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24/06/2011 at 15:24
Hi all,

Victoria I can't imagine how you must be feeling but really hope you and your family are doing ok. How is baby Grace doing?

Kathy how are you? I see from fb you have been to some baby groups

Isaac is ok, he put on 1lb 3oz, (he is now 11lb 2oz) in a week this week! I'm so glad all the time he spends feeding isn't in vain! He is so long he is in 3-6 month babygrows now at 1 month old. Can't believe he is 1 month already, it's going too fast.

He is gradually spending more time awake and alert, he is under his baby gym at the moment, Freya is trying to get him to play with her train set! His sleeping is still not great, he goes down for 3-4 hrs initially but then is up every 2 hrs and is hard to settle, I was in and out of bed like a yoyo from 1 till about 4.30 the other night. Last night oh went to work at 4 and I was so knackered I just took him to bed with me, which is a habit I said I wouldn't get into but I need some sleep and then he can eat while I sleep!

Just sorting out his christening at the moment, we are having a joint one with my sil and her little boy who was born in Jan. It's in August, hope weather is nice, it rained on our wedding day and on Freya's christening so maybe more luck this time! Been looking on ebay for a little suit for him to wear for it. Gone a bit ebay mad actually, been selling baby and maternity stuff and buying some next size up baby grows and my self a couple of tops as my newly huge boobs don't fit in much, lol! We replaced our scales which haven;t worked for ages and I was brave enough to get on them yesterday, I put about 3 stone on and have lost 2 so just 1 to go, I thought it would be more so am pleasantly surprised, just need to do some more exercise but tummy hurts still if I do to much, grrrrrr!

Anyway, I'll stop waffling now. Be good to hear how the rest of the mummies and babies are doing.

Gem and Isaac.
25/06/2011 at 18:59
hi all

just got back from a week camping in Yarmouth we loved it and Phoebe loved the beach, she was toasty warm in the tent wrapped in blankets whilst me and baz froze lol we go again in July and will be taking duvets with us even if forecast a heatwave! otherwise it was fab!

think we got Phoebe's first injections on tue really nervous as my friends kids have been ill with theres.

Gem at least he's a healthy boy at that weight, Phoebe is 11 weeks old on tues and is only 9lb 13 1/2oz below the 25th percentile teenyweeny!

I've lost all my baby weight thank goodness because I need to get into my wedding dress! 3rd Sept 10weeks its going so fast!!!! I know it will fly because Phoebe's life has so far!

right just about to go to a house party so catch up soon xx

Jenny and Phoebe xx
27/06/2011 at 13:16

Hi Gem,

Thanks again.  We are doing okay, we all miss her so much and are all focusing our energy on her children at the moment.  Its so hard, everytime i look at them i see her, its a blessing in disguise i suppose.

My Mom is getting quite depressed, and is under her Dr, but she is trying her hardest (perhaps too hard) to move on.  We are all trying to be strong for each other but i keep expecting her to phone me, or turn up at the door for our kids to play together, or just see her at my parents house for sunday lunch.... so hard

Anyway... Grace is doing well, sheis now 2 months old and my my she has a temper!  She is still suffering with some colic and gets very arsy from about 6pm until 10.30 pm, which is massively reduced so i have taken her off the Colief all together.

She hasnt been weighed or seen anyone for a few weeks now (since mid May) which i thought was odd, but went for my 6 week check and Dr said she is due an injection and to see health visitor next week, so will find out how heavy she is then... im guessing she must be about 14lb by now!!!  She is heavy... and like you Gem, am now putting her in 3-6 month clothes.  She has cradle cap and an awful rash all over her face (which looks like excema) but it seems to clear up in the sunshine.... so please let us have a bit more of that!!

The sleeping is getting better, she goes to her cot at about 10.30 - 11pm after last feed and will sleep usually until about 4am then after her feed will sleep again until about 7.30.  Last night she slept from 11.30 until 6.30 this morning... FAB!

She is currently asleep in her bouncy chair... gives my arms a rest, she wont settle in her moses basket anymore.... think she's getting too big for it!

My Best Friend is due to have her baby in 2 wks, so thats something to look forward to.

One final thing - bit of advice needed: My (other) Best Friend - we have been friends for about 21 years now and always been quite close.. but since she had her baby (Feb 2011) she has been a bit distant, and when i asked her why... she just said that she doesnt mean to, but never finds time... which is understandable as she has just had her first baby.... but, since my Sister died she phoned me about 4 days after she died and asked me how i was... then text me on the day of the funeral - but nothing since, I always seem to have to phone / contact her, she never seems to be the one making the i reading too much into this or should i think twice?  If ever i needed a close friend it has been over the past couple of weeks, i thought she would have come to the funeral with me, but she never mentioned it at all.  I just dont understand it.... do you think this is 'the brush off'??  Dont get me wrong, i'd be really upset to loose her as a friend but im not going to chase someone who cant be arsed!


02/07/2011 at 09:19
Hi all,

I think Isaac might have colic It started about a week or 2 ago and at first I thought it was just a bad day or 2 but every evening he just screams, won't eat and nothing consoles him, this is new to me as dd didn't do this, have sent oh out of colief this morning, i'm exhausted! Does it work? Victoria did you say it had worked on Grace? He would not settle last night and generally the past week he has not settled at night hardly at all unless he is on me. Also he has started doing it the mornings too, just first thing, then he is fine till the evening. This morning I am tired and irritable, which isn't fair on Freya as everything she does is driving me mad! She is currently sticking her stickers on me and Isaac and it's really peeing me off, counting to 10, lol! He's happier being held but the carrier I have hurts my back so I have ordered a wrap to try, it's on hire and if you like it you can keep it or send it bsck if you don't and get your deposit back. It is supposed to be easy to bf in too. I'm reserving judgment till i've tried it!

Got our 6wk check with hv on mon and with docs on thurs next week. He has put on about 2 1/2 lbs in the last 2 weeks! He was 12lb 3 oz on weds and the hv said she thinks he is going to be a strapping lad, lol! been ebay shopping as none of his clothes fit, also got some mothercare vouchers to go spend too. My scar is itching like mad but I can't scratch it cos it is too sore and just feels too wierd! ?What is everyone doing for contraception? I'm thinking og asking about a coil/iud when I'm at the docs next week but not sure, has anyone had one before?

Hope everyone else is ok. Jenny how's the wedding plans?

Victoria with regard to your friend maybe she just felt like the funeral etc were a family thing and she didn't want to push in? Or maybe she just doesn't know what to say and doesn't want to upset you and therefore is saying nothing? I know what you mean about not wanting to always be the one doing the chasing. It's difficult to know what to suggest, I think I'd be inclined to try once more, especially as you've been friends for so long. But it is easy to be objective about other people's problems, don't know if that is any help at victoria?!

Better get on with the day. Freya is watching ice age so I have an hour of peace, hopefully! Tomorrow we are off to truck fest as oh is really into trucks, not sure it's my thing but it's a day out!
Sorry about the bad spelling, I'm one handed!
Gem xxx
05/07/2011 at 22:42
HIIIIIIII everyone

Victoria thats horrid of your friend, just when you need her most,
I've decided not to chase after my so called friends. I've made so many new mummy friends
and im really happy, ive not blown off my old friends just dont chase them if they dont
make the effort with me.

Gem I used colief with Phoebe her colic was gone in 1 day and she hasnt
suffered since hows it worked for you?

i know 3 people now that the coil has failed with Gem so dont count on it.
but then again i know 2 people where the pill failed and thats what im on, so
all come with pro's n cons.

Wedding plans are going well, most things are sorted just dotting the i's and crossing the t's now.

finally finished my university course handing in last paperwork on 15th July just before my holiday -22nd camping again woo! I love my holidays but think next one will be big abroad hol next yr.

I made the shitty (sorry abt language) decision to go back to work this week. we really need the money, especially as we're planning the wedding and the honeymoon for next year.
I'm only working for 2 weeks and 1/2 days but £500 isnt bad for 8 half days so cant complain.

Then hopefully OH will have a job, coz I dont want to work anymore after that, I am missing Phoebe far too much in the day.
But got the best prize ever for coming in from work, i held phoebe in my arms and started cooing
baby language and she giggled like crazy about 4 or 5 times me and OH had tears in our eyes it was so cute!!! forget the cow and gate baby Phoebe was cuter 10 fold!!!!

hows everyones babys sleeping? eating? development?

Phoebe was 9lbs 13 1/2 oz at 11weeks under the 25th percentile and still quite small for her age. H.V. says shes not worried and shes feeding well.
I've started using real nappies, won a massive job lot off ebay, of 25 with poppers (more hygienic than velcro) for £30.00 with liners etc bargain!

I also tried Phoebe with some baby rice this week as she seems to be always hungry. shes took to it like a duck to water. but i only give a teensy bit and only when she appears starving!

Mum's given me her nectar card which has about 20,000 points on and has said i can use them so cue (in effect) free baby essential for a long time woop!

I'll stop going on now.

Hope you're all ok

oh and also Gem my scars been healed since week 2 but it still bothers me, it itches and hurts sometimes internally.

also sorry icky question but how are everyone finding their periods, sorry for TMI but ive had 2 now and both are the heaviest ive ever had!! (apart from the one right after birth)

take care all xxxxxxxx
much love
Jenny and Phoebe (3 months today) that is scary writing that!!!
05/07/2011 at 23:51
That's good the colief worked for you Jenny, how long did you use it for? Isaac seems a little better, but it's not the dramatic change I was hoping for! It's also a real faf to do when you're breastfeeding but we'll keep going and see what happens, the hv suggested I cut out dairy as that can help too apparently.

I can't help with the period question cos as i'm bf I haven't had one. I didn't get one after Freya was born till she was 9 or 1o months old and wasn't feeding so much, hoping for the same again please! When they did come back mine were probably about the same flow wise but much less painful. I used to have prescription pain killers for them but didn't need them any more. I think it is quite normal for them to change after having a baby though, sorry, not much help!
06/07/2011 at 14:39

Hi everyone,

I've not been on for a while.

I've been going to a couple of groups, its good to get out and meet other mummies. Some of the chats we've had especially about bf have been reassuring and helpful.

Victoria on the subject of your friend, she's been around for a long time, could you discuss it with her? I'm sure there will be a good reason. Maybe she was waiting to be asked or didn't want to intrude? Friends are always there when you need them but sometimes you do need to ask.

I took Rosie home to meet my friends at the weekend. Never again am i doing that on my own. 150 miles. She was fine on the way there and slept nearly all the way. She didn't sleep very well the night we stayed over and cried so much on the way home. The whole weekend really unsettled her, being passed around and fussed. She's usually so calm and lovely, but she wasn't happy and screamed. We're still trying to get back into a sleep routine as we got back late its messed it all up. She's sleeping from 11 untill 10 at the moment it was 10 til 9 which was better. I know its a late bedtime but OH works 12 hour shift and often doesn't get in til 8 he does her bath and has some cuddles before bed. We're thinking of putting her into her own room as she is getting too big for her basket. I keep finding reasons not to though, had her 8 week check and jabs today. Doctor commented how calm and relaxed she was I felt very proud of her.

Had my check too, I have 1st to lose still but gp said it'll take time as i'm breast feeding, think my boobs weigh that on their own!

Jenny I also haven't had a period. Had the contraception chat though. GP recomended the coil as we do want another baby soonish (when Rosie is 1)

I'm just babbling on now, so i'll go.

Kathy and Rosie 2 months today.

08/07/2011 at 11:51

Hi girls, sorry I haven't been on for a while, where has the time gone!

Victoria I am so so sorry about your sister, I know its been a while but I haven't been on so didn't know I hope you are finsing ways to cope with your grief and i'm sure having the kids around to remind you all of her will be a big help after the initial shock has passed. As for your friend, I agree she may not be sure what to say, either that or the baby is genuinely taking all of her time, some babies do that. I have a friend who I haven't seen for months as her pregnancy was horrendous and now her baby feeds every 20 mins or so!

Jenny I can't keep up with your hectic life! We are thinking of camping at the end of August, I love it and so do the kids. Can't help you with period advice as breastfeeding has kept them at bay thank god, but with my other 2 kids, they were heavy for the first few months x

Kathy, Emma is the same if I take her out of her routine, she gets fussy and won't settle, wow 11 hours at night? whats your secret? Emma has gone 9 at the most but most nights is 8 or 9 until about 3 or 4 which is ok I suppose!

Emma weighed 9lb 13oz at our last visit last week so I am guessing she is about 10lb or so now. She feeds well and I now express through the day and bottle feed, and at bedtime, night feeds and breakfast she is breastfed and it seems to be going well, it gives me more time with the other 2 and other people get the feed and bond with her she started smiling about 2 weeks ago and clearly recognises me, daddy and the kids as she smiles her head off when we apprach! she is gurgling a bit, the effort she puts in to making the sounds is so cute and melts my heart!

Just been for first jabs, she screamed and went bright red and now keeps whimpering in her sleep

Grace at grandmas, christopher at school and Emma asleep so should get on!

Hope you all doing ok, speak soon

Victoria and Kathy are you on facebook? xx


21/07/2011 at 12:43

Hi Girls,

I dont know if this message will work as I have already tried to post once and it lost the post.

Thanks for all the advice and messages, greatly appreciated.  As time has gone on things are starting to get a little easier, I of course, still very much miss my sister and think about her all the time and talk to her everynight, but im not crying least not everyday. 

Grace is doing well and at her last visit to hv she said that Grace was almost underweight!!!!  I coudnt believe it - she is so heavy!!  Anyway she was 13lb at 9 weeks so they said i have to be checked in another month to chart her progress!  I couldnt believe it, i think its because initially she was on the 91st percentile and now she is on the 75th i think....  but she was such a big baby at birth that i think she has slowed down now.  We'll see what they have to say at her next weigh-in.

I am on Facebook, but dont know how to tell you how to find me....?  If you give me your address or whatever i need I will find you if that makes any sense???!?!?!

Well girls, my best friend had her baby on saturday, she had a little girl and she weighed 7lb 8oz, she called her Isabella, Im going to meet her this weekend and I cannot wait .

Take care girls.

21/07/2011 at 18:02

VERY quiet on here, guess the babies are keeping us busy!

Victoria whats your full name and what is on your profile picture and I will find you and suggest friends for you


22/07/2011 at 04:50

I'm glad things are getting better for you Victoria. Ir is strange they are worried about her weight, Isaac is about 14lb at 8 weeks and up between the 91st and 95th. I think they sometimes get a bit too obsessed with the charts! At least they are keeping an eye on her though.

The last 2 nights Isaac slept 4 hrs, 9-1, the longest he has ever slept in one go! I might have known it wouldn't last, tonight we are back to every 2 hrs! He has spent the last 30mins wriggling and cooing at me, very cute, but not really what you need at 4 am when you are lacking in sleep!

We are still struggling with colic, nothing makes any difference. Although the past 3 days have been a bit better, Sunday was a low point, he screamed from 5 till 11 and nothing would calm him down oh keeps telling me to take him to the doctors and to refuse to leave untill they 'fix him' but it isn't that simple!

We were back in Brum last week for op no2. All went well, no scar tissue is causing him any problems which they were worried about. We are back in 6 weeks for a detailed scan on his kidneys and a follow up with the renal specialist.

It is quiet on here! I think we must all be busy with little ones! Hence my 4am posting, the only time it is nice and peaceful is when i'm doing one of the many night feeds!

Hope everyone is ok.

Victoria if Claire can find you on fb then I can find you on Claire's list. It is a bit easier to catch up with people on there!

Gem xxx
22/07/2011 at 13:21

Hi Girls,

Gem, Grace had Colic for about 2 weeks and it reminded me of when Mia was a baby she had it every night (from 5pm to 3am) until she was 17 weeks old.... i dont know how we all got through it, but Colief and Dr Browns bottles were the only things which made any difference. Grace is much more settled now, we have the odd screaming fit for one night every couple of weeks, but she seems really good. 

She is in a great routine and will now sleep from 10pm until around 4.30am - where she has her dummy and will then sleep until 7.30!!!!  I was worried it might be a bit too long without a feed, but hv said she would cry if she wanted feeding so it was fine.  She has never been a big-feeder and during the day she has about 4-5oz every 2-3hrs, so we will see if she has put any weight on the next time she is weighed.  Im not going to worry, she seems perfectly healthy and happy to me.  Plus when she is awake she is so jiggly and active, i think she burns off her calories.

Glad Isaac is doing well and he has been okay with his ops. x

On facebook my name is Victoria Bishop and my profile pic is of a lake and a tree in black and white.

Hope you are all ok.

01/08/2011 at 20:47
Hi, I have added you on FB Victoria c x
09/08/2011 at 16:27
hi all

wow isn't parenthood busy! and we're thinking about number 2 lol!

well the wedding is 3 weeks away!! Scary but exciting. I now have my dress back and I love it. Got Phoebes outfit all sorted and other bridesmaids etc, it's not just the dresses is it?! its shoes, hair accessories, flowers etc!

Sorted Baz out too, got him a pink waist coat, lol love it!

I'm in the process of weaning Phoebe, she has 2 solid feeds a day one at lunch and one in the afternoon. And bottles around them 4-5.
she's doing really well.

She's 17 weeks today and weighs 13lbs exactly. She's starting to crawl and trying desperately to sit up on her own. She gets into mischief an d breaks things and then looks as if butter wouldn't melt and it wasn't her when shes still holding it in her hand!

sometimes when she's screaming and I'm annoyed because I can't get anything done, and I go into her she looks up at me with her big gorgeous blue eyes and smiles I melt and she gets all my attention anyway She's got me, knows how to work me! and she's got her dad wrapped round her little finger too, he writes songs for her and he hasn't even written me one yet!

anyway how is everyone else doing? sleeping through? weaning? nappies? I have loads of REAL nappies if anyone would like to buy some, they are complete with liners etc

I think we should have picture updates too. Please x

speak to you all soon

and Gem I hope Isaac is better now.
Victoria if Grace is underweight what of Phoebe? 17wks and 13lbs!
shes on the 25th percentile and has been between 9th and 25th since birth. (remember 2 1/2 wks prem though)

Jenny and Phoebe xx
19/08/2011 at 11:57

Oooh an update on here!

Jenny good luck with the weaning its a lot of fun watching them experience different flavours and the nappies.... lol!

Emma is doing fab, 14 weeks now and weighs 12lb 10 on the last weigh in she is very chunky compared to my other 2 at this age and I cant get enough of her chubby little thighs

The last few days she has been hungrier through the day but seem to be managing with extra bottles. We are still breastfeeding in the morning and at night and on the rare occasion when she has woke through the night.

She sleeps from 7/8pm right through to 6/7am

Like the idea of photo updates, here is Emma the other day having some tummy time


Kathy, nice to see you on facebook I added you yesterday x

Claire xxx

p.s Jenny, number 2???????????

03/09/2011 at 17:12

Noone has been on here since me???

Emma updates!

Decided to stop breastfeeding last night as she is getting very stressed, I think it because my milk is starting to dwindle It was very emotional as I love the bond we have but she was just as happy with the bottle if not more!

She is sleeping 12 hours as night, during the day she has a few shot naps and 1 3 hour nap.

Yesterday she started pulling herself up when lying in my arms and my god the girl can talk! The noises coming from her lol!

Hope you girls are ok


oh and Jenny, congratulations on becoming a MRS today!!!!!!!!! you looked fab , cant want for more pics x

04/09/2011 at 00:25
Not been on here for ages, no time, lol!

Isaac update...
Isaac is recovered from his scary uti and week in hospital thank god. Had him christened too, he looked so cute in his suit! Still bfing here and intend to keep going till he's 1 like I did with Freya, we will start weaning at 6 months with baby led weaning. He has just started going a bit longer at night, most nights he goes down @ 9ish after a long feed then wakes at 1.30, 3.30 and 7ish. He is desperate to sit up, keeps trying to sit up when he's in his car seat and gets his head and shoulders up! He's 17lb 5oz at 14 wks, chunky chap, and in 6-9 month clothes!

Jenny congrats on the wedding, hope you had a fab day. Claire hope you had a good holiday.

Took Isaac to see his first rugby match today, he seemed to like it, lol! Freya starts nursery/pre school on monday and is 3 in a week and a bit, where did that go, time has flown!

Gem xxx
08/10/2011 at 20:55

hi everyone long time no post sorry.  Isn't parenthood busy!

Wedding went brilliantly thank you see pics on fb. Phoebe was the belle of the ball and looked adorable!

I cannot believe Phoebe is 6months old on Wednesday, the time seems to fly.

Well I got a job as manager of a nursery worked there for 6 weeks and along with missing Phoebe like mad and watching her development I was messed about badly so have decided to be a lady of leisure for a while and full time mommy.

I'm glad Isaac is recovered and hope everything else goes well with him.

Claire I hardly speak to you anymore how are you doing?

Kathy how are you?

And anyone else I've missed sorry

Phoebe is due to be weighed on thurs for her 6 months check (and 2nd stage weaning meeting) but 4 wks ago she was 15.1lbs. 50%ile so catching up bless her,

heres some pics please keep in touch, miss u all ! xxxxxxxxx

Jenny and Phoebe xxxx

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