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Due March 2011

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13/07/2010 at 15:39

Hi all,

Started a forum under pregnanacy and thought i would ut one here aswell!!

Im 6 weeks tomorrow and due on the 9th of march 2011. This will be my second baby.

Any other mums to be in march 2011 about?


19/07/2010 at 16:24


 Expecting my first in march as well, so exited!

I'm 7 weeks and been rather lucky with symptoms apart from one night in hospital due to bleeding and pains, luckily baby is fine.

 x x

19/07/2010 at 16:36

Hi Em,

I have also had bleeding and an early scan but so far so good, have a scan booked in friday but have had no blood now for about 3 weeks so not too worried. They said at my last scan it was probably implantation bleeding.

When is your due date?

I have had "morning sickness" for the past 2 weeks on and off and have started feeling very tired. Also needing to pee a lot more often.

Glad everything is ok for you also


19/07/2010 at 23:45

hey all just wanna say congratulations to you all i had my baby in march and is now 4 months old good luck with the next 9 months and hope it all goes well for you lovely ladies

cant believe its been over a year now since i got my BFP

20/07/2010 at 09:58

Hi  Jen,

I should be due 16th of March but obviously will get it confimed at my scan.

Ive been lucky ms wise, so far only a few quesy moments so hopefully that'll be it.

I'm also going on hol thur but should be fine to fly and its only a short flight. Untill then Im just restin under doctors orders, though im not very good at it, I like to be active but anything to keep my baby safe 

            x x

20/07/2010 at 16:00

Are you sure you are 7 weeks?

Im 7 weeks tomorrow and due on the 9th according to dates of March, got a second scan friday just as a precaution but all seems fine. 

Got plenty of symptoms so hopefully thats a good sign

Where are you off?


20/07/2010 at 16:21

hi girls hope you dont mind me joining in with you i found out i was pg today with my second child my first was born in dec 2009 (she's 7 months now) im also on the dec 09 mummies and babies thread.early days for me but hopefully everything will go okay for all of us!!good luck with the early scans those of you who have them i got one last time (due to a miscarriage before) but doubt ill get one this time.

better go feeding to do!!

claire xxxx

ps keep posting everyone!!xx

20/07/2010 at 16:39

Hi Claire,

When are you due? I had my little girl january 2009 shes now 18 months. 

Feel like ive known im pregnant for ages already lol found out on the 27th of june 4 days before my period was due after trying about a year so really didint expect it but very happy

I ve had one early scan already at 5+2  and everything was as it should be but was to early to see a heartbeat so thats what the second scan is for on friday. Feeling positive though as havent had any problems for 3 weeks now


20/07/2010 at 16:46

hi there jen,

i think im due 16th march hadnt been writing down periods or anything as we werent really trying so thats about when i think!! hope everything goes ok with your second scan xxx

22/07/2010 at 20:02

Well looks like this is going to be a very quiet thread!!

Off for my scan in the morning hopefully its good news, can't see any reason for it not to be but you never know. Fingers crossed.

Hope everyones well x

22/07/2010 at 20:39

good luck with that jen let us know how it goes hun!! it is quiet im sure there will be more positive pg tests soon and more people joining us

i still am in a state of shock i have no symptoms except for 4 positive pg tests and a bit tired in the afternoon but i put that down to early mornings

little em are you still with us??

take care everyone xx

23/07/2010 at 15:57


Think I must've been posting on the other thread and cant find it now!

Just found out I'm preganant with my 2nd! Due end of March. i have a little boy who was born April 08 - could well have 2 April babies onmy hands - hopefullly not on the same date!!


23/07/2010 at 16:18

Hi all,

welcome to the due march thread Laura and congratulations!!

Had my scan today, didnt have a very full bladder but luckily they got to see enough lolAll good saw the babies heartbeat and they have put my dates forward 2 days atm so nothing major!! Now due on the 7th of March.

Also had a phonecall from the midwife and got my booking appointment on the 1tth of august will be 10+2 then so bit late but midwife is on holiday the week before and shes fully booked up until then so will prob be late having my 12 week scan but at least i know all is ok so far.


23/07/2010 at 17:18

welcome laura

good news jen that all is as it should be!

ive got a book in appt with my midwife next week ill be 6 weeks had high bp last time so thought id get in early as ive also got an underactive thyroid which needs keeping an eye on when pg!

nothing to report here no real symptoms yet but im sure there will be

take care all

claire xxx

23/07/2010 at 19:52

Lucky you, Im so exhausted atm and feel sick every day. Usually have to skip breakfast and struggle to have an evening meal too.

My little girl will be sleeping with her cot bars down on her cot bed tonight so really anxious lol shes been up in her room for the last half hour and all I can hear is her talking away and banging about loads.

I missed my midwifes phonecall so mine probably would have been next week but I phoned her back the next day so she would have gone through her list and booked everyone in so probably why im last. I have the same midwife who delivered my daughter but not sure she remembers me yet, im sure she will though as I was sick the whole time every 10 mins and she felt so sorry for me! Even through the pushing stage!!! and for about 4 hours after!!


24/07/2010 at 10:26

h my god you poor thing sounds horrible! my midwife is just the community one so she only works in delivery once in a blue moon so doubt ill get her and the midwives who delivered georgia were brill id love it if i had them again!!

catch up later xx

26/07/2010 at 09:32

Hi Jen, Claire and Little Em, I'd been following the other thread but will switch to this one now!

Glad your scan went well Jen .

Claire - i cant belive you have a 7month old! You're very brave having another so close! I'm still a little anxious about how I'll cope with 2 and they'll have a 3 year age gap!

How old is Carla May, Jen?

I'm exhausted in work today - up most of the night with my little boy and feeling hot and bothered and uncomfortable in my tummy so not sleeping well even when I get the chance! Just got low-level nausea so far and hoping it doesent get worse - i had to have a couple of weeks off work last time with horrible ms and tiredness! Keep telling myself this pregnancy will be easier!

Have you shared your news with anyone yet? So far we've only told our parents and brothers/sisters but this morning my mum was asking if she can spread the news! trying to make her hold off a little longer yet, although I think I might have to tell my manager soon as I'm meant to be getting a HepB Booster - I'd been asked to set up a new service at work (I work for a drug and alcohol service, supporting people in recovery) doing hepatitis testing. It's a fantastic opportunity but I'm going to have to say i cant do it as I dont want to have the Hep vaccine whilst preganant. Really not looking forward to letting my manager know!

Laura x

26/07/2010 at 10:41

hi all

good luck with your manager laura, i haven't even been back from mat leave yet, im due back 2 weeks today and i work for a small firm and i know my boss will be gutted as i wont be able to commit to the hours im going to do when i return after ive had number 2! well life is more than work!

we have only told our parents and brothers and sisters like you laura, we'll wait till ive had all the tests for downs etc before we tell anyone else. as i do worry about all that stuff as im 36 this year.

still symptoms not too bad was teary yesterday and tired, think the 2 go hand in hand really!

how are you jen and littleem??

georgia sleeping now after a long walk in the pram. not looking forward to a double i have to sayand altho this baby wasnt really planned its very much wanted and its a very strange feeling of guilt i think-will i cope and will there be enough of me for both of them. my georgia has been such a wonderful baby i hope the next one is too! most people say if your 1st is brill your second will be a nightmare-HOPE NOT!

have a good day all- keep posting!

claire xxx

26/07/2010 at 12:00

Hi all having trouble posting just seeing if this works as lost my last long post lol x

26/07/2010 at 12:13

 finally!! Kept coming up with error when i clicked submit!

Carla is 18 months old will be just over 2 when new baby arrives!

Laura try not to worry too much about your manager im sure they will understand. If you do have trouble though remember you have rights as a pregnant woman so they have to treat you fairly.

I have told 2 close friends my mum and hubbys mum. Waiting till my 12 week scan to tell everyone else.

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