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10/11/2008 at 17:16

Thanks Vicki for the info - very helpful - please keep us newbies up to date with your progress and best of luck for tomorrow!

 Reety it is lovely to know that someone is in the same boat, we will get the hang of it I am sure but it is all a bit daunting. I had expected some sort of official confirmation that I had not imagined the result but  guess I will not get that until my first scan and I need not to be nutty about it. I have developed one symptom by the way - a constant need to pee! Very annoying and I think people in the office are starting to look at me oddly - especially as I have been grinning all day! I would be interested in what the etiquette is for telling people. We were going to tell close family and no one else but I feel odd about lying to my friends - as they will notice I am not having a drink - what do you think.

Have a lovely evening.

Kate xx

10/11/2008 at 17:23

Hi Kate, I also need to pee all the time but I think I kind of had that anyway before I knew!

We have told my parents, godparents, brother & his fiance - all because we live near them and they noticed I didnt have a drink (I NEVER say no you see!) and also I knew they would notice when I didnt pick up my 1 yr old niece.

We may or may not tell hubby's family when we see them next (22nd Nov so will still be a month off the "safe zone") but I will leave that to him, as with anything we will need their support either way so its his family and he can choose.

I have a friend coming to stay 30th Nov, I may have to tell her as we ALWAYS have lots of wine and catch up. She will SO know if I dont have any - its not like antibiotics or other possible excuses have ever stopped me on a girlie night before...

I realise I sound like a terrible alcoholic - I am not and I am DEFINITELY not touching any whilst pregnant just to reassure you!

So basically telling people is a very personal thing, let us know what you decide and GOOD LUCK tomorrow Vicki!


10/11/2008 at 17:41

Mmm Reety I am just the same. We have a couple of friends coming over on Saturday with whom I always have a drink and they will definitely ask and I don't think the antibiotics line will work anyway. I will let you know after the weekend what we decide. I think we are going to tell both sets of parents this weekend because, as you say, we will want them to know whatever happens. Interestingly I am hoping I will not miss the booze because I had a glass yesterday (before I knew!!) and it tasted really nasty which made me do a test so I hoping that the revulsion will continue. I know this is probably heresy but my doctor told me when I was trying that the odd small glass no more than once a week will not hurt. I will probably cut it out altogether though just in case.

 Take Care


10/11/2008 at 19:13

Hi Kate,

Welcome to July 09 Mummies! This is my third pregnancy...I have a daughter who is 2 and I lost a baby in August at 15 weeks. I hope I'll be able to answer any queries you have...

I have no symptons other than being unable to sleep properly...which isn't helped by the fact I don't have the half bottle of red wine most evenings which made me!

I have swapped to decaff coffee and try to alternate between decaf tea bags and normal tea as I drink loads and you're meant to restrict your caffeine intake whilst preggers. I am also avoiding alcohol for the first 12 weeks however after that, the odd glass once in a blue moon won't do too much damage...the latest recommendations from the dept of health say 1-2 units no more than once or twice a week.

We have told both sets of parents but are waiting to tell everyone else until Christmas, purely because of the mc in August we are uber cautious and don't want to jinx things....however, with my dd and the baby I lost we told people within days/weeks of finding guys do whatever you want to...I hate it when people judge you for voicing your pregnancy early....the way I saw it was, they'd all know if I mc'd anyway so what the hell.

I'm off to bath my daughter now...will climb in after and chill out with a non alcoholic becks beer (yum) and pregnancy and birth magazine....bliss xxxx

Speak soon xxxxx

11/11/2008 at 09:02

Dear Roo

I am so sorry about your baby, what an awful thing to have to go through.

That is really good advice about the caffeine and booze, thankyou. I am trying to cut down on the coffee - a real struggle - but I am limiting myself to one proper cup a day and the rest decaf - horrid!

I feel incredibly bloated this morning which I hate and I promise faithfully I have not started to eat for two!

I am looking forward to telling at least the family because it feels all the more surreal that no one knows and I want some one to jump up and down with. I am getting increasingly nervous so I think a bit of celebration will help. I also ordered my pregnancy books yesterday which I have been to superstitious to buy before so they may make it real again.

Have a lovely day - I am sure your little girl will keep you busy!

Kate xx

11/11/2008 at 13:37

Afternoon Kate (and Reety&Rach if you're out there!)

My bath was! Have been out doing some more Christmas shopping this morning whilst dd was at playgroup..also managed to treat myself to snuggly cardigan to cuddle up in!

With regards to caffeine...they (whoever 'they' are) say you can have a max of 4 cups of real coffee or 6 cups of caffeinated tea per day....however it is also said that you should reduce your caffeine intake gradually as you may get bad headaches if you cut it out suddenly.

I love my pregnancy books and re-read them throughout the pregnancy...2 ones I loved were minus 9 to one by Jools Oliver and Myleene Klass's book about pregnancy (can't remember the name of it)

I know what you mean about the bloatedness...I have had to buy a larger size in trousers just so I don't get a hideous muffin top at work...I do have nice maternity pants but I'm not getting into them this early...haha!

Right, I'm off to sort washing and finish my ironing whilst Winne the Pooh is entertaining my little madame. x

11/11/2008 at 17:59

hiya ladies im due july15 09,seems so so far away, im terrified i might not make it,after a mc in march this yr(first ever bfp) im very very scared,gary darent even talk bout scans cos thats where it all went wrong last time....but PMA PMA its a totally different pregnancy,ive been taking all the vits for mths now,and feel ive give this baby the best possible chance

im bk at the docs 8dec,and he said hes going to get me a dating scan that wk,im hopin it i was to be far enough to just have a belly scan,i even read the other day a lady that had one at 7wk !! this is the least id be if i was to go from O day,so ive FX and toes crossed,im desperate to be a mother,ive wanted this for so so long !!

congrats to everyone, i dont get on ere that much so wil keep u updated as much as poss and come n see how ur all getting on

11/11/2008 at 18:33

Hi Ladies and new arrivals Kate and Honey.

Hope we are all well today?

Honey, try not to worry a couple of us have been through the some as you so don't think you are alone. I had a mc in Aug07 and it has taken us this long to get PG again! Really hoping this little one will stick .

Ladies on the caffeine front, I have started drinking herbal teas, then I don't feel so bad when I do have a PG tips .

I don't know about all of you but I am getting really hungry all the time! I feel I need to eat something quick so I don't feel sick? I get it when I wake up and when I get back home from work.  I  had some cheese on toast when I got in today!  I hope this is not what I will be like throughout this pregnancy as I will be the size of a whale! lol

Have a good evening 


12/11/2008 at 12:13

Morning Everyone

The sickness has started with a vengeance which is nice so i am sitting at my desk trying desperately to look normal. I went to pick up my baby pack from the surgery yesterday - In Cambridgeshire it seems you don't get to see a doctor just a midwife at 8 weeks. I am not even supposed to make the appointment for a couple of weeks so I am just sitting tight until then. Lots of things in the pack such as a thermometer for the nursery etc that seemed a bit previous but I guess that is the power of marketing!

In terms of telling people we have decided to tell family this weekend and 1 set of future godparents and leave it at that for as long as we can hold out!

We are having people over for dinner this weekend and so I have had to do lots of research on what foods are allowed - the cheese bits are really complicated but I think I have cracked what I am allowed now. As soon as I discovered what I was allowed I had a real craving for everying that I am not still it is all infinitely worth it.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.

Kate xx

12/11/2008 at 22:48


I found out I was pregant last week! I am 5 weeks and due 14 July 09! (by my calculations) Seeing the doctor on Friday morning...Im also a little scared/nervous as this is my first pregnancy..We were only trying for 3 months, so feel very lucky at the mo.

Even when I sneeze (which is really loud) it feels like I should try and stop it as feels strong and not sure whats going on inside. I havent had any morning sickness, but have had nausea, tiredness and sore boobs...

Rachel (another Rachel)..

13/11/2008 at 08:00

This is most definitely the Rachel!

Welcome Rachel, lovely to meet you! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your symptons sound spot!! I have had awful sinus headaches and am full of cold but thankfully the nausea is still at bay for me.


13/11/2008 at 16:56

Hi All,

Welcome Rachel  He he another one DH always says Rachel is a popular name! lol

Well been to the docs today, see said as soon as she saw my name she was hoping it was going to be good news. DH and I have been trying for years, I hope this little one stays put!

Doc told me the same as you Kate, I will prob get a call from the midwife at 8 weeks. I mentioned about scans and if I should have one earlier due to a mc, but she said it would be up to the midwife. They only do one scan now at 12 weeks or even later as they can get all the info they need then. Don't think I will be able to wait that long! I want to see my little bean sooner than that!! 

Oh the Doc said my due date is the 13th July. I can't wait to met this little one

Have a good evening all. I'm off to eat something! lol

x Rach

13/11/2008 at 17:40

Evening Peeps,

Well Im looking forward to my docs appointment tomorrow, seems like Ive been waiting and eternity since I found out last Wednesday...Mostly looking forward to my first scan, but Ive heard loads of different dates wen people have them.

The only people I have told is medical people, went to the dentist and she was the first person I told which was quite weird, my chiropractor and massage therapist!

Went round to my parents today as my sister, husband and her 1.5yr old were there..was quite weird them not knowing. I am telling my parents next week, so will be almost 7 weeks at that point.  We have a Christmas party on 20th Dec with 16 of my friends (will be almost 11 weeks) and I'm planning on telling them too, scary!

13/11/2008 at 22:31

Hello All...

Gatecrashing from July 08! My daugther is 16 weeks old now.. I was at your stage this time last year.. Baby Glue and Dust for all!

It was a complete shock that I found out I was preggers, but I had been taking folic acid and all my normal vits for months before hand (had planned on a donor - Friend to conceive) so it was a shock that it just happened. I stopped smoking (still stopped), but drank too much in the first 2months as a couple of big do's with work and it was toooo hard to resist, although the full glass is great as they don't top it up!! LOL.  I ate whatever I wanted (apart from liver and don't really like soft cheese) and well tried not to eat for 2 (still have 3/4stone to lose)...

I know exactly how you must all be feeling in terms of worrying about your first appointments and scans.. I was really really worried, but also tried to carry on as normal as normal as it can be with a new life growing inside. I was not sick, I was full of beans, I had no aches or pains (always suffered BADLY with my back) it was just WONDERFUL... I really miss being pregnant, but my beautiful daughter really makes up for it!!

Will keep checking how you are all getting along every now and then. I am sure more will join your forum soon.

Take care all .

Kimberley & Fast Asleep Esmee

14/11/2008 at 08:53

Hi all!

Another repeat offender from the 'born july/aug 08' forum i'm affraid! Hi Kimberley...its soooo hard to resist isn't it! Just cant really believe it was a year ago for us and now we have our little ones!

We just miss the buzz of being pregnant...the scans (which most health authorities date at around the 12 and 20 week mark), the midwife clinics, the blood tests.....erm, yeah well. I do miss it all. It espeacially gets exciting from around week 18 when you get the kicks and hiccups. It really is magical!

I'm glad to see more people discovering their pregnancies and being just as excited by it all. Good luck to you all!

Love Charlotte and trying to turn over, Abigail. xxx

14/11/2008 at 13:36
I was just like you Kimberely when I was pregnant with my last pregnancy, a lot more relaxed regarding all the 'rules'....I was practically perfect with my first pregnancy though..anyway, as it turns out, I lost my baby in August and after relaxing regarding all the 'rules' I beat myself up so much over the wine/runny eggs etc and it still makes me wonder to this day, 'what if?'....So with this pregnancy I am following the 'rules' to the letter and will be perfect...I don't want to be able to blame myself in anyway if anything happens to this bean and I wouldn't wish that guilt or heartache on anyone.
14/11/2008 at 13:47

Hello Roo

I was eating Ben & Jerrys Phish Food ice-cream last night, and then realised it probably had uncooked egg in it and it did...i had one more mouthful and then stopped..;(

I had my first visit with the doctor this morning, which went well, got my baby pack and went straight to the hospital to have my blood test done (had to wait an hour)..

Now got all of my info to fill in and had to decide which hospital and hav decided Addenbrooks, Cambridge..

I keep having palpataitions and out of breath quickly, dont like that. It is weird not feeling anything yet, so looking forward to first scan, although I dont want to wish the weeks away!

14/11/2008 at 15:48

Dear Rach 94

Oooh you are a Cambridge girl too! I will also be giving birth in the Rosie. It is supposed to be really good - I did a tour there years ago with my Mum and was really impressed.(She was giving birth not me!) I can't believe that about the Ben and Jrry's - I thought things like that would be safe! Is that all nice icecream do you know??? I will be gutted if it is as I have got some lovely haagen dazs waiting at home. Can you explain what the blood test is for? My pack says not to cal anyone for a couple of weeks so I am a bit behind you I think (Due July 20).

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Kate xx

14/11/2008 at 16:23

Hi Kate

I am a Hertfordshire girl, and decided against PAH, Harlow. My friend is an ICU Nurse and has worked at both as she prefers how the Rosie is run ;/ I'd like to do a tour, but think I have to be over 32 weeks, not sure.

Do u live in Cambs?

Not sure about the ice-cream but thats what it said on the'll have to have a look..

I had a blood test to check I was vacc against Rubella, get the results next week, and also I guess to confirm I am pregnant..! I know that I am thou..

I didnt really get a 'pack' just Emmas Diary and 2 forms to fill out, free prescriptions and maternity medical services. Says my first appointment at the hospital will be 11-14 weeks.

I found a good chart that I printed out, from which is really great cos it personalises your weeks and can see where you're at..


14/11/2008 at 17:26

Hi All, 

Sorry but I too am gatecrashing. My little one was born 27th August.  I am sooooo happy to have my little one but I did love being pregnant.

I cannot believe that about phish food ice cream (opps...guess what I ate lots of during my pregnancy!!!).  There is also a due calendar on and when you registedr it sends you the weeks to your email...Really fab and amazing to see what is happening.

I would highly recommend registering on websites such as bounty, pampers, hipp, tesco (parent and baby parking!!!), Boots parenting etc.  You get great discounts!!! 

I drank the odd glass of wine during my pregnancy and it didn't do any harm to the little munchkin. I unfortunately craved the fizziness of beer!!! LOL.

I really hope all goes well for you all...I had to tell people sooner than 8 weeks cos I suffered with really bad morning sickness. Groan!! But I can honestlly say that it is so worth it all.

Lots of Love and Baby Wishes,

Cathy x

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