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Due March 2011

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01/10/2010 at 00:11

Hello ladies! Long-time-no-speak!

Rested and relaxed after my 2 week was great

FINALLY had my first scan at exactly 14 weeks which means my due date is actaully the 23rd March - same day as my wee sister's birthday!  ...I say 'wee sister'...she's actually 23yrs old...but she'll always be wee to me! The 16wk appointment is due next week and some bloods to be taken on Monday.

Bit of bad news for me this week....I've just been made redundant from work!  The redundancy package is very, very poor and I'm 10 weeks short of the cut-off date for claiming any maternity pay I would have been entitled to....gutted!!...trying to find work as a mum-to-be I expect won't go down well with employers.

Anyway...hope everyone's well! x x x

01/10/2010 at 09:10

Awe Lisa that's not good news. It' such difficult times just now isn't it? All the drug services in Notts are being decomissioned come march so i may well be in the same boat then..... that's stressful enough so I really empathise with how you must be feeling.

Will you be entitled to any benefits? You know you can still get maternity allowance if you;re not working and it's the same amount as SMP I think.......what sort of work do you do?

at least all is well with baby

lots of love to you


01/10/2010 at 10:16

Thanks Laura, it's just the worst timing!...if they'd waited to make redunancies in 10weeks from now I'd also be getting almost £2,000 for the baby too in with the redundancy frustrating! I actually thought "now I'm pregnant, I'm safe!" - not at all!!

But as you say, all seems well with the baby which is great and I'm so excited about finally telling my parents - they live up in Scotland whilst I'm down in England and it's their first grandchild, so I figured it's not just a quick phone call-jobby, we wanted to get the 12 week scan and go surprise them with that!...but we had our holiday, then they decided to fly off too last min, now this work rubbish is going we've arranged to go in just under 2 which time I'm gonna be about 17 weeks!!...never mind, it'll be worth it to see their faces!!

 Sorry for the big, boring to all the yummy-mummies-to be x x x

01/10/2010 at 15:11
Hi everyone, thanks people for the advice on the thrush prob. Started on the natural yogurt and changed to non perfumed shower gel. Saw the midwife today, heard the baby's heart beat- amazing. Unfortunately she can't prescribe thrush treatment and now have to wait til next week to see GP, HOW UTTERLY ANNOYING! Still even that cannot change the high i'm on after hearing my baba.
01/10/2010 at 18:14

Oh Lisa, Sorry to hear about your job - I hope everything sorts itself out; it usually does. And nothing can take away the joy of a little life growing inside you! Glad you had a great hol!I'm self employed - I'm planning on having 5 or 6 weeks off - I will be able to claim Maternity allowance (It's around £90 per week) have a look into it... That's nice that you are travelling to tell your parents! What a wonderful surprise. Even though I'm 23 I couldn't bring myself to phone my Mum/ tell her face to face although I knew she would be over the moon! I'm silly like that sometimes! I ended up sending it in a text! The things we do!!!!

Lolly, I bet hearing the heartbeat was amazing. My m/w tried the other day but I'd  slathered my tummy with cocoa butter that morning (stretch mark prevention lol) - not knowing that it would affect the doppler and it wouldn't work!!! . Made me a bit nervous .....

Has anyone felt any movement yet? Keep feeling a 'bubbling' sensation / butterflies in my abdomen but I don't know if I'm imagining it ?

 B xx

06/10/2010 at 12:33

Hello Ladies,

Sorry to hear about your job. How crappy.

I've had my 16 week check up and heard the heart beat so that was excellent. It's dragging now though. I want the baby to be here already!

I'm not findin out the sex. I want to but my husband doesn't and it is nice to have  surprise I suppose.

Think I've been feeling baby this week. Like DancingB23 said ...bubbling feeling.


17 +1

07/10/2010 at 09:09

Hi everyone

 Had 16wk check yesterday but it was very uneventful. MW didnt try to find HB - she said it can be difficult to detect this early and that can be upsetting so they dont do it. Bit disappointed but it makes sense I suppose.

I definitely felt movements a couple of weeks ago wehn I was at the cincema. Just had the odd flickering since then - it's so heard to tell with my dodgy digestion!!

Lisa - I'm from Scotland originally, where abouts are your folks?

We've been told at work that all services will be decomissioned from March 2011 - not the best news! There's a chance there will still be work but nothing set in stone. I wasnt too concerned as I'll be on Mat leave from then and thought that Mat Allowance was the same as Stat Mat Pay but someone told me the other day it is less...???? now I'm feeling concerned - anyone know the answer to this??


10/10/2010 at 14:53

Hi all,

 This is the first time I have written on here so here goes:

Mat allowance in Uk is £120ish per week and is paid fornightly or monthly if I remember correctly. I will only qualify for Mat allowance as we are having to move due to my husbands job and to qualify for SMP you need to have been with your employer for 25 or 29 weeks (can't remember exactly).

I'm also due on 23rd March. I had my 16 week check up and the Midwife found the heartbeat, it was lovely to hear it again as it seems weeks since the 12week scan.

Has anyone felt any movement yet? Apparently baby can be felt any time between now and 20 weeks.  I think I may have felt something but it was so light and only once I don't know if it was or wasn't.


10/10/2010 at 19:06

Welcome & congrats sugarplumfairy.

Thanks for your info about MA, do you happen to know if it is paid as soon as you finish working, or if it is backdated? I'm just thinking ahead.. only a few months left to save save save!

  Congrats on hearing the heartbeat. I have been feeling movement for a good few weeks now - at first I wasn't too sure but as you get to feel it more you will be certain its your baby saying hello! lol

Is everyone looking forward to their next scan? I'm nervously excited - just want everything to be ok - pregnancy is such an uncertain time! I have mine on 19th Oct when I'll be 20 wks excatly. Definitely finding out the sex - have already been obsessing over nursery furnishings on the internet lol can't wait to get shopping.

I hope everyone is well. Is anyone still feeling sick? I am on & off - it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be but I can't wait to eat something and not get a funny taste in my mouth afterwards - nothing seems to take it away!

 Anyway hope everyone & their bumps are ok 

B xx

10/10/2010 at 19:55
evening ladies,

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm still feeling lousy! Was hoping this pregnancy would be different - I'm certainly not looking forward to another 20 weeks of feeling like this

On the plus side we do have our 20 week scan tomorrow afternoon. Feeling excited and nervous about it. I've been feeling bun2 wiggling about, more so the last few days, so I guess that is reassuring. hoping to find out the babies sex, we're not very good with surprises!!!!
11/10/2010 at 09:17

Welcome sugarplumfairy and congrats x

I'm definitey feeling movement every day now - started form the day i posted wondering why I had felt movement once and nothing since - typical! It's a nice feeling.

Still feeling a bit sick off and on but absolutley nothing like the horror it was a few weeks ago! Defintiely getting some energy back and determined to get a bit of exercise now - went swimming at the weekend and going to enquire about a pregnancy yoga class I've got my eye on. Anyone doing any aqua natal or anything?

I checked online and MA is the same as SMP (except the 6 weeks at 90% of course) so that put my mind a little at rest. Apparently you cant lose your job on mat leave - although i dont know how this works if the organisation you work for is decomissioned......anyway, trying not to think about it right now. B - I think you can claim MA from the same time you could go on Mat Leave if you were working. Check the directgov website - all info there x

17 weeks today so still another 3 til scan  Feeling happier that I can feel some movement now though


12/10/2010 at 11:19


We had the 20 week scan yesterday and all is well Unfortunately the sonographer couldn't be certain of the babys sex so I guess we'll just have to wait to find out for sure! She was leaning towards girl but didn't definitely see what she needed to see to say for sure (if that makes sense!).

Hope all is well with everyone elses next scans!

12/10/2010 at 13:17

hi girls.

welcome and congrats sugarplumfairy!

hows everyone else? im glad your sicknesses are starting to ease now girls, mines gone now but if i done eat regularly then i get a bout of it.

me and georgia been poorly this week, both got coughs and colds not sure if i might have a bit of a chest infection, seeing midwife for overdue 16 week check up tomorrow so ill get her opinion before making a docs appt.

17 weeks tomorrow god its flying by this time.

glad your scan went well claire dont worry about knowing the sex you can accesorize after the baby comes!

take care all

claire xx

12/10/2010 at 13:38

hi all,

Welcome and congrats sugarplumfairy!!

I am now 15 wks (16 on fri). I have my 16 midwife apptmnt a week on thurs then my 20 wks scan on the 12th nov, so im a bit behind you all. I am in aberdeen in scotland where you dont get to find out the sex of ur baby at a normal 20wk scan, so we are gonna book a private scan to find out, with having our son it would just be easier to kno before hand. I have a box of boys clothes and a box of neutral clothes so if its a girl i will sell the box of boys stuff on ebay to get pennies for girls stuff lol.

The sickness has gone for me but i am in agony with my back at the moment! Was considering crawling around the house the other day as i was so sore.

Hope everone else is keeping well xx

12/10/2010 at 13:59


Welcome sugarplumfairy!

It's a shame they couldn't make out the sex!! Maybe thats fates way of telling you to be patient and to wait and see? I want to find out but hubby doesn't

I'm 17 weeks and 1 day today. I have my 2nd scan in 2 weeks exactly. Still feeling and being sick on the odd occassion. Bit fed up with it now really. Still....nearly halfway through already!!

Take care


12/10/2010 at 19:46

Hi All

Thanks for the welcome.

My sickness or queasiness is almost non existant but I am also suffering from a cold. The joys of a slightly lowered immune system and working with children. 

We would like to find out the sex but have decided that a surprise would be much nicer. I am 17 weeks today too but my scan is 3 weeks tomorrow. I am excited to see the baby again and see it kicking.

I felt a kick on sunday and I am sure it was definately a kick but I have been so busy since then I havent really felt much since. Im sure it will mak its self felt more and more and I will be cursing its kicking. 

Im glad you mentioned your back Tracy, mine has been giving me a little trouble too and I wondered if I would be the only one to get back ache this early on. Its not horrendous but enough to make you stop and think about what you are doing.

Has anyone got the 'second wind of energy'?? I don't think I have yet, I am still pretty tired and can sleep and sleep and sleep.

We already have a large drawer full of things that people have bought for us but are due to move in the next few weeks so haven't got any big things yet.

Has anyone else got big items yet like cots etc? 

Hope you are all keeping well. xxx

12/10/2010 at 21:16
welcome sugarplumfairy!

backache can be one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. My sis is really suffering with hers. she's about 28 weeks. I suffer now and then if I spend too much time on my feet. Make sure you put your feet up!

NO second wind of energy yet. Hoping for it to arrive at half term when I have some time off to clean/tidy/do my tax return!

This is our second (we have a 15 month old!) so have most of the big things - even sensible enough to buy an estate car last year when we upgraded from out corsa! Thought we'd need a car big enough for 2 kids and all their cr@p! Will have to buy a double buggy....really like the icandy but its not cheap! We'll also need a junior bed for our little girl!
We didn't buy an awful lot of big stuff with our first. Cot, buggy, car seat and changing table was about it. Borrowed quite a few things from friends that we wouldn't use for very long (rocking crib, moses basket, bouncy chair etc). Also got a few great bargains from our local NCT nearly new sales!
13/10/2010 at 16:37

Hi all

hope you and Georgia are feeling better now Claire

Hoping to start up a pregnancy yoga class in the next couple of weeks. I've had issues with my lower back since having Caelan and was worried how it'll cope with another far it's been ok but I want to start getting some regular exercise and strengthening in preperation for getting heavier!

Only thing we've bought is a rocking crib off Ebay. Caelan only lasted in his moses basket for 6 weeks as he was a big boy so we wanted something a little bigger this time before moving into the cot (which is a toddler bed for Caelan just now). Everything else we have from when Caelan was a baby - it's nice to to have any big lay outs!!

Appetite much better these days and I feel like I've got my 2nd wind - although I'm still loving my sleep!!

Claire P - we were the same - swapped our corsa for an estate when we had Caelan so hopefully enough room for us all now - although the car gets full to the brim already when we go camping so might need some practice on good packing techniques to fit any more stuff in!!


19/10/2010 at 16:20

Hello ladies.

I've had one of those days today. Had someone drive into the back of this morning and was quite badly jolted. I've been to the hospital and after waiting for 2 hours they gave me a quick scan to check all is ok. I saw baby's heartbeat fluttering away...and wiggling around loads so my mind is at rest now.

She said I was quite bruised internally so to take it easy. I don't need to be told twice!

Hope you are all good and looking forward to your 20 week scans!

Sam & bump xx

19 +1

19/10/2010 at 20:20

Hi all

Sam -  glad all is ok, but yeah id be making the most of it and not doing a thing

Ive got my 16 wk mw appointment on Thurs to get my bloods done aaaaagggghhh!!! I hate needles but i want to get it done so i kno if there is any problems. Ive felt a few flutters but no real kicks yet im sure that wont be long tho lol

hope everyone is well xx

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