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Due May 2011

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19/05/2011 at 12:23

Hi everyone,

Not been on here for ages, sorry Gem wrong mummy at the consultant. Can't even blame baby brain anymore!

Well still loving being a mummy but a tired one now. Rosie sleeps ok, wakes every 3 hours to feed but we went home (nottingham) to meet the family and she's been a bit fussy since then.

She put all her weight back on so must be eating well. My external stitches have healed but internal ones have got infected so on antibiotics to sort that but otherwise all mended.

Oh is still off work till next Wednesday so havig some  lovely family time.

Must go. 3 hours is up!!

Hope everyone else is well.

Kathy and Rosie. xx

19/05/2011 at 13:11
Hi all,

Kathy I still blamed baby brain for forgetting stuff right up till I got pregnant this time, I think it's a valid excuse, lol! Glad your stitches are feeling better and Rosie is doing well.

Well, baby is 3/5 engaged, someone needs to tell it that it is not necessary as I am in so much pain, I feel like my pelvis is about to split in two and each time it moves it's head the pressure is horrible and the pain makes me gasp, I think oh was getting bit worried the other night as I was moaning and groaning. I didn't think second babies engaged till labour, Freya didn't engage this early, he'd better not be thinking about making an appearence before monday!

Hi victoria, can't remember what you said as page has turned, arrgghh!
Claire and Jenny hope you are both ok.

I have a toddler with a temperature, I wondered why she was so whingy earlier, oooops! She was tucked up on the sofa but I think the calpol has kicked in now as she is eating marmite on toast and wriggling again, she can never normally sit still!

Off for pre op appt tomorrow then out for a meal in the evening as it is our anniversary. Still need to re pack bag, I keep going and looking at it but not doing it! Got all the old baby toys out the loft and dettoled them all yesterday with Freya's 'help'!

Hope everyone is ok

Gem 38+3 4 more sleeps to go, aarrgghh! xxx
20/05/2011 at 13:18

Hi Girls,

Kathy, Grace is exactly the same feeds every 3 hours except for the feed at about 3am, when she tends to sleep for about 4 hours. 

Gem, not long to go now, i bet Freya is getting excited, have you told her that her baby brother is coming next week?

Well girls, its the worst news, my sister has been diagnosed with cancer again, this time on her brain.  I have been in a daze the last few days and have cried alot, not that it is helping her.  She is strong and said she will fight it with everything she has got, she gets married in 12 weeks and is trying to concentrate on that.  I really dont know how she is holding it together as well as she is.  I am so angry, she has been through so much, she never gets a break.  I love her so much, I dont want to loose her.  My parents have been distraught as are my brother and sister.  We havent been told how long she has got left....i just hope its not going to be anytime soon, she has so much to live for, most of all her two beautiful daughters, her youngest being only 5.  Its just breaking my heart in two.

I think i'd better go, before i start welling up again.

Love to you all.

Victoria x

20/05/2011 at 16:51
Victoria that is devastating news hun, I'm really sorry, don't know what else to say hun

Been for pre op, took bloods and mrsa swab,been prescribed antacids to take before, seen anaesthatist, have to be there at 7.30am on mon, so need to leave home at 6am, omg! Also nil by mouth from 2.30am and I really don;t cope well with not eating I pass out really easily when my blood sugar drops! I might have to have a midnight snack!

I have told Freya she will meet her baby brother next week but she just keeps saying mummy he is still in your tummy!

Those of you who had c sections did you have staples or stitches? ALso is the catheter really uncomfy? I am dreading that bit! My oh was reading the list they gave me of what to bring and it says allow 10 maternity pads per day and he was like 'what!!!!' I don't think men realise how unpleasant the after bit is! He didn't think I would bleed at all after the section, I had to give him a biology lesson, lol! Victoria, you've had both types of birth, how does the bleeding compare?

Hope everyone else is doing ok?

It's our 5th anniversary today so off out for dinner tonight, thinking of it as the 'last supper, lol!

Gem 38+4 3 sleeps to go! xxx
20/05/2011 at 22:14

Thanks Gem, there really are no words.  Im going to cherish the time we have left whether it be 5 weeks or 5 years.  She is at the QE now and being looked after while they start her treatment.

I was stitched Gem after the section, apparently its only down to the surgeons preference.  I was suprised but they take them out on day 5!!!  Felt a bit soon to me.

The bleeding was far heavier with the section than with the natural birth.  Without being too graphic, but i thought I was haemoraging (sp??) when i stood up the day after my section because of the amount of blood and clots that came out, but the midwife who was with me reassured me and said it was completely normal following a section to have that amount of blood loss.  I think you must push lots of it out yourself with a natural birth, of course with a section they just lift out the baby and placenta and the rest your body disposes of on its own.  I have also bled for longer after the birth, Grace is 3 weeks old tomorrow and i'm still bleeding, midwife said this is completely normal.  I was going through 3 pads per day in hospital but more when i came home because your on your feet.

Midwife discharged me and Grace today, i have no post-natal depression signs, so it was just baby blues, which have now completely gone.  Gem - expect to feel a bit down, because sections are more prone to make you feel this way. 

I am thinking of getting the contraception implant ... apparently lasts for 3 years and does not affect fertility if you decide to reverse it. Not that i am thinking of having

Grace now weighs 11lb 1oz, so is doing really well, but our moses basket isnt going to fit her for much longer at this rate.  She is now on size 2 in pampers...growing up already!!!!

Right better be off, got to start thinking about bedtime.  Have a good dinner / night out.

Victoria x

21/05/2011 at 07:56
Thanks Victoria, I bled for abut 5 or 6 weeks after Freya's birth, I hope it's not going to be longer than that, I was so fed up of it by then! I meant to ask about the stitching thing while we were at the hospital but forgot, I should have taken a list of questions, I kept thinking of other things I wanted to know on the way home!

I am thinking of a coil for after this one, has any one had one before?

Glad Grace is doing well, we didn't bother with a basket for that reason, lol!

Meal was really good, got given a free bottle of bubbly to wet the baby's head with as we know the chap that runs the pub!

How is everyone else doing?

Gem, 2 more sleeps to go!

23/05/2011 at 11:32
Gem, thinking of you today x
23/05/2011 at 13:04

Victoria I am so sorry to hear about your sister, I hate to hear such awful things happening to good people and can't stop thinking about her children. Im sure your sister understands about you being so upset and luckily she sounds like a strong person herself and determined too

Sounds like Grace is doing really well

Kathy I hope your infection clears up fast its awful being poorly and sore with a baby to look after can we see some pics!

oooooh I wonder if Gemma has had her baby boy yet won't hear for a while on facebook as she said she has a lot of relatives to inform first.

Will catch up in a bit, Emma just woke.........

23/05/2011 at 19:16

Hi everyone, 

Victoria really sorry to hear about your sister.

Congratulations Gemma, just read about Isaac on FB.

Claire just read your post and lol, pictures of my stitches is how i read it initially. Now i'm sure noone want s to see that!!

I'm all healed now, health visitor came today and all is looking well, Rosie had her hearing checked and was weighed and weed on the lady. She really is a delight. Had a physio appointment this afternoon for her as she has no resistance in her hips (like me) and as we expected said nothing really to do until she walks. She also went on and did a wee on that lady too. She does like to be remembered!!

The health visitor was really nice and it will be her coming again next week too, she did ask several times about if i'd been crying much. When I told her after one bad night with very sore boobs she seemed very surprised that was the only time. I just love being a mummy. OH goes back to work on Thursday though, on nights after nearly 3 weeks off with us so we'll see how it goes then.

I'll try to add some pictures of Rosie now.

Kathy and Rosie xx

23/05/2011 at 19:22

This is the only one taht I could work out how to upload. It said the others were too big. Taken 15 days old.

24/05/2011 at 10:53

Claire thanks, my sister is very strong, but things are not going well, she seems to be slowly slipping away.  I am God mother to both of her Children and have already offered to take both of them to live with me.  They want to stay with their Dad, but I have said the offer will always stand. She is my Sister, my best friend, we have shared all our secrets and helped each other through difficult times.  I do not know how i will live my life without her, she will leave a huge void, and i only hope her spirit lives on forever, i know it will in me.

Kathy, Rosie is a cutie.  Love the hair. and glad to hear that you're all healed.

Gem - if you get chance to read this, congratulations on your baby boy, I think Kathy said you had called him Isaac, what a beautiful name!!  x x

Well I was hoping this wouldnt happen, but i think Grace is getting colic .  At 7.30 every night she starts screaming and stays extremely unsettled until about 11pm when she falls asleep, then she will sleep until around 2am, where once she has fed then starts screaming again!!  I am exhausted, and dreaded colic coming, my 1st dd had it for 17wks!  You just feel so helpless, if she continues, i'll book in with the doctor to see if there has been any miracle cures in the last 3 yrs?!  We put her on to the anti-colic bottles straight away, but they clearly are not doing enough.

Right, better be off, Grace is stirring for her feed.

oh - one thing - how often does your baby poo???

24/05/2011 at 15:44
Aw Victoria I'm so sorry about your sister, try and stay strong for her
at least she has the wedding to focus on. bless you and sending you a huge hug!

I had dissolvable stitches you can hardly see my scar now I'm amazed!
no way 10 pads a day lol and the hosp provide loads in the first couple of days anyway
LOL on the biology lesson! My OH was the same!
I bled for about 2 weeks but after about a week its just like a period.
I did pass a massssssive clot on day 5 and thought it was my liver or something and the midwife just laughed and said it was normal.

Aw Victoria your last posts have made me cry you are soooo brave! I dont think id Id cope.

Phoebe poos once a day very rarely twice (she is bottle fed)

Well can you believe it everyone my little dot Phoebe (Phe-Phe, Pheebs, Phe) IS SIX WEEKS OLD TODAY!!!!!!!

Where did the last 6 weeks go?

She has such a personality! she is so mobile and guzzling her milk, she is a bit windy and is on infacol, but she only seems to be like it in the day because

11pm - 6.30am We Love It!!!!!! I know it maybe temporary but for the past 2 weeks apart from one night (and the weekend we were away) this has been the general pattern!

She is so amazing and we are so proud, we had our 6week check today and everything is fine.

I will update pics soon but rushed off my feet at the min!

trying to freshly prepare veg, being really careful with diet and exercise, already dropped a dress size from before I was pregnant, ordered my wedding dress in this size and it came a size smaller than advertised, but its absolutely gorgeous so its giving me the inspiration to lose another dress size, well I have 3 months do you think I can do it?! I blumin hope so!!! We are looking at a September wedding now.

speak soon x

Jenny and Phoebe (6 weeks today)!!

ps congrats Gem!!!
26/05/2011 at 14:27

Morning girls (sorry afternoon lol)

OMG Emma is a milk monster, she is feeding for hours at a time but boy do I LOVE her to bits! I am just so pleased I am managing to breastfeed that I am just letting her have her own way!

Kathy OMG she is goooorgeous!!!! You can reduce pics by opening them in picture manager, clicking edit and changing the size to small web size x lol no I can do without pics of your stitches thanks!

Victoria, I think its amazing you offering to take her children, maybe if it comes to it, you could share the care with their Dad? My brother agreed to take my kids if anything happened to us, although we may need to rediscuss now I have 3. I hope you manage to spend some quality time with your sister which I am sure you will xxxx

Jenny well done on getting a full night from Phoebe already she is doing so well. Emma is going about 5 hours which is brilliant for 2 weeks old, although she is a bit hard to settle and takes about 2 hours of feeding to get her back over! Hope you enjoy your riding at the weekend, take it easy at first x

Gem congrats on the birth of Isaac he is gorgeous, hope all the tests are ok xx fab name!

Alice has had her little one too, another boy, charles william I think? another fab strong boys name

I was hoping to go swimming this weekend for my nieces pool party but I am still bleeding so never mind

I am wrecked it is 2:30pm and haven't had lunch yet, waiting for David to bring me a Greggs!

ooooh and for those not on facebook, David was offered a job the other day yippeee!!

Anyway, missy stirring best get ready for a few hours of feeding lol

Bye for now


29/05/2011 at 11:45

Hi All,

Claire congrats to you and your hubby on him getting a job!!

Well Grace is thriving, had her weighed on Wednesday and she was 11lb 11oz, and fingers crossed, touch wood and all that but i dont think she has colic!  If she does have it its what I would consider to be quite minor, she gets very unsettled about 7pm and cries on and off for a couple of hours, but seems to settle when she is with me, so its workable at least.  Dr tired her on some lacto free milk just incase it was a dairy problem, but she was worse on that than before, she kept being very sick and would only take between 1-2oz then fall asleep for an hour and repeat... so returned back to forumla milk, using a thicker pre-made milk for evenings and it seems to be working, she is now sleeping from midnight to 6-7am, which is just BLISS!!!!  Its taken a couple of weeks to get her into a routine but so far so good.  She was 4 weeks old yesterday...time flies eh?!

Went to visit my Sister yesterday - she is at home, she did look slightly  better than the last time i saw her, but she is still in pain, its awful, i hate to think of her suffering. I am only seeing her once at week at the moment as i still cant drive, but i phone to see how she is every day, although she told me yesterday she has refused lots of visitors as she cant be bothered with them... cant say as i blame her, if they never bothered when she was well, why would she be bothered to see them now she isnt well!!!  I just feel incredibly guilty that it has to be her, I feel guilty for being fit and well.  I wish i could just wave a magic wand and cure her, but i know that wont happen and have accepted that she is not going to be with us for long, although i hate the fact and will miss her so much!

Well I am going to attempt to walk round Asda today, want to get a baby bouncer chair they are doing them for £22, and we have loads of Asda Baby vouchers for Grace from hubby's work colleagues so time to spend some .

Am going to go and see Dr on Tuesday (if I can get in) as i think i have an infection, my discharge (sorry tmi) has become smelly...not happy.  Also section scar is still sooo painful, i know there is lots to repair itself but I would have thought it would be fine by now?

Speak soon, take care.


29/05/2011 at 13:07

Hi girls

Victoria sounds like Grace is doing really well Emma is sleeping from 9pm til about 3am which is great as long as I go to bed the same time so I can get 6 hours rest, she wakes at 3 then feeds for 2 hours so I need my energy for that! Then she wakes about 7am

I feel like she is putting on weight now and my milk is well and truly in, I am so happy I managed to persevere with the BF as it is going briliiantly the weight is also dropping off me, probably due to the feeding so added bonus lol! I have to go back to college at some point so will have to introduce a bottle of 2 in a couple of months

Victoria my section scar is a little infected too but only about an inch of it so got some antibiotic cream which seems to be helping. Trust me though from experience, DONT leave it it will only get worse so if you get things from doc on Tuesday make sure to take them! Im sure you will but just making sure he he!!!

Just ordered some lovely baby thank you cards from ebay so had fun choosing a pic to personalise them

Must also write my wedding thank you cards oops!

Going to do that now while Emma is sleeping, hope you are all well


30/05/2011 at 17:26
Hi all,

Thanks for the congrats. Isaac Charles Micheal Park arrived last mon as planned weighing a whopping 9lb 5oz at 39 wks! We have just got home today after a week in the childrens hospital, he is doing ok. I love him to bits, he's fab! The c sec was horrible, I'm sore but fine. Will update properly later! Hope all mummies and babies are well.

Gem and Isaac, 1 wk today xxx
31/05/2011 at 13:45

Hi Gem, nice to see you back. Keep trying to catch you on facebook to see if he is ok so hopefully he is and you can fill us in later


p.s he is goooorgeous


01/06/2011 at 03:29

Thought I would multi task and update while Isaac is feeding, hence the time, lol! The really annoying thing is oh is snoring really loudly, grrrr!

The section was a horrible experience, I was terrified and shaking like a leaf, when they did the op i could feel more than i thought I would and got really freaked out by it! It was so sore when they were tugging and pulling and they had me on gas and air at the same time and offered to knock me out at one point but I said no. oh was fab, held my hand the whole way through and was really calm. Baby came out fine, I thought he would be bigger than Freya was but wan't expecting him to be 9lb 5oz at 39wks! They had me on morphine after and that made me keep throwing up, really hurts to throw up when your tummy has been sewn back together! The poor mw on the ward, as soon as I arrived I threw up everywhere, she was so nice, al the staff were fab actually.

Anyway, baby and I got moved to the childrens hosp on Tuesday pm, the doctor was really nice and said he shouldn't really discharge me that early but he would do it so I could go with Isaac. They scanned him and after we had been in a couple of days and his bloods were looking better they did a dye test where they fill his urinary tract with dye and x ray as they go. (the radiologist asked if I was pregnant before he gave us the nice lead gowns to wear! I know they have to ask, but what a stupid question!) The diagnosis is puv, (post urethral valves) so he had an op to remove them, they are like flaps of skin inside the ureter which partially block the flow of urine to the bladder. Op went well, poor chap was hooked up to a drip, catheter, ng tube and an obs machine, trying to feed him with all the wires attached was a nightmare. They tube fed him for a bit so they could monitor exactly what went in and what came out so I was expressing milk like mad for them to feed him with!

We are home now, his bloods are looking much better, he is bf well and was back up to 1oz off his birthweight. Hv coming to weigh him tomorrow, the babies with this can be prone to losing weight so they want to keep a close eye on him, we go back to the childrens in 6 weks for a check to make sure the valves haven't re formed, they also want to do a more detailed scan on his kidneys, one is damaged but the other looks good. He is on antibiotics and will be for months to guard against any unrine infection but in himself he is fine.

I just love having a newborn again, he is so scrummy! I love him so much, I am much more relaxed this time, with Freya I was really stressed out by everything and cried each time she did! mind you, I cried a lot in hospital, I hated seeing him be poked and prodded I'll stop waffling now! Freya loves him, she wants to hold him all the time, not sure how long that will last though! she's been really good today apart from a small tantrum at bedtime. I have had to master the art of multi tasking, feed baby with one arm and push Freya on her swing or build sandcastles with her with the other!

I am still very sore, I don't think coming home and trying to carry on as normal has helped though! oh has been great though, I don't want him to go back to work next week!

Hope the rest of the mummies and babies are all ok?

Gem and Isaac xxx
01/06/2011 at 11:27

Hi girls

Gem you poor thing, doesnt sound like you had a very nice birth experience You shouldn't feel pain during a section! I told a few white lies and told them I could still feel the cold spray when I couldn't so they would top up my spinal block some more because like you I was petrified! All I kept thinking was that I would feel the scalpel go in and it would be too late for pain relief lol! I too threw up constantly which is hard to do when lying down! Other than that though it was an amazing experience seeing her being born

Isaac sounds like he has been very brave having an op, bless him hope everything improves quickly and he doesnt have any more problems lol they asked if you were pregnant with a 2 day old baby with you? he he he!!!

I wish I could multi task, Grace needs my but constantly feeding Emma! I should be doing housework now or playing with her while Emma is asleep but I am wrecked!

Hope everyone is well


01/06/2011 at 13:10

Hi Girls,

Gem glad you are okay and it sounds like your little man is doing great!!!  Really pleased everything is looking okay x

i know what you ladies are going through, Mia is great with Grace but poor thing is having to learn patience...

We have been invited out for a bbq at hubby's boss' house this afternoon, i am dreading it a bit, they know about my sister because hubby has had to have time off work because i was falling apart emotionally... im just hoping no-one mentions anything, im ok and putting on a brave face but when i get asked about her i break down, not great at your hubbys work bbq!!!! perhaps if i feel tearful i'll just make a bee-line for the loo.

My sister is at hosp today having more scans to see if any of her treatment has made any difference to the cancer or to see how far it has spread. she has had a few bad days, but yesterday was like her old-self, which kind of made me worse because she is so brave and never complains.   im sorry i keep posting about my sister on a 'baby forum' but i dont get chance to really let it out, so i hope you dont mind!!?

Well Grace has definately got colic   she starts crying at about 7.30 and doesnt really stop until i get her to sleep at 11pm.  I hate to see her in such a state.  Although when Mia had it she used to cry from 5.30pm until 3am so at least its not as long!!

Hope you are all okay and your lovely babies are doing well too!!

Take care,

Victoria x

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