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Due Oct 2011

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07/05/2011 at 18:09

Hi ladies.

How is everyone? 

I've had an interesting day to say the least. OH left at 10.00 to watch footy and took Abs with him to spend day at SIL's so I could go to a friend's engagement BBQ at 2.00.  I decided to take a walk into town at 11.00 to get a pressie and card and i was paying for card in shop and next thing i know i come round on floor with loads of people round me saying i had passed out and been out a while so ambulance was on way Was very disorientated for a long time and had to be put on oxygen. James couldn't get home as car was locked in Stadium car park (a good 1hr and 30min drive away) couldn't get hold of any family for ages so was in a right state, so upset. Finally, managed to get hold of bro who said he'd meet me at hospital. They said they were only sending me in as I was pg and should check baby, anyway got there was there for a good 2hrs they had me hooked up to allsorts and did loads of obs, all fine nd sent me on my way... didn't even check baby even though i asked them to! So, i'm home, feel fine now albeit a bit shaken, but can't believe they didn't even check baby's heartbeat so am feeling a bit upset and uneasy.

Sooooo, didn't make it to BBQ, not the Saturday I had in mind!

How is everyone else?


08/05/2011 at 08:55

Bloody hell Rach, what a horrendous day!  Can't believe they didn't listen for the babys heartbeat for your reassurance? You had your own doppler out?

Nothing much happening my end, had a chilling weekend.  Going to view a house later but in two minds already whether I can be bothered moving heavily pregnant/with newborn, but if we don't move now it's gonna be another year and a half before we'd be able to as won't be able to get the new mortgage while on maternity?  Decisions decisions!  I'm 19 weeks 2 days!  which means not long til the scan - excited and nervous, it's an anomoly scan after all just hoping all is well with babs.

Right gonna go have brekkie


08/05/2011 at 10:21

Hi Laura.

I know I was really upset and I said to the doc looking after me. I'm worried about the baby and he just gave me a look and was like 'The baby will be fine', i was gobsmacked it wouldn't have taken a lot to just listen for baby's hb to put my mind at ease, bloody NHS. I did get our doppler on it last night and we did find it, just looking forward to mw on Wednesday so she can listen and reassure me baby's not stressed or anything. 

There was a lot of confusion on how i fell as the lady that saw my face drain was behing a counter and she told paramedics that she was 'pretty sure' someone broke my fall. However, i'm not so sure today as I was in agony all down my right hand side last night, felt like a reeeeally bad stictch and no matter what I did I couldn't get comfy. It's eased off this morning, but the whole bottom of my back feels bruised. So, lord knows what actually happened and what i've done. If i'm not feeling better tomorrow will go to GP.

 Can't believe you're 19weeks, wow it's coming round so fast. I'm sure all wil be fine with bubs. Understand where you're coming from on the moving front as we're in a similar situation. We rent a small two up, two down and will def struggle in it with 2 kids so we're looking for another place but i'm the same do I want to move heavily pg or with new baby, it's hard isn't it? Harder for you though if you have a mortgage to be thinking about.

Glad you're having a nice chilled day. James is going to take me out for a roast today to cheer me up yummy yum.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend.

Oooo while i think of it Mills looked at make of my doppler and it just has a model number, it looks exactly like the kind midwives use, we got it off ebay for around £20 i think it was.

Love to all.


09/05/2011 at 09:58

Hi All,

 Rach sweetie, what a awful day you had. They should of defo checked the heartbeat, even if he thought baby would be fine you need the reasurrance. Did they give any reason for the funny turn? Make sure you rest up and hope the miswife checks bubs well. I have found that hospital doctors can be really horrible about pregnancy - when i went in to A&E with my bleed they talking about it may be an abortion (horrible word) and when i cried seemed shocked and said "oh so you want this baby then i take it" words will never leave me just shows how insensitive they can be. They should of checked for you, but glad you were able to find it yourself. I might pop on ebay later and see, I only have the one i have as it was given, im not sure to get one or not.

 Laura - We brought our first house when we got married and got the keys 2 days before our wedding day, it was so stressful with mortagage and estate agents i vowed never to more again. so i couldnt even imagin doing it while pregnant or with newborn. But i guess if it needs to be done. just make sure you schedule in lots of helpers and no heavy lifting.

 Hope everyone else is well and had a nice weekend, Im doing well counting down to scan like you Laura, very worried but excited 11 days to go.

Did anyone catch the inside human body programme on BBC last week, it was on pregnancy and was amazing to watch - if you have access to BBC i player defo worth a watch.

 Right back to work... love to all x

09/05/2011 at 15:14

Hi all.

Mills, no, they couldn't find any reason for it at to quote the a-hole doc that saw to me 'Just must have been a funny pregnant woman moment.' so bloody patronising and made me feel like a time waster. I went to hosp because paramedic insisted i should to check baby! I think dopplers def have their pros and cons, but for me, after Sat especially being able to find hb myself was great. But, the neg side is we're not the experts so never get too complacent if you have one I guess. I will still be having a word with mw tomorrow and ask her to listen.

Oooo i'm so excited that we have round 2 of scans coming up Mine still seems ages away, but i'm sure will come around soon enough.

Right, back to work for me (bloomin stressful day today!).

Love to all.


09/05/2011 at 19:46

Hope this works.

My bump today at 16weeks, 2 days

09/05/2011 at 20:41

Hi lovelies.

Sorry I seem to bombarding the thread tonight. Just thought I'd let you know I took the plunge and merged the Oct, Nov, and Dec threads.

I hope you're all having lovely evenings


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