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Due March 2011

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02/08/2010 at 12:39

Pamela - 1st baby - EDD 5th March 2011

Jen - 2nd baby - EDD 7th March 2011

Clairep - 2nd baby - EDD 9th March 2011

Mum2J - 2nd baby -EDD  10th March

Sam Morris- 2nd baby - EDD 12th March 2011

Little Em - 1st baby EDD 16th March 2011

Trace123 - 2nd baby - EDD 17th 2011

Islaasil - 1st baby - EDD 21st March

Laura - 2nd baby - EDD 25th March 2011

Claire123 - 2nd baby - EDD 23rd March 2011

Lorjohn - EDD?         

ClaireP has your due date changed? Im 9 weeks today and due on the 7th of March and ive got you down as the 9th? If there are any changes I have missed or anything I have got wrong let me know x

02/08/2010 at 18:19

Hi All

         Recieved my scan date today so have my 12 week scan on the 2nd September !! Pretty nervous about it as it was when i had my 12 week scan the last time that they discovered that it had stopped growing at 8 weeks so really hope its better news this time !! Have been feeling mega tired over the weekend but its hard work working full time and then coming home and entertaining a four year old but hey wouldnt have it any other way except not working if only I could afford it !!

Glad you are all well

02/08/2010 at 18:48

Had my booking appointment and bloods done, lets hpe the results are speedy!

Midwife said might not get my scan until 14 weeks because they are so busy were apparently having to send people to a hospital 30 miles away to have them not long ago. My friend had her through for 11+4 though and we are only a week and 3 days apart so hopefully wont be the case

Trace im sure it will be fine this time, I think all miscarriages happen for a reason and usally because there was something really wrong with the baby. The fact you have already had a succesful pregnancy goes to show the problem isnt with you and unlikely to happen again. So just remember not to worry this a new pregnancy and the other one has no bearing on the outcome of this one


02/08/2010 at 23:20

Thanks for the lovely warm welcome everyone

Is it normal NOT to have morning sickness?...reading through the comments, I think I'm the only one not to be experiencing morning sickness and I feel a little left out breasts are killing me tho!


03/08/2010 at 09:22

Yes  its perfectly normal Lisa!! you are considered one of the lucky ones!!

I wasnt this bad with my daughter but ever pregnancy is different so dont worry


03/08/2010 at 09:27
I didn't have any sickness at all first time round. Make the most of it!!! You lucky thing! xxx
03/08/2010 at 13:09

hi girls

lisa i didnt have any sickness with my 1st either, i had the sore boobs and bad dreams ooh and tiredness-bot no sickness-so try not to worry!

hows everyone elses sickness im still getting it usually morning and evening but today hasnt really gone away.

hopefully it will go away soon

have a good day

claire xxx

03/08/2010 at 13:43

Bleurgh - you're lucky Lisa! This constant nausea sucks big time!

Jen - the pain is very low down, just on the lhs of my womb. I did have slight psd last time so maybe it's something to do with that...? It's not getting any worse though, so that's a good sign!

I'm finding this part of pregnancy a drag. Feeling rough all the time, but hardly anyone knows why and it seems so long away til 12 week scan. I swear I'm starting to show a little already tho!!! Clothes are definitely tighter. I know this cant be possible just yet but it's def how I feel and FIL seemed shocked when he saw me the other day and said 'are you sure you're not further along than 6 wks'! Thanks for that!!

I know how you're feeling Trace, I just want to sleep after work but have a 21/2yr old to entertain instead! One thing I've noticed in this pg is I'm super sensitive to noise....anyone else got that? It doesnt work well with a 21/2yr old around I can tell you

 Anyway I must stop moaning!

hope you're all having a good day    xxxx

03/08/2010 at 15:49
Laura, I've been getting really low groin and inner thigh pain as well. It's really uncomfortable. I've got a 2 1/2 yr old as well and I'm with you on the noise thing! I just want to lay in bed all dy if I'm honest. How lazy of me! xx
03/08/2010 at 19:56

It may well just be spd or normal stratching pains. Your uterus has already grown a fair bit since getting pregnant so likely to be one of those. I get the odd twangs too.

Im feeling a little better atm as long as I eat which is something i really dont want to do but force myself when I can. I have lost 6lb so far which im quite pleased about never did quite get back to normal after having my little girl!

I think im starting to get a bit rounder lol, think its normal just hormones and something to do with your bowel. Especially with second time mums, im expecting to blow out with this pregnancy.


03/08/2010 at 20:34

Jen, Sam ,Claire & Laura...thank you ladies for putting my mind at rest I guess I'll just enjoy the lack of morning sickness ..Claire - i have had some WEIRD dreams lately too!

I keep checking the mail box everyday for the date of my first scan to arrive...I'm going away on holiday in 3 weeks on Friday with friends & family (who don't know yet!) and I was hoping to have the scan just before we go so we can tell them but I'll only be about 10-11 weeks, so I may have to wait til i get back poo!

03/08/2010 at 21:30
It's a bugger not being able to tell anyone! My friend has just told me she is expecting identical twins! How exciting x
04/08/2010 at 08:27

Hello all!

 Got back from my hol, went to see my parents who live in Finland and got to tell them the good news, it was amazing, I new theyd be happy but didnt expect how happy. Its a lovely feeling having that extra support.

Saw the mw yesterday and really looking forward to my scan now, only couple of weeks...Turns out my dd is actually 28th of feb but  I shall stay on here as we all know its going to be later...

Nice to be back

04/08/2010 at 13:07

Welcome home! It's lovely when everyone is really happy for you isnt it? You never know, you might be early Lillte.

I saw my MW for my booking in appointment today. I've got my scan on 31st quite a way a way but something to look forward to. Got to have my bloods done as soon as possible, so I'll go and get them done tomorrow.


04/08/2010 at 18:29

Hi Everyone, this is my 1st post here... its very exciting!!

 Im due my 1st baby on 7th March, it hasnt been a very pleasant experience so far!.  Been in hospital twice with hyperemesis, just hoping that itl pass round week 12-16 although Drs have told me it can last whole pregnancy.  Had my 10 week scan yesterday and all was going well! Its amazing to see how quick baby is growing (iv so far had 5 scans with being in hosp).

Congratulations to you all and hope all is going well x

04/08/2010 at 19:48

LillteEm - 1st baby EDD 28th Feb 2011

Pamela - 1st baby - EDD 5th March 2011

Wendylt - 1st baby - EDD 7th March 2011

Jen - 2nd baby - EDD 7th March 2011

Clairep - 2nd baby - EDD 9th March 2011

Mum2J - 2nd baby -EDD  10th March

Sam Morris- 2nd baby - EDD 12th March 2011

Trace123 - 2nd baby - EDD 17th March 2011

Islaasil - 1st baby - EDD 21st March

Laura - 2nd baby - EDD 25th March 2011

Claire123 - 2nd baby - EDD 23rd March 2011

Lorjohn - EDD?         

05/08/2010 at 10:08

Welcome Wendy!

Sorry to hear about your trouble, it must have been awful. At least you've seen your baby lots of times! Hopefully it goes away in a few weeks and doesn't last the whole pregnancy


05/08/2010 at 10:32

Hi all,

anyone having their second feeling any quickening? Im sure I can feel baby moving about and its very low so pretty sure its not wind! I could just be going mad haha, typed  it in on google and there seems to be a lot of women saying they could feel baby at 9 weeks after first pregnancy.

I have a migraine today so not amused lol and feeling a bit sick because i havent eaten yet but there is nothing I want atm!

Wendy I feel for you, its bad enough just the usual sickness but to not be able to eat or drink anything and keep it down and feel sick 24/7 that must be awful!!


05/08/2010 at 13:11


welcome wendy

i also feel for you, and i hope you get past the hyperemesis soon!!

jen i havent felt anything yet but im only 7 weeks.

hows everyone else today??

my sickness feels much better today, just knackered!

love claire xxx

05/08/2010 at 13:36

Thanks for the messages girls.  I know its been nice to see so many scans, but it has made me a bit paranoid now, coz I been used to getting 1 a week and now wont get another 1 until 20 weeks im scared lol... sounds so silly!

wasnt feeling as bad this morning and thought id really love a sausage roll, my sister had collected me and we went to local shop, but smell of food cooking in shop set me off, was awful lol - it was like slow motion gettin my change, and my poor sister didnt have a very pleasant journey home in car lol.

Its great to hear other peoples stories, with being a 1st baby I never know whats normal.


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