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21/11/2008 at 09:41

Dear all

I am the same with the tiredness - 9.30 seems to be about my limit at the moment. I am convinced that my morning sickness is related to how tired I am so if I push my luck I feel dreadful! My other big trigger is strong smells, someone at work brought in spare ribs the other day and I had to leave the room!

I bought my first maternity stuff in the M&S sale yesterday,just some leggings and black trousers. I haven't put on any weight as yet but I cannot stand anything tight around my tummy so I am wearing alot of jersey and knitted dresses at the moment.

 Hope everyone is feeling OK and not too grotty.

Kate xx

21/11/2008 at 12:08

Hi everyone, I am pregnant for the 2nd time and think i due about 19 July. Have not had a very good couple of days, as had some bleeding on Wednesday night, still have a little bit of spotting, so it is all very worrying. I have been booked in for an EP scan on Monday. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I have also had some shooting pain in my left breast overnight and today. Didn't have any of this with my first pregnancy!


21/11/2008 at 12:57

Hi everyone,

 Welcome Nicky..I havent experienced this but other mums-to-be may have..Congrats. I am due 14 July..


I am feeling sick constantly all day long, dont know what to do with myself. Im self employed and luckily have the felt worse on the days I havent been working.

I too have the same problem, the only thing I usually wear is jeans, and the thought of that. So just been wearing trackies...

I'm going out for a meal tonight with my parents and telling them the news! I pop down to the shops this afternoon and buy some maternity trousers!


21/11/2008 at 14:40

Rachel you will love tonight. Telling my Mum was one of the most amazing things ever - I think she is still crying a week later - with joy I hasten to add! If you are not ready to graduate to maternity clothes then leggings are great or anything with lots of elastic. It feels really wierd not to be wearing jeans doesn't it.

My mother in law suggested Ginger nuts for the sickness and they seem to help a bit but the best thing for me - very boring I know - is lots of sleep and no rich food.  have been really strict about that this week and it has really helped. Still I read somewhere that women who having morning sickness are  much more likely to have healthy babies so I keep reminding myself it is a good thing.

Congratulations Nicky, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I had a friend who had lots of bleeding in the first trimester and went on to have twins!! I think sometimes it just happens, try not to panic.



21/11/2008 at 16:39

I feel really nervous about how I'm going to put it, I know they'll be happy but just wierd! My sister had a baby last year, so this will be their 2nd grandchild.

I had my first scan booked intoday, 31 Dec! So will be a good New Years Eve showing people my scan pictures!

M&S in my town too small to do maternity wear, looks like it tights and a skirt for now.

My parents told me about my sisters pregnancy, me and my sister dont really have a bond, we get on, but we hardly ever call each other, i ask her things about her baby (whios 18months), when when we're all out as a family, she just looks at her husband and just ignores what youre saying, this has been going on for years, im the younger sister (7yrs younger) and i think she thinks im still a child. its very frustrating..;( Shes never been out for a meal with her son, dont know what shes worried about, my parents find it a bit annoying as everything has to go to plan with his sleeping times, but it just means, everythings evolved around him, cant possibly go out for sunday lunch as it is sleep time (She wont let him sleep in the pram!) ....Anyway, going on a bit now, I have no experience yet with children, but I am determined not to be like that!!

Hope u all have a good weekend..


21/11/2008 at 18:20

Hi Girls,

Welcome Nicky, I too have had some spotting this week, on Wednesday night was brown blood which according to my epu is 'old blood' so nothing to worry about as likely to just be an implantation bleed....I nearly pooped my pants as I haven't had any bleeding in my last 2 pregnancies (even when I lost my baby at 15 weeks I had no bleeding prior to my waters breaking). Anyway, my epu have just advised me to take it easy and contact them if any heavier bleeding or immense pains.

I've been having some tummy ache today, nothing major but I felt quite odd so came home from shopping and put me feet up...have told work I won't be in tmrw as can't take any risks with this baby, fortunately they are very understanding.

I got a letter from the hospital today regarding my baby which I lost in August...the finally found my test results and they show there were no chromosonal abnormalities and the placental analysis suggests it was a girl, we had already named the baby Hope anyway so it seems even more appropriate now. I feel relieved now to know it isn't something that would effect this pregnancy however we still don't know why it happened so I'll probably have a cervical stitch or something.

I am bursting out of my trousers at the moment so am wearing a size bigger for work and am living in tracksuits or pj's when at home, how attractive! I have loads of mat clothes from other pg's but am too scared to get them down from loft just yet.

Rach, enjoy tonight it will be really special. xxx

22/11/2008 at 10:17

Morning ladies,

Congratulation's Nicky, try not to worry about the spotting, easier said than done I know.

I can't believe it, I just finished writing a long message and went to send it but realised I had not signed in! so it has all gone!! Well  I'm sorry but I can't be asked to wright it all again. It's either being blond or pregnant, that has made me like this today, I like to think its being pregnant lol

Hope we are all well?

I cant wait to tell my family. DH and I said we would wait till I'm 12 weeks which is perfect as its right on xmas day. Should have a scan as well to show as the midwife contacted my yesterday and wants to get my in for an early scan. Can't wait

We said we would tell our friends on new years eve. We will be round a friends house so that will be perfect as well, crack open a bottle of bubbly.   

Have a good day Girls, don't forget to wrap up warm, it's going to be cold this weekend (already sounding like a mother!) lol

xx Rach

22/11/2008 at 12:46

How annoying is that Rach! It is freezing, thankfully I am wrapped up in a furry dressing gown and am about to get my hot water off work due to the spotting and niggly pains so am resting up as much as I can with a 2 yr old.

Hope the rest of you girls are doing ok. I was going to start a due date post to remind us of ou due dates so will go back thru the dates and get an idea...obviously they are likely to change at scans but I can always amend or update it x

22/11/2008 at 12:53

Roo 10th

reetyre 11th

Rach :0) 11th

Rach94 14th

Honey08 15th

Nicky 19th

Kate M ?

22/11/2008 at 19:09

Hi Roo,

Make sure you do rest, that is what I have been doing all day lol any excuse to just relax and get DH to do some house work for me  I'm not that bad honest

Been to waitrose and brought some bit that I can nibble on. Healthy bits of course, well apart from the mini Cheddars, thought I might give them a go it might stop me feeling so sick in the morning? Oh and a packet of Ginger nuts. I'm not craving anything at the moment just preferring savoury things to sweet. Anyone the same? No-one nibbling on any coal yet? lol

xx Rachel

23/11/2008 at 11:49

Hi all,

Its very quiet on here!

Just wanted to know if anyone knows if any cough medicene are ok to take? I had a terrible nights sleep with a tickly cough, but didn't want to take anything just in case.

very annoying, so tired today .

Hope everyone is well ?

rach xx 

23/11/2008 at 12:16

Hi Rach,

I don't think we are allowed to take anything like cough medicine, I suffered with a cough last time and just had to keep taking sips of water, also sucking a boiled sweet helped me stop coughing.

Had a little (teeny, tiny) bit of spotting last night but nothing again this morning so am resting again, my sister is taking dd for a walk in the woods when it stops raining then we are all going out for a roast at a lovely country pub, so it should be a nice relaxing sunday, fingers crossed.

I can't get over how quiet it is on this board, I've used this board so much and use various other websites and this is like a ghost town.....Lol xxx


23/11/2008 at 12:41
hi roo, when i was 6 wks i had a bleed and was sent to epu for a scan and was told baby was there but it was too early 2 see heart beat and they would rescan in 10 days.  then at nearly 8 weeks had lot more bleeding still only dark blood and going brownish, no pains went bk to A & E cervics closed and rescaned the next day.  baby there and staring to move a little heart beat good.  this scan showed i had had a threatened misscarriage which is a bleed right next to the sac, and there wasnt much they could do i just had to rest.  and wait and see.  11 wks another bleed very brown this time and not very much.  scan showed baby moving about and no problems they said it was just left over blood coming away.  and touch wood up to now ive been fine, still worry everytime i feel something strainge down below.  im sure u will be fine this time hun, i know its hard coz u do worry i did!!  good luck. xx
23/11/2008 at 13:14
Thanks Emma, it's so bloody wprrying and I feel awful taking time off work to rest but I just can't risk anything....I'd wrap myself up in cotton wool if I could! Well, your on the home stretch now, fingers crossed the rest of your pregnancy is as stressless as it can be. x
23/11/2008 at 16:12

Hi Roo,

I know what you mean, I was on the Due march 07 forum and it used to take me ages to catch up on everyone posts before I could even reply!

I hope it will get a bit more chatty later on? I will be writing more once work knows. At the moment I don't want them to catch me looking at this site, nosey people start asking questions!

Oh going out for Sunday roast, sounds lovely, can I come? lol

Hope you don't have any more spotting, and it is something similar to what Emma has had. You just don't know how much of a miracle it is getting pregnant and having a baby until you start trying! I thought it would take me no time at all, and that once I was that was it, no need to worry.

Three years later and one miscarriage it has finally happened again. I too am being extra careful this time!

I'm just going to suffer with this cough, although I might try some honey and lemon if it keeps me awake again.

Rach x


23/11/2008 at 19:52

Honey and Lemon sounds a good idea. I drink a lot of hot water with slices of lemon in when I'm at work as I'm trying not to drink too much coffee.

Roast was lovely however it was a minefield as I wanted the chicken dish instead of traditional roast (changed my and it had a cheese and leek sauce so had to ask what type of cheese it was...then I really fancied ice cream but it was homemade so had to settle for apple crumble which wasn't the same...Lol...I'm so hard to please.

I spoke to my Mum about my pains and she said it sounds like a urine infection so am going to book in with dr in the morning and see what he says.

Hope your cough doesn't keep you up too much honxx

24/11/2008 at 12:07

 Hi everyone

Roo and nicky - hope you are both doing better and have managed to rest up a bit.

Re: coughs - i have heard that lots of pastilles are OK rather than cough syrup so things like soothers etc but the phamacist will know exactly which ones

Rach 94 how did it go over the weekend? It is a hard thing to phrase and I was really nervous which is ridiculous as my family and I are really close. Hope it was everything you wanted it to be.

Roo:The food thing is a minefield isn't it - I was in a sandwich shop at the weekend and had to ask about the mayonnaise so my pregnancy was outed to the whole shop - luckily I was on my own! My due is the 20th for your chart by the way.

 I am feeling really rough today - I have been really suffering with indigestion so when we had chinese last night I had noodles and vegetables - which I thought would be really good but my tummy is still hurting now which combined with the sickness sucks. I also get panicky eberytime  have any kind of tummy pain at the moment so not feeling very relaxed!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

Kate xxx

24/11/2008 at 12:40

Ah Kate, I can understand the panicking about tummy ache...I'm such a warry wart...Lol!

Went to drs this morning..he checked my urine and there aren't obvious signs of infection but he wants to send it off anyway..he thinks I should be resting more and wants me off work for at least a week until we see what the scan says. He was very understanding and nearly made me cry...Lol! So that's me signed off until 1st Dec....

Work are going to love me.....not!

Well....I've made cakes with dd this morning so am off to ice them with her, then I think we are going to cuddle up and watch Dumbo. The house is a right state but unfortunately It will have to stay that way for now, Lol.

Where is everyone else? This has to be the slowest/quietest birth thread ever...x

24/11/2008 at 14:12

Hi Everyone, hope all is going ok. Thanks for the comments, was quite stressed about it all when I joined last week. The thing is, it wasn't just spotting but a proper gush. Had my scan this morning and much relieved to see everything is going ok. They have put me at about 6 weeks & were able to see the heartbeat, even though the little bean is only 3mm long!

Started feeling queasy the last couple of mornings, might see if I can make some ginger biscuits to munch on. Have dug out my maternity clothes, but agree about knitted dresses being the most comfy thing to wear at the moment. A shopping trip is needed I think!

Take care


24/11/2008 at 14:56

Hello Peeps,

I havent been on for a few days, felt too sick to even look at a compluter. Anything I think about doing, just makes me feel ill. Still eating lots and havent actually been sick, it feels like having a constant hangover ;((

Weekend went well, my parents were really excited, was hard to find the right time as my dad kepe talking about current affairs with my husband, so difficult to bring the subject up! Told my sister yesterday, and she was happily shocked! We started talking about the whole pregnancy and birth, was good. luckily she leant me quite a few maternity bits she was going to ebay, so that will keep me going for a while.

Ive had some shooting pains over the weekend, not sure if it was my digestive system or not, thankfully it has stopped. Im also getting sort of palpations, I can hear my heart beat in my ear, constant thumping, not sure if thats stress....;(

My best friend returns tomorrow from her 3 week trip to Australia, so looking forward to telling her also!

Im 8 weeks tomorrow...


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