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Due May 2011

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22/04/2011 at 06:45

Morning Girls,

Well, my midwife appointment ended up being quite eventful afterall!  Saw my midwife and bp was raised, she got to see the swelling in my hands at its worst, swelling in my face and had protein in my urine.  She listened into baby but it took her ages to find hb... i was getting more and more distressed, it was because baby was completely on the other side to where he/she is.  So she phoned the maternity ward at the hospital and they said to go up for tests, this was at 2.30, had to wait for my sister to arrive to look after dd, then we went up to hospital.

Had the baby hb monitored for 45 mins on the baby ecg machine, baby hb was over 170 to start with but settled to 150's after half an hour. Urine still showing protein, and they took bloods which came back clear... They were going to keep me in, but I told midwife how much i hate hospitals and she said dr would make decision... thankfully she said i could go home, but have to go back in on saturday for another ecg on baby and then tuesday for a scan to check waters and baby size.

Finally got home at 7pm and was in bed for 10pm... was so shattered.  Slept on and off and finally got up at 5am....the best thing about yesterday was that i met a really lovely midwife who sat and talked through my concerns and she was great, i think that has helped so much with my anxiety levels, i really hope she is on duty when i go in to have this baby.

Sorry Girls... this has been a very me me me post.... how is everyone else????

Victoria 37+5 x

22/04/2011 at 08:03
Morning all,

Victoria I hope you have recovered from your eventful afternoon, at least they are keeping a close eye on you and baby, and it's nice you met a lovely midwife.

Claire I think cos the consultant I see is a renal specialist he sees this kind of thing fairly often, the general consultant I saw was much more worried and said he only sees this once every 2 yrs, he really panicked me so it is nice that the ones in Brum are more laid back and they are all really lovely in the fetal medicine department, they are going to arrange for me to see round the neonatal bit and meet the paediatritions that work there next time we go in.

Can't remember anything else as page has turned! Off to Clarkes this morning to pick up Freya's new shoes and try again to get her some sandals, wish me luck, lol! I ordered some from mothercare but have had a nightmare with the stupid parcel company who keep trying to deliver in the am when I am at work despite me ringing sevral times to say there is no point coming before 1pm, grrrr, stupid people, I got really cross yesterday and shouted at a lady on the phone and sent a shitty e mail, don't piss off the pregnant lady! Then this afternoon off to a friends for Freya to play with her little boy and she has some baby boy clothes she wants to get rid of too.

It looks like another gorgeous day here, I love it, hope this isn't it for summer! Have a lovely easter everyone, oh working today but off the rest of the long weekend, don't think we're doing anything exciting though!

Gem 34+4 xxx
22/04/2011 at 16:13

Victoria glad you've got a good MW, i'd have been terrified but it sounds like you were well looked after. My faith is being restored in the NHS.

Well i've had an eventful morning and feel like a fool. Decided to walk tothe super market (just under a mile away) not a problem was just walking slowly enjoying the sunshine. Got my shopping in my basket but forgot something and put the basket down to pop back. Anyway bent to pick up my basket and pop. Hmm not very comfy wet knickers. Went and paid for my shopping and nipped to the loo and yes very wet pants, colourless odourless so naturally thought oh dear. Phone birth centre who said put on a towel and wait an hour as i wasn't sure if it ws my waters. Phoned OH as i'd promised if ANYTHING happened and then walked home again.

Anyway, towel still dry 3 hours on. Getting period pains and back ache every so often but other than that nothing. This is not what happens in the films. Have carried on doing what i'd planned today and OH is still at work as nothing is happening. Have been sat there thinking maybe the basket was too heavy and I wet myself a bit but i'm so sure it wasn't. Or maybe it was just some discharge and knickers were sweaty? tmi. Oh I don't know. I am rubbish at this.

Gem delivery men drive me mad, OH ordered loads of stuff for his birthday and it all arrived with different delivery services. drove me mad going and collecting them.

Please someone suggest what might be going on-i'm so confused.

Kathy 39 today x

22/04/2011 at 18:13

Hi Kathy,

God you are brave walking all that way and with shopping too at 39wks!!  Anyway, you described it as a 'pop' which is exactly how mine felt when they broke when i was pregnant with dd.  It wouldnt have felt like that if it had been a bit of wee...  as for the amount, well for some its a gush and for others its a bit of a trickle, i was told the way to tell is that if its urine, you can stop yourself...waters will keep trickling or running.

Also if it was your waters, you could have a dry towel 3 hours later, depends how active you have been, as i remember everytime i changed position or walked a bit more water would leak, when i was inactive, nothing else leaked.  Keep and eye on it as you are supposed to be delivered with 48 hours of your waters breaking if you dont go into labour naturally, incase of infection, the water protects your baby and once the waters break it means your baby could be open to infection .. i had to be induced as my labour didnt start on its own, but they also gave me antibiotics via a drip to prevent any risk of infection to baby.... if you are not 100% sure, its worth attending your local maternity unit to be examined where they can tell if your waters broke or not, best not to take the risk, they wont be able to tell over the phone, so dont let them fob you off!

Gem, enjoy your day, we are off to sil's tonight for dd to play with her two cousins, perhaps it will wear her out after a day of playing in the pool and on the trampoline, i hope im in for a nice long lie-in tomorrow  (fat chance!!

Victoria 37+5 x


22/04/2011 at 20:24
Kathy if in doubt i'd phone the delivery suite and chat to someone, it would be better to go in and get checked and be told it's nothing than leave it because as Victoria says once they have gone if labour doesn't start on it's own in 24/48 hrs they will induce you due to risk of infection. sometimes your hind waters (behind the baby) can go but the position of the baby with it's head down on your cervix can 'plug' the hole so to speak! everyone is different, when mine went it was like niagra falls and a massive gush shot out everywhere but other people's just trickle. good luck and keep us posted!
23/04/2011 at 09:49

Well phoned the birth centre again last night, they said if there's not been anything else it sounds like alot of discharge. Feel like a wally but never mind. Loads of creamy stuff this morning(tmi sorry) and baby feels so low i'm sure it will just fall out (if only it was that easy). Baby is still moving about lots but its very uncomfortable when it does.

Going out with my friend and her 5 month old today must keep busy or i'll lose my mind. Will keep you posted if anything exciting happens.

Enjoy the weather.

Kathy 39+1 come on little one.

23/04/2011 at 18:14

Hi Girls,

Sorry to hear it may have been a false alarm Kathy... although the discharge is a good sign that the baby is on it's way.

Had hospital this morning for another trace on baby, baby was fine and happy, but when trace had finished midwife asked me if i had been feeling 'anything', i said i'd been having some tightenings and bachache this morning, then she showed me the print out and you could clearly see contractions....she said it could be a sign of very early labour and that i might be having the baby tonight / tomorrow....oooh hope so!  Been feeling okay today but then at about 4.30, started getting lots of pressure again and uncomfortable tightenings, has eased off again but feel like my waters are bulging down ther birth canal!.... i have said to hubby its probably just braxtons, but am quite uncomfortable and feel very sick.  No show or waters leaking so will just have to wait and see....

Im back at the hospital for a scan on tuesday if baby doesnt arrive before, they want to check water level around baby.

I really hope this is a good sign and that baby is on the way .

Hope you are all well.

Victoria 37+6 x

23/04/2011 at 20:00
Gosh, all exciting on here with lots on immanent babies! It feels like I have ages to wait and mine isn't even going to term!

Hope you've all been enjoying the weather, I'm loving it! Was at work this morning, another mare had a foal last night, she was 3 weeks late and it is huge! Also saw a friends dogs puppies, very cute. I seem to be surrounded by babies of the animal variety at the moment! the n came home and got the paddling pool out and dd and I had a picnic lunch in the garden and had lots of fun. Then at about 6 pm there was a big thunderstorm, very unexpected!

Not got anything exciting on tomorrow, oh is going to put up the curtains in the nursery, just waiting for the blind to be delivered and I think we're all done. I should really think about packing a bag, haven't done anything about that yet apart from write a list of stuff to buy. Not sure how much to take, considering we may be there for a while but don't want to look like I'm moving in! I can always send oh home for more stuff I suppose.

Happy Easter everyone, I wonder if there will be any easter babies??!!

Gem 34+5 xxx
24/04/2011 at 11:38

Morning girls, happy Easter Sunday!

Gem, sounds like you had a nice afternoon yesterday.  We did a very similar thing, went to my mom and dads and my brother and sisters and all their children were there, so pool came out and fun was had by all! 

Hubby is in the loft trying to find the baby seat cradle for the know the auto-base, it just makes things so much easier.

Collected all the baby things from my mom's yeserday, the moses basket, all baby clothes and blankets washed and ironed...i love my mom!  Plus she has knitted about 10 cardigans and a beautiful crochet blanket, im taking it into hospital with me to bring baby home in... such a beautiful thing.

Offered my dd an easter egg (one of many she has been given) this morning and she said 'no thank you mommy, can i have an ice lolly'.... never imagined that  So might have to help her eat one of them...although i think dh took pity on me last night as i said i never get one and he presented me with a creme egg one this  YAY!

I slept relatively well last night, and a few twinges this morning but nothing else...think the contractions on the monitor must have been braxtons...booooo!  Im still hoping that labour will start today.

OOohhh!  Forgot to say... midwife told me yesterday that apparently there is a national shortage of pillows in hospitals, so advised me to take at least one in with me... i know you are coming into brum too Gem so it might be adviseable for you too!!

Right, better be easter egg is calling .

Victoria 38 wks!!!! x

26/04/2011 at 00:15
hi everyone, sorry i feel soooo way behind!

Parenthood is hectic so im finding out. but im feeling so much better today totally new me!
Im driving again which is brill, i love my independence and even ventured out to primark for half an hour go me lol!! got a few more newborn clothes and the cutest swimming costume.

aww Kathy hun birth plans are lovely but dont be hung up on it, we went through ours a few days ago and laughed the only things that went to plan were that I held Phoebe first and that baz was with me if i had a c section and i was to be awake lol everything else went to pot apart from that the outcome was our gorgeous healthy content bundle of joy Phoebe.

I hope it all happens for you soon Kathy

victoria i didnt tell the midwives i was holding her whilst sleeping and as they were monitoring me every hour it wasnt for long at a time anyway and they woke me up everytime they opened the door!
glad ur feeling less anxious relax and enjoy the rest of preg and my dogs clingy with me now and was so glad to see me home when phoebe cries she wants to know whats wrong its funny bless her.

claire so much for u telling me to be careful you need to be girlie! no hoovering!! x

victoria reply to your next post about the hosp - you have every right to be me me me, it is scary and horrible when your results are all over the place and they want to keep you in, been there done that if u want to talk add me on fb or email me and i can give u my number or whatever xxx

Gem i think you are so brave keep up the positivity!

Kathy as for your supermarket - it couldve been your show, i had mine couple of wks b4 my labour.

i'll try and keep up now coz sort of in a routine now woop! and actually get some me time.
Girls i reccommend if you havent got a nappy disposal bin get one! they r half price at mothercare atm! also asda have a baby event on at the min.

speak to you all soon

ps I LOVE BEING A MUMMY!! phoebe is feeding 4 hourly thorough the night.

she is 2 weeks old 2moro I'll post some more pics in a min xx

Jenny, Barry and Phoebe xxxxxxxx
26/04/2011 at 00:30

pics as promised tried to uploads lots more but they too big. please add me on fb to see more

forgot to add my big news lol apart from Phoebe lol!

We are getting married in 3 months and then having Phoebe christened once we all have the same surname

 right going to bed phoebes's next feed in 1 and half hrs lol

night xx

26/04/2011 at 12:25

Congrats Jenny!!  How lovely, new baby and a wedding x x x   Pics are gorgeous!!! Will add u to facebook as soon as i can.

Short one from me (for a change)  I think things are starting!!!   been awake niggly and uncomfortable since 1.30am... serious back pain and tightenings from 6am, pain eased a little for a few hours, but back ache is back now.  I am at the maternity assessment unit today for a scan on waters so they will check me then.

Will try and keep you updated

Victoria 38+2 x

26/04/2011 at 21:25
Hi all,

Jenny glad you're enjoying being a mummy, and congrats on the wedding too.

Victoria sounds promising, hope scan went ok, anything exciting happening?!

I'm on my last week at work, thank god, it is killing me! Last day Thursday, yay! Feeling a bit like a beached whale now!

i'm just watching a programme on bbc about multiples, there is a family with quads, I'm so glad I only have to worry about one at a time! and a family with 5 yr old twins and 4 yr old triplets, can you imagine the chaos!

Kathy, how are you doing?

Claire hope you're ok too?

Gem 35+1 xxx
27/04/2011 at 11:18

Morning everyone.

Congratulations on the wedding Jenny, something else for you to look forward too. There are some lovely little girl dresses about for Phoebe too.

Victoria hope it was it for you i'm so tired of waiting.

Gem only 2 days left to work enjoy it, i'm beginnig to get cabin fever already. 2 and a half weeks off.

Well my update, had a REAL show yesterday. A great big bloody/snotty show tmi. Went to the hospital as they told me too as it was mostly blood. Wasn't really worried baby still moving around lots, thought it was just a show and yeah it was. MW checked me over everything fine, sent me home to rest and predicted baby will be here in a couple of days. Hmm we'll see. Had contractions all day untill i had a snooze and then they stopped. Baby is now 1/5 engaged and as this was a nice midwife I got her to explain it and it works the opposite way round to what I thought.

Gem I managed to miss that programme, i've watched some of the others. I used to nanny for twins and loved it but more than that ooo too much like hard work.

Ah one last thing. All of you that have had SPD you really are amazing for keeping going, i'm not going to pretend I understand the pain but my hips are killing and crack and grind when I move, this is all very new, how on earth have you carried on for weeks with pain that is probably considerably worse than this? Heroes!!

Anyway off to relax and let OH do all the jobs!

Kathy 39+5

28/04/2011 at 09:22

Hi girls

Kathy and Victoria any sign of babies????

Jenny congrats on setting a date for the wedding thats lovely news

I have my consultant appointment at 3pm, hopefully will find out if this madam is still engaged and if my waters are intact as I keep leaking (probably my useless bladder though) still haven't decided if an elective section is the way to go or to wait for my natural birth, will see what she says, hopefully my cervix is favourable enough for a sweep

Hope you are all well

Claire 38 weeks today xxx

28/04/2011 at 21:41
Hi all,

Claire how did you get on today?

Any more babies Victoria, Kathy?!

I finished work today, yay! Not without it's drama as I couldn't get in my car this morning the central locking wouldn't let me in at all! Just over 3 weeks to go now till baby. Want to spend some time doing nice things with dd, who is rather hard work at the moment to be honest!
I really need to sort out packing my bag, must go shopping next week! We have a black tie do to go to tomorrow, got myself a really nice dress on e bay, £13, bargain! I had 2 I thought I could wear be my boobs have grown so much this time that the dresses won't do up round them, lol! Not sure how i'm going to cope though, I may need to take a pillow to put behind my back, it's the rugby club end of season dinner and the speeches tend to go on a bit.

Was getting a bit worried as bubba seems to have been alseep all day but just sat down with a cold glass of fizzy water and now he is going mad!

Watching the gypsy wedding thing, omg the dress is huge!!!

Hope you are all doing ok.

Gem 35+3 xxx
29/04/2011 at 13:42

Afternoon everyone. Still no baby.

Booked my 41 week appointment yesterday. All ready for next Fridya now. Everything is still fine with baby and it is only due today. Must keep reminding myself that.

Really not sleeping well now as my right hip hurts no matter how I lay, how did you get through spd for weeks? I don't know what i'd hav edone with myself.

Been watching the wedding all morning, she's so slim! Been sugesting to OH we get married, maybe one day.

ANyway i'm just going on.

Kathy due today!!!!!

29/04/2011 at 14:34

my spd disappeared in the last couple of weeks leading up to birth you are fab for getting through it til the end

as for the wedding we are hoping for the 6th august. I am now hunting for a dress!! and rings we like, and flowers arrrgh theres so much to do!!!!!!

 Can't believe it but I've lost 1 stone 12 lbs in a week, my swelling is almost completely gone! I'm so happy!!

ooh victoria, kathy you're next how exciting!

how u getting on gem? x

claire hang in there, it won't be long and at least u have a date now hun x

phoebe slept 6hrs 40 mins last night woooop she is soooo good

she had her first sit on my horse today at 2wks and 3days lol im so jealous as i cant ride yet! she's so good at the stables and "Puzzle" my horse was soo good and gentle with her

Phoebe's first sit on Puzzle

Mummy and Phoebe = Cuddles with Puzzle

No stronger bond than mother and child

how cute does she look in this pic - she'll grow into the saddle lol!

 speak to you all soon xxxxxx Take care


01/05/2011 at 08:21
Hi all,

Nice pics Jenny.

Kathy hope something happens soon. Have the annoying phone calls started yet?! My dd was 10 days late and I got so annoyed with the 'anything happening?' calls and texts! Do people really think you'll have the baby and not tell anyone, although it was tempting!

Very quiet from Victoria, do we have another baby???!!!

I am knackered this morning, as very abrubptly woken by Freya when I was in a really deep sleep and feel really 'blaaaahh' now, ugh. Nice day though, might take her swimming in a bit. Went out to a black tie do Fri night which was good fun, probably the last chance to go out too, was knackered by the end though.

Got Birmingham again this week and oh can't come as work is too busy for him to have the time off with all the bank hols etc, not looking forward to the drive, being in the car is so uncomfy, plus I have to go to Wales on Tuesday so sort my other horse out who now has a home too, yay! at least I don't have to worry about either of them for a bit, hopefully anyway!

Claire, how are you doing?

I see from being nosey on one of the other threads that Julz who started this one has had a baby girl, congrats if you're reading!

Gem 35+6 xxx
01/05/2011 at 10:35

Morning girls

I posted after I went to the consultant and its gone!

Baby NOWHERE near ready to come, my cervix is high up and far back, there is more water in my belly than they would expect at 6 months pregnant never mind 9 months so she is VERY comfy in there and going nowhere soon! Anyway, I have been booked in for a section on 10th May which is 2 days before my due date so at least I won't have the misery of going overdue! Really hoping for some miracle before then though so I can experience going into labour, doubtful though as she is so comfy!

Congratulations Julz, hopefully you will pop on to let us know how everything went x

Victoria you ok????

Kathy, hope something happens for you soon and people arent bugging you too much!

Jenny, fab pics as always read on facebook she is rolling over already at 2 weeks old wow never EVER heard of that before sounds like you have a little genius on your hands lol!

Bye for now everyone

xx claire 38 + 3 xx 9 DAYS TIL BABY AT THE MOST woohooo!

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