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14/01/2009 at 20:45

Hi everyone,my midwife came round today just to fill some forms in and book my scan which will be feb 4th but she has booked me in for a early scan too because of the pains im getting and thats tom at 9.45 looking forward to that cause it will put my mind at rest.

And she thinks i might be about 12 and half weeks rather than 8 and a half not sure what hapened there i thought i was getting a bit big for 8weeks,i took a preg test 2 weeks before my period date which was 15th nov and it said no,so thats why im confused hopfully i am that far gone, soon find out.

Take care everyone xx

15/01/2009 at 14:36

Finally had my official dating scan this morning and all is well although the bean was lying on his tummy waving his arms about and making it very hard to photograph him or get measurements. The scanner has put me at 14 weeks today which means that my new due date is July 16.

Sat next to an amazing woman as I was waiting who was pregnant despite having cancer last year and losing most of her cervix.

Anyway hope everyone is having a lovely day.



15/01/2009 at 14:41

Hey everyone!!

Have also had my scan, and all was fine, whew!! Was so nervous, as a friend of mine went to have her 12 week scan a few months ago and it showed the baby had died (even though she was still having loads of pregnancy symtpoms).

Have started telling a few friends now as am officially 3 months gone - only?? or already!!??

My next scan is early March where we will hopefully find ou the sex and then the real planning can begin! So excited. And also, by then it will be spring and I can start wearing lovely colourful kaftans, yay!! (Slight winter depression going on at my house!)

15/01/2009 at 19:52

Hi everyone had a really good day today(apart from having a skinking cold!!!)i went for my early pregnancy scan today cause of my tummy pains but in the end they changed it into a dating scan which wasnt due to 4th feb and im now 13weeks and 1day instead of 9weeks a bit of a suprise!! Im really pleased though and everything is looking good and the pics are great,im now due to have the baby around 9th july because i have to have it 2weeks early,cant wait!!

Hope everyones ok xx

15/01/2009 at 22:52

Hi all, i'm due Jan/Feb 09 and can't believe that there is a September 09 thread that's just scary! Anyway just thought i'd let you all know that if you go onto you may be entitled to £190 to help towards stuff to buy whilst being pregnant, you can't claim it until your 25 weeks ut thought i'd let you all know, bit annoyed myself as you can't claim it unless your due on 06/04/09 or later. Hope this helps and that your pregnancy's go well.

Roo - Hope everythings goin ok for you, only 2 weeks until i'm due now it's scary!

Alice x x

15/01/2009 at 22:54

Ignore the September bit i'm posting to all threads due apr and over!

x x

18/01/2009 at 11:55

Hi All

Sorry not been on here in a while. Sounds like everyone has had their scans now? Exciting isn't it

Thanks for the messages of sympathy for my cat. I was finally able to put him to rest last weekend as the ground has been so frozen!

Still feels strange without him, but I guess that will pass with time  At least I can look forward to another little one in the summer time, and this one will take up a lot more of my time! lol

Brought a cot bed mattress last week, a bit early I know but it was on offer at Toys r us Reduced from £117- £59! It was an all singing all dancing one. lol One of our friends giving us the cot bed, so that's one thing we don't need to get.

Hope you are all well, and your tummy's are growing nicely!


19/01/2009 at 16:36

Hello peeps

Glad to hear that people scans have gone well..

Sorry to hear about ur freind kelly101 whos baby had died, that must have been awful;(

It was my birthday yesterday and had a lovely weekend, presents being mainly maternity clothes, one being a diamante MUM TO BE with an arrow, quite cute

I'm still deciding whether to find out the sex of the baby, such a difficult decision... 

Just to let u know there is a BABY SHOW at ExCeL, London on 27Feb-1 Mar..


19/01/2009 at 16:38
ps, Roo, sorry also for your beloved cat. I lost my horse to colic or some intestine problem, 'Will' in August and was absolutrly devasted, and still am. But time is a healer.
19/01/2009 at 16:39
Sorry, blonde moment, I put Roo, meant to put Rach;0)
19/01/2009 at 17:14

Hi Everyone,

Thanks Alice for the weblink, my DH saw a brochure at the hospital about the £190 so have got some info. Seems quite generous doesn't it? But baby gear does add up!

Had a slight panic attack over the weekend, after reading a silly newspaper article about what is the right age gap to leave between children. It said that 2 years is the most difficult for parents and causes rivallary between siblings. So suddenly felt like we are crazy to be having another one in July, and worrying how I will cope. Feeling better about it now... I AM looking forward to having two munchkins, and yes there will be hard times ahead, but I can't imagine life without my DS now and know that it is worth every minute!

What are your thoughts on age gap?



19/01/2009 at 17:21

Also forgot to say...

Kate- Glad to hear you are planning on a flight as well. Will ask my doctor about the custom-made flight socks. We are still finalising dates for when to go hopefully will have it sorted this week as there are heaps of sales on now.

I've got some of those trainer type bras from M&S too - make you feel like you are 12 again John Lewis have a range of non-wired t-shirt bras which are nicer and at least have a bit of lace. Further down the track when you are after maternity bras I have come across an  range called 'Hotmilk' that are gorgeous, and don't actually look like maternity bras! I bought one last time, and planning on getting some more this time round.



19/01/2009 at 18:38

Hi All,

Yes thanks Alice for the link, I have asked them to send me a reminder when I'm 25wks as I'm not sure what my memory will be like by then!

Rach94- Loosing a horse must be worse, they are like a small child to look after only bigger! Poor Will

Nicky- I think the age gap is up to you. My mum had my sister 2 yrs after me and my twin and as far as I know she said we were fine whether that is because we were used to sharing our mums time, I don't know. I guess it just depends on the child?

Think I will need to get a maternity bra soon. My normal bra is getting a bit snug around the ribs etc.  

Oh if any of you girls wants to get some Bio Oil, don't get it from the shops or chemist get it on line. I got 2 bottles 200ml for £20! Normally nearly £20 each. and its free delivery.

 Have a good evening


19/01/2009 at 19:32

Thanks, yeah as horses are so dependant on us, There wasnt a day that went pass where I didnt want to go the yard, id loved mucking him out... we did a bit of competing too, and I learned so much from him...;(( But I have a lot of lovely memories..I had him cremated and have the urn in my spare room, not sure what do with him..

I have now bought a pack of 2 maternity bras from M&S £20. They are v comfy, all my other bras were underwired. When I was measured I had increased a cupsize. so now a 36 C..

19/01/2009 at 19:33
ps, how can we put pics on, as whenever Ive tried to download they are all too big
19/01/2009 at 21:51

Hi everyone hope your all well.

Rach-i know what u mean i think mine have grown quite a bit i was a 36 c not sure now but they look like a 34 d!!!! which is scary cause im only little lol.

I seem to be growing so quickly im only 14 weeks and i look about 5 months,and i found out that i might now be diabetic!! They found sugar in my wee on wed,going for blood tests this wed if it shows up again then it will be more trips to the hospital.Hopefully it was just a one off and it wont show up again,has anyone been diabetic durng pregnancy?.

Going to see the consultant on the 4th feb to talk about the c-section i will then know for sure when the little one will be arriving and im having the tripple blood test done too.

And for some reason i still feel sick with some foods and i still cant drink any hot drinks!!!

Thats me done,take care everyone xx

20/01/2009 at 10:04

Hi ladies

If any of you lucky ladies are working and need clothing for the office, why don't you try There is a selection of all types of clothing for any office needs, whether you just need a pair of smart trousers or separates to co-ordinate to create a suit. There are also tops and shirts.

Happy shopping !

20/01/2009 at 11:22

Hi all

I know what you mean about trying to upload a pic - I always get the "too bigger file message". I have a picture on here from last time ... no idea how I managed it!? Perhaps we should complain to admin, as surely in this Facebook age they can cope with bigger file sizes?

Hope the blood tests go ok Hornet. I had high sugar flagged at one point in my last pregnancy, but it turned out to be a one off and nothing to worry about. People at my work had said it was because I had been eating too many cakes


20/01/2009 at 18:01

Thanks Nicky i hope its just a one off and i must admit i have been eating a few more sweets than i should really but i cant help iti will have to control myself LOL! X

21/01/2009 at 08:41

Morning girls!

Glad to see everyone is ok! I had my 16 wk check on Monday. It was all very simple as I declined the triple test so she just checked my bp and asked how I was. I explained how I was suffering with my back and groin ache and she has referred me for physiotherapy. Hoping the appt comes through soon. I am going shopping for flat shoes today, my heels for work are quite high and as much as it loathes me to become a flatty wearer I have to admit that they aren't helping. I'll have to wonder web all my suit trousers so they don't trip me up..Lol! I also asked the mw to check for hb, she was reluctant at first as they can sometimes struggle to get it at this stage but I wore her down and she caved in...thankfully she picked it up almomst straight was heavenly to hear.

Is anyone suffering with headaches? I've had them almost permanently since finding out I was pg and they seem very sinusy. I'm so sick of them and have tried all I can to get rid.


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