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Due October 2010

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28/01/2010 at 20:20

Hello out there !

Just found out am due with number 3 ! Early days but very exciting !

Hope to hear from more of you soon


29/01/2010 at 20:28

Wow just wanted to say congratulations! I was on the due Oct 08 thread, i cant believe that was 2 years ago!

I'm now due with baby no2 so all go. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

29/01/2010 at 20:43

hi paula

thanks for the congtrats - how did it go having a little one in october ? my other two are both late feb - thought it was time for a change !!!!

hope your pregnancy with number 2 is going well it is tiring when you already have one to keep you busy but my two get on great and i ma sure kayleigh will love her new sibling - enjoy all the wonderful moments to come !


29/01/2010 at 21:07

Hi Daniela,

It was fine having an October baby, Kayleigh was 8 weeks on x-mas day so although she wouldnt remember it, we had a great time as a "family".

Its shattering at the minute but i'm 20 weeks so not long to go What will be your age gaps between your 3? I'm sure it wont be long till others join you on this thread

29/01/2010 at 21:59

HUGE congratulations!!!

I am form Due Oct 2009 and it only feels like yesterday i had my 3rd baby boy Ben   I remember it like yesterday i found out i was pregnant after four years trying

Three babies is a easy jump hun, i found going from 1 to 2 harder, all the best for a healthy pregnancy and an October pumpkin  xxxx

30/01/2010 at 17:10

I'm due 1st oct 2010.... me and partner been TTC for over 2 years now with fertility treatment this was our last round and i had given up hope but got a BFP, because i am so high risk i got a scan on thursday sadly was to early to see anything and my levels are only 192 but back on monday for more tests and such would love to get to know you all etc....

Lynne XXX

30/01/2010 at 22:09
Hi - just wanted to say massive congrats to you all - like ash im from oct 09 - i cant believe this was just about the time i found out i was pregnant last year!!!! it just goes by in a blink! lynne - try not to worry girlie, when i had this last preg my levels were crap to start with and they couldnt see anything on scans etc until i was about 10 weeks along!!! a hugely worrying time, but she must have been hiding cause shes here now, happy, healthy and a hefty 10lb 9oz born so theres no mistaking her now!!!! LOL oh yea, she was baby no. 7 for me and my youngest boy is STILL trying to persuade us to have another crack at getting him a baby brother!!! LMAO!!! you all take it easy and put your feet up when you can. love and hugs to you all xxxxx
30/01/2010 at 22:12
lol thats good karen lol sounds like a good ending for you and wow 7 your truely blessed.
30/01/2010 at 22:19
Yes i am lynne, there have been tough times but the good outway them all!!! Keira (no.7) has just started to take on her own little personality now, shes beginning to laugh at things she finds funny and is a sunny, happy little girl whos always got a smile for you, makes my heart swell when i think about her!! the girls are all like little witches when they are all together LOL i think thats why gabriel wants a brother so much hehehehe hes sandwiched between two older and two younger sisters! His older half-brothers have left home, they are 20 and 18 (my boys) and my hubs son is 26 so he has no-one really to do boy things with bless him!! He was most put out when he found out that no.7 was another girl LMAO!!! even Mr Gornal (the consultant) appologised to him LOL but his philosophy is that now shes out "Seth" can go in!!! PMSL!!!! i guess its a "watch this space" moment!!!! again, take it easy. xxxx
30/01/2010 at 22:26
awww she sounds sooo lovely... my son was like that until he got to age two then everything changed was horrible sometimes i really want my happy little lad back... awww poor thing makes sense that he wants a boy in the house lol, all those girls, i thought my son was going to be a girl but turned out to be a boy lol but hoping this one will he happy and healthy and maybe a girl lol.... but wishful thinking lol.... awww lol thats funny the doctor sayig sorry lol... what age are all your kids? is that you finished?
30/01/2010 at 22:35
My kids are 2 boys (1st marriage) 20, 18 then 2nd marriage is: Morag 7, Rhiannon 5, Gabriel 4, Genevieve 2 and Keira 14 weeks and ya know - if im honest, i would STILL like another baby but im getting on abit!! LOL im 43 now so mother nature might not have any more ideas about more kids for us LOL but we'll see, the thought of no more babies is abit sad really but im sooooo grateful for my bunch and there are loads of ladies on here who are so desperate for a single baby that i feel greedy for wanting more anyhow! I do so hope that things pan out and go well for you this pregnancy and perhaps you will get your little girl. x
30/01/2010 at 22:41

lol ah well whole tribe there lol... but still young enough hun my mother had my sister only a few years back in her mid 40's my sister is only 18months older than my son which i think is really funny lol... thats nice names you have given them.... we are stuck on boys names but know what we're going to call a girl.... know the feeling hun i am only in my 20's and was faced with  not being able to have any more children, we had to go through infertility treatment and took us over 2years TTC. ah i know what you mean, i would killl to have my son when i had him i still wanted another baby but my son is not my partners sadly so thats why we were sooooo deseprate before it was to late for me....

 i don;t mind if its male or female as long as he or she survives.


01/02/2010 at 20:09

mmm i'll try again !!!

hello everyone and thanks for the congrats !

lynne - hope you are doing well and fingers & toes crossed for the scan good luck xxx

looking forward to having an october pumpkin in time for our annual halloween party - yay three pumpkins (my other two always dress up as pumpkins !).

my daughters are 6 and 3 in a couple of weeks but we have not told ANYONE yet ! we are waiting til the end of feb for a variety of reasons but i am bursting to tell and the last two times we told straight away ! managed to keep quiet for 6 days now - he he well done me !!!

wow karen seven kids - i can't imagine how many wash baskets you must have ! struggle to stay on top of ours now esp working full time too - oh well

hope to hear from more october 2010 mums in the coming weeks yay xxx

01/02/2010 at 20:39

hi all never had scan today but got beta HCG done it did rise but not by as much as they would have hoped, it was 152 and is now 285, after 72hours, they have told me to come back on wednesday for more bloods, i have had little bit of pink discharge when i went to the toilet tonight have put on a pad to monitor it and just hoping its maybe implantational bleeding or something...

i have not told many people noone in my family knows but my mother in law does and some friends but after todays results i am rather regretting telling anyone.... hoping its not another miscarriage because could't handle that right now, i have told my son last night but he has autism so doesn't understand in the slightest so that was rather shame wanted him to experience it but shouldn;t have expected anything.

so depressed atm.

good luck everyone might be leaving board soon but hopefully not.

02/02/2010 at 12:43

hiya everyone

 i got my BFP yesterday! bit shocked it has happened as quickly as it did. in late oct 09 i had a MC and i was on the due june 2010 thread for about a week! so some of you may know me from there. got my DR's appointmant on fri, lets just hope this one is a sticky one

hope you ladies are all ok and i look forward to chatting to you about our experiences

amanda xx

02/02/2010 at 14:42

awww amanda, can relate hun i have had several miscarriages and hoping this one is sticky for me too so will pray for you also.

best of luck for friday, whats you due date? hope all goes well... i am back at hospital tomorrow for yet more bloods.

02/02/2010 at 15:04

i worked out my EDD as about the 9th oct but i bet the doctor tells me different when i go on friday!

lynne - hope everything goes well 2mora, keep us posted

amanda xx

04/02/2010 at 17:51

hello everyone

hope you're and well and they are all sticky eggs/embryos.

hoping the scan went well lynne.

in case you're wondering i MUST have crispy duck pancakes for dinner tonight - I have been thinking about them for over a week and sneakily had a crispy duck wrap for breakfast on tuesday !!!!

prob not healthiest of brekkies but yum yum he he he )

04/02/2010 at 20:57

hey daniela, still waiting for the scan not due to get it until monday so waiting game atm, but got myself all worried because because i had some pink discharge that then turned brown but has stopped now, i phone the Early pregnancy unit at the hospital thats been dealing with me and the midwife there said it could be caused by my thrush? and said it was better to wait until monday for the scan because if they done it now it might be to early to see anything and that might make me worse. so seen her logic, but going to see my own doctor tomorrow and see if they wil give me something for the thursh and also check to make sure i don't have a kidney infection because i am always so prone to them during pregnancy and been getting little pains near my kidney so want to catch it now not later,

oh forgot to say also before meant to post this yesterday that i got my HCG levels check on wednesday and they went from 285 on monday to 598 on wednesday so they were very happy with that, and they booked me in for another scan on monday to see if they can see anyting with my levels getting higher.

sounds nice duck would go down a treat with me, i like anything coated in salt at the moment i hate salt usually and now i need it lol usually i have such a sweet tooth but now sugar makes me wanna be sick lol... god being on this thread has actually make me hungry now lol...

well hope you enjoyed your dinner and hope all other OCT mummy's to be are doing well...

Lynne XXX

04/02/2010 at 22:01
sorry to intrude - just wanted to say LYNNE - sounds good girlie!!!! levels are going up nicely now so hopfully you will get the "bean" like i did, i so hope so for you!!! just wanted to wish you all the very best and loads of good luck, hope all the rest of the oct 10 mums are having good pregnancies, feel kinda jelous that you guys are pregnant and i'm not now!! LOL love to you all xxxxxxxxxx
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