very little time to myself and although my oh has had to step up and do the lions share of cooking/cleaning etc at the mo he is still out and about all the time - at football - playing pool - watching football. Typically I wouldnt mind as I would make him trade me off time for time but as I'm incapable of doing anything just now he is out and about more.

Had a big meltdown at the weekend and Sunday he was much more helpful and missed his footie - have a feeling it wont last though! It just seesm inevitable that women bear the bulk of the responsibility of raising a family. Remind me how old Georgie is again, Sam?


06/09/2010 at 13:32
Sounds about right Laura! A womans work is never done. haha. Georgie is 3 on Christmas Day, what about your little one? xx
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