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Due May 2011

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03/06/2011 at 08:05
Hi girls,

Victoria don't worry about talking about your sister, if it helps to write it all down then do it, I'm sure we don't mind! She sounds like she is being so brave. I hope the bbq went ok. Poor Grace with colic Isaac struggles to burp and gets all wriggly and whingy if you put him down to soon after a feed, going to get some infacol today and see if that helps him. oh is much better at winding him than I am, he seems to have the magic touch!

We are going to register him today, he will be official! Freya has been ok so far, she likes to hold him and stroke him a lot. We had one 'moment' yesterday where she had a strop and threw a toy at him :/ oh has been really good with her, I just get upset and cross with her which makes it worse, really not looking forward to him going back to work. Isaac has been having a growth spurt and literally fed on and odd constantly for about 24 hrs! More settled this morning though. Mw came to do his heel prick yesterday, got hv today, mw again on sat then hv again on mon! The hospital called them to say they wanted a close eye kept on him and they are obviously doing as they are told!

I am still feeling quite sore but better each day, I find I get quite tired and dizzy if I get carried away doing too much though. The mw felt a small lump she thinks is a heamatoma which is quite painful when she prods it but it should go on it's own.

It's a gorgeous day here, going into town this morning then hopefully we can play in the garden this afternoon.

take care

Gem and Isaac xxx
03/06/2011 at 11:41

Morning girls

Victoria I hope the BBQ went ok and hopefully the scans will come back with good (ish) news, if that makes sense. Its amazing how brave some people are, I know if it was me I wouldnt be so strong of course we dont mind you talking about everything on here!

Gem hope the soreness goes away soon

oh there is Emma awake!


04/06/2011 at 15:34

Gem / Claire, Thanks Girls x x x

Grace is now on 'Colief' which really worked with Mia's colic so hopefully she will benefit too.  I bought Grace a baby bouncer chair yesterday from Argos, if youre after a bargain girls.... go get one... its the Mama's & Papa's one reduced to £24.99 it bounces, vibrates and play music and animal and sea sounds... its fab and Grace likes it enough to sit in it and fall asleep!!!  YAY!!   Its neutral colours so is great for all of us, best one ive ever had (and have already taken 2 other makes back because of no head support or poor quality).

Right, only popped in to check on you all.  Gem, it does get better, i kept snapping at mia initially, but have calmed down now - i dont think it helps being in pain, so now my pain has gone my patience has returned.

Victoria x

04/06/2011 at 21:58
phoebe had colic for one day (weird) colief took it away for her too shame its £12.22 a tiny bottle but it certainly works!

she is 8 weeks on tuesday time flies!

I'm so busy now I have something on monday to friday morning and night, im more of a socialite now than I was before Phoebe, I love it.

I love the surestart arranged baby times and postnatal groups and have made lots of friends.

I need to update you all on pictures I will soon.

sorry just popped on quickly, need a shower whilst phe's asleep lol!

aww bless u victoria im thinking of you hun.

hope u all enjoying being mummies!

xxx Jenny and Phoebe (8wks tues) time really flies!
05/06/2011 at 18:47

Hi everyone,

Not added on here for ages. Its abusy job this mummy thing isn't it?!

Victoria, thinking of you, your sister sounds like an amazing person. We're all here when you need us. x

Oooo those c-section scars sound painful, gues Iwas really lucky.

Now I know someone on here is a breastfeeding helper (don't know the correct term-counciler maybe) I've stuck with the BF after a very rocky start and so pleased I did as it is getting easier. Bought the magic cream that was recommended. But as I lost a piece of skin off one nipple (ouch) as Rosie wasn't latched on properly initially was just wondering if it'll heal and how long it'll take. It doesn't hurt like it did, just a bit when she first goes on.

Got Rosie dressed all in pink today, took her shopping and 2 people asked what my little boy was called. Well I know she has short hair but she is only 4 weeks old.

Anyway can hear the little one stirring. Must go.

Kathy and Rosie

05/06/2011 at 20:22
It was me that was the bf supporter Kathy. so long as she is latched on right it will heal, it might take a little while but so long as she is latched on correctly with a big wide mouth then you should be ok. It is normal for it to be a bit uncomfy for the first few sucks. With my dd I had a bleeding crack one side a blister on the other and I kept feeding and they healed fine, thankfully this time it has been fine, a little sore the first week but that's it.

Isaac had a growth spurt a few days ago and fed constantly, or so it felt, for about 24 hrs but has settled back down a bit now, he goes 2-3 hrs between feeds mostly. He just seems to have a really unsettled phase in the middle of the night, after he fed at 3 am last night each time I put him down he screamed:/ Tired today, I nodded off on the sofa today and Freya kept saying mummy wake up! She is so funny, whenever he cries she says mummy he needs your boob milk! I'm just waiting for her to shout it out in the middle of tesco or something!

Bouncer sounds a good bargain Victoria, we got given one off a friend or i'd be off to asda! Jenny glad you're making friends, our sure start centre is fab, I took freya to loads of stuff when she was small, won't be able to do quite as much with Isaac as will have to juggle it with Freya too but she will be at nursery 3 mornings a week in september. Hi Claire, hope you're ok.

Hope all are ok, better go put little man to bed as I am multi tasking at the moment and he is almost done!

Gem and Isaac xxx
07/06/2011 at 19:18

Hi Girls,

Kathy, I have had a few 'oh isnt HE cute' comments despite the pink

Gem, Glad Isaac is settling, and sounds like he is doing really well! x

Grace is now on Colief (and Yes Jenny, it is expensive £11.99 for 7mls, but we now get it on prescription - so thats a blessing!!) I have also bought some of the Cow & Gate Comfort milk, its thicker and has less lactose, so see if that works.

Just washed Grace down (she hates the bath - although seems to love the hairwash) love the smell  of baby hair.

Anyway better go,


07/06/2011 at 20:28

Kathy I used get asked what Freya was all the time, even when she was in pink, I think people are just stupid! An old lady was talking to me in boots the other day and she did get Isaac's sex right (he was in green!)but asked how old he was, and when I said 10 days she looked shocked and said, 'oh, you're brave' which I thought was a bit odd!

Bless Grace in the bath, I love the baby hair smell too! Isaac seems to really like the bath, I bath him in with Freya which she likes too, he seems all happy in the bath but yells when I get him out! He's getting a bit more alert now. Till now he's either been asleep, eating or crying but the past few days he's been awake and alert looking round a bit more, I love him to bits, he's so scrummy! Hv came yesterday and he is back to his birthweight plus one oz, so now 9lb 6 oz which I am really pleased with as the hv said they like them to be back at birthweight by 2 weeks but he lost lots while he was in hosptial so I'm really pleased he's putting it all back on well, he's being weighted again tomorrow and then again next mon and if he's still putting it on well will be weighted weekly, just to keep an eye on him as babies with his condition can be prone to losing weight.

oh back at work this week, I think paternity leave should be longer and better paid! He went to work at 5.30am today and won't be back till 9pm though, I hate his job sometimes! Not been too bad so far, Freya is still having the odd 'moment' but is very good with Isaac. I'm starting to feel a bit better now, less sore to move around now. I can't bring myself to touch the scar area though, it is still sore to touch and quite numb, it is odd, it doesn't feel like me if that makes sense! Just a bit fed up with my clothes as most of my trousers sit lowish on my hips so I can't wear them as they rub, I can't fit in my 'skinny' jeans yet but my 'fat' jeans fit but the zip is uncomfy next to the scar. Fed up with wearing ginormous knickers and tracksuit bottoms!

Anyway, hope the rest of the mummies and babies are doing ok.

Gem and Isaac xxx
08/06/2011 at 14:59

Hi girls

Gem I know what you mean about part of your tummy not belonging to you its because the nerves have been cut into so there is no feeling, it does come back but if I remember it takes over a year or so its weird isn't it!

Jenny being a mammy is great for making friends with the same interests isn't it? I am glad you have made some friends and are keeping busy, its great for the babies too. Grace has gone to groups from being born and has a close group of friends and it has done wonders for her confidence.

The other day in asda she walked up to a lady and her little girl in the cafe and sat next to them, told them about her day, introduced me and Emma to her and took her dinner over to sit with them! I am so proud of her confidence but am slightly concerned about ''stranger danger'' lol!

Kathy that nipple incident sounds very painful! I had some hanging off and it kills! I use nipple shields all the time now and its working out great. It helps too as the milk goes in them and some stays in when she is finished so I know she is getting some!

Grr was going to catch up but Emma just woke!

Bye for now


10/06/2011 at 21:13

Hi everyone,

Just popping on to ask a quick question. When Rosie was about 2 days old she had blood in her nappy, I phoned the midwife who assured me this was normal and it was a withdrawal from my hormones and thats how it showed up as she is a little girl and her own hormones kicked in. Well yesterday I noticed she has a lump behind one of her nipples, took her to the doctors and they said that this is also hormonal as she is breast fed and getting some of mine too. She also has what i'd call milk spots but are also called baby acne. Has anyone else experienced this with their little girls? It seems really strange to me but i've been assured its totally normal and will settle down in the next couple of days.

Claire your little one souds fantastic, what a great way to break the ice with people, I find that really difficult. I'm sure its a big north/south thing with talking to people. I'll chat to anyone (being northern) i'm living in SE London and when I talk to people here they look at me like i'm crazy.

Jenny I hope to join some of the groups too, just need to be brave and get myself and Rosie up dressed and ready to go early enough as they all start at half 9. Not quite cracked mornings yet.

11/06/2011 at 01:09
Kathy I know the blood is normal, not experienced it myself but it has mentioned it in every pregnancy book I've read as being hormonal and perfectly normal, not heard about the nipple lumps though. don't worry about the spots either, Isaac has a few but a friends baby was covered in them really badly and they all went and now a few months on she has lovely skin. I'd definately reccomend your local childrens/sure start centre, i took Freya to loads of stuff and made lots of mummy friends, I was a bit dubious about it but everyone was lovely. We did baby massage, baby yoga, a post natal group, sing and sign (which I would highly reccomend, it was fab!) baby swimming. She had a better social life than I did while I was on mat leave!

Right, better go back to bed now little man has finished eating, I'd love to have more than 2hrs sleep at a time! He keeps getting hiccups which doesn't help as he then won't settle, and my bloomin oh is snoring, grrrr. Isaac was weighed today and has put on 5oz in 2 days! So proud of him after his rocky start bless him!

Gem and Isaac
16/06/2011 at 09:49
Claire I love being a mummy I've made so many friends and am socialising all the time!
Phoebe has several boy friends and a few girl friends, she in about 4 arranged marriages LOL!

OMG about ASDA lol but at least she was supervised, just explain that she cant do that on her own.

Kathy most of the groups are in the afternoon here 1.30ish, although the library things and some of the surestart babytimes start at 10 which still is a rush but not too bad. I have a coffee morning round my house once a week and that takes the pressure off coz im already here I just need to clean extra and get toys etc out, maybe you could try that?

Gem I've booked on the baby massage course the courses look really good, I want to go on the cooking on a budget course too!

I really like my postnatal group too (surestart) its brought about 20 mothers and babies together from the close area and we are all good friends now.

Well I think the balloon has burst with Phoebes sleeping pattern, she did a great 11pm - 8.50 am tuesday, but last night she went down at 10.30 and was up from 4.30 crying approx every half hour until about 7.30am and shes still asleep now and we got health visitor at 10.

I didnt think it would last and it may have to do with that I got her up last night at about midnight for a cuddle because of watching Baby Hospital, I sobbed and sobbed, and felt so lucky and blessed to have her I had to get her out of the cot and give her a big cuddle.
Anyone else watched it? we talked about it in group on Wed, so I felt I had to.

Phoebe gets hiccups a lot and it stops her sleeping in the day so easily.

So sorry I dont get time to come on here more often I will try.

BIG NEWS my wedding is booked for 3rd September!!
I cant wait, we have most things sorted and have got a reception booked at the end of the main road we live off, cue leaving the car at mine and walking back (slightly tipsy) mums in charge of Phoebe that night so woo hoo!

Have any of you left your babies yet? I've had to as I have a horse I feel its unfair to lug her around with me and have her in danger of my heffalump of a horse lol. now I have moved yards I am about 10m from the car so I can leave her in and still see her whilst tending to my horse so I feel much better, but before I left her with my grandma (her Great Grandma) whilst I went for an hour 3 times a wk. but now the loan has ended I have to go every day, OH is helping out loads and I'm looking at going back to work part time too.

We're off on holiday next week cant wait, I love beach holidays and phoebe loves the pool and sand (shes played in it at group) she kicks her feet through it and smiles. I even bought her a sand pit!

Argos are doing 2 for £15 on toys atm I bought Phoebe these Yesterday (yes she's a bit spoilt)

Right better go! or I'll be late

take care all speak to you all soon.
Jenny and Phoebe
16/06/2011 at 09:56

Morning girls

Kathy all of those things are normal and have all 3 with both of my girls, its just a sign of things to come with the torture of being a woman lol poor things! I am sure you will get used to getting up and about early enough to go to groups, I live in hope that I will soon! I highly recommend them I have made some very close friends throughout the years via my kids!

Gem, nice talking to you at 3am again, it's becoming a bit of a habit now so when youre not there I miss you lol! wow 5oz in 2 days is impressive what are you feeding him? condensed milk????

Emma was weighed the other day and put on 8oz in a week so is now 9lb 1oz I am so proud of her (and myself as never thought I could do it for this long)

Did anyone see the extraordinary breasfeeding programme on Watch last night? OMG! I know I am keen to breast feed but 7 years old is a bit excessive lol! Oh well each to their own!

Hope everyone is well


16/06/2011 at 09:58

ooooooh by the way, its my birthday on monday and got my present early, check this out!!!


Its lush and has pink and leopard print inside!!!
16/06/2011 at 21:49
Hi all,

Nice bag Claire! I got a pink lining one (one of the yummy mummy ones) for my birthday 2 yrs ago and it is still going strong and looks really good still. I decided that as it essentially becomes your hand bag for several years that I wanted a nice one! I like that yours is leopard print inside, lol! And yes, bf at 7 is certainly extreme!

It is nice to know that you are not the only person awake at silly hours of the morning isn't it? Maybe see you again tonight, lol! Just having a cuppa then I'm off to bed! Isaac has done a 4 hr stretch the last 2 nights, woohoo! It's just a shame it's not a bit later in the night, he tends to go 8.30 - 12.30 but then after that it's back to every 2 maybe 3 hrs. I'd rather he woke at 10,30 then had his 4 hr stretch but I think If I wake him and feed him then it will just throw it all out of sync! I had a bit of a lie in this am as Freya wanted to stay at her nanny and grandad's (she gets spoilt rotten there!) so I took Isaac back to bed with me at 6ish and fed him and we both slept till 9.30, I needed it!

Well done to Emma on the weight gain. I was surprised at how much Isaac had put on but he lost so much in hospital with the op and stuff I'm so glad he's putting it back on. He is off the every other day weighings now and on once a week, mw discharged us today, started asking about contraception (like we have time for sex!) I was thinking about a coil, has anyone had one before?

Jenny glad you are enjoying being a mummy, it is def good for the social life! The baby hospital programme was very emotional! I am recording obem usa to watch later (if I don't put the tv or laptop on while i'm feeding at night I tend to fall asleep!) that will make me all emotional again too probably! Glad you have your wedding all boked, how exciting, can't wait to see all the pics of the big day.

I've been putting loads of baby and maternity stuff on e bay today, Isaac is probably our last so getting rid of it all! Never say never but IF I were to have another it wouldn't be till these 2 were at school so no point keeping it all. (never say never and all that!)

Right, off to bed for me, hope you are all well. Victoria how are you doing?

Gem and Isaac xxx
17/06/2011 at 09:53

Morning girls

Gem its free listing on ebay this weekend so I may do the same.

Christopher has his sports day later yey! and have a friend visiting this morning so a nice busy day planned

Bye for now


19/06/2011 at 09:57

Hi Girls,

Hi Gem - Im ok - thanks for asking x

Ive only skimmed over the posts ive missed but sounds like everyone is really busy socialising and doing the mummy things.

Well, life slowed down for me on Friday 10th June, my beautiful brave Sister passed away in my Mom's arms at home (my mom and dads house). It was her funeral on Friday (17th) so this week has been a blur, i cannot believe she has gone.  I am so sad, and miss her so much.

Victoria x

19/06/2011 at 20:39
Victoria I'm so sorry, I don't know what else to say, sending you massive hugs xxx
20/06/2011 at 10:36
Thinking of you Victoria. xx
24/06/2011 at 12:58

Thanks Gem & Kathy, still very raw, and feel extremely sad.  I feel like ive lost part of myself.  We were so very close and i think i will always miss her. seems so surreal.

Hope you are all doing ok.


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