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Due March 2011

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07/05/2011 at 15:02

I hate to say it Claire but they get even harder at 3!!! They turn into mini teengagers..answer for everything, doing the opposite of whatever you ask and basically just on a mission to push you to the limit!! Yep it's definitely a challenge with 2!! I think that's why time flies so quickly with the second child....days just fly by when you've got 2 to deal with. caelan is really pushing things at the moment and it's so hard to remain calm when you're feelng sleep deprived and you've haldf your mind focused on the baby. One of my friends told me that her 2yr old used to take the opportunity to get every sngle toy she owned out and piled up on the floor whilst she was feeding the baby, then by the time she had cleared it all up it was time to feed the baby again!! It's like they feel they have to misbehave in order to get your least that's how it feels with Caelan sometimes.

On the up side, dont you feel like you have a day off when Hattie is in nursery?? i know i feel like I'm having a break when Caelan's not around these days!!

You're lucky Charlotte is so settled at night and hopefully Hattie's teething will be's a pain when they want to get in your bed and bed hog!!

Hope Charlotte's ok with her injections. Really good to hear how you're doing


13/05/2011 at 15:22
Hi all! It has gone a little quiet on here, hasn't it.. It's those lovely babies keeping us busy!

How is Eve Laura? Eva seems to have settled back into a routine she will wake more often every now and then but it's not that bad! Had a scare this week.. Been feeling sick.. Thought number 2 may be on the way but all is ok..THANK GOD!!!!!!

Eva has jabs on tues luckily it's me, not OH taking her as he is a big girl when it comes to needles!!! Hope Charlotte's jabs went ok Claire..

Anyway hope everyone is well! I'll keep checking for more updates!

B xxxx

17/05/2011 at 10:05

OMG B....I'll bet you're relieved! So many people get caught out i the first 3 months!!

Eve and I are doing well...cept for the lack of sleep! She's driving me bonkers at night as she is so unsettled. She just wriggles and squirms and strains with her tummy all through the early hours. Her brother was just the same. Why oh why couldnt I just have one baby who would wake, eat and sleep again! Very frustrating.

She's awake a lot more in the day now and finds it hard to settle for day sleeps too, only getting a few mins out of her at a time unless 'm cuddling her or she's on the move (car seat / sling)....I'm already missing my sleepy little newborn

On the up side we're getting lots of smiles and for the most part she's content when she's awake. She was 6 weks on Sat and I think 6 weeks is the wiching week when everything reaches a peak so hopefully (and I'm crossing my fingers toes legs arms here!) she'll start to sleep better....or just get progressvely worse like Caelan did!!

How's everyone else managing daytime naps? Are folks able to just put their little ones down or are they feeding to sleep? using a dummy? or goign for walks / being rocked? I seriously forget what to be expectng at this stage!

hope Eva and your oh half were ok with the first jabs B!


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401 to 403 of 403 messages
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