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25/11/2008 at 18:43

Hi Girls,

Hope all the sickness and spotting has stopped.

Roo, try not to worry if the doc thinks you should have a week then that's what you need to do, I'm sure your staff will understand?

Well I have tomorrow off, Yippee! Well it is my Birthday   21 again! I wish .

DH is taking me shopping, think it will be tops and shoes, not a lot of point getting trousers if by tummy stars growing.  

Off to my sisters in the afternoon as it is her birthday too ( yes I am a twin )  She has a baby boy who is just over 6 months old, sooo sweet.

Nicky glad your scan went well, I can't wait to have mine I have got a few weeks yet I think? I have got a MW appointment on the 8th so hopefully she will be able to book one for me soon after.

Rach, It sounds like you are stressed? try and relax , have a long soak in the bath.

Kate, Hope your pains have gone? Its a constant worry any little ache and pain I get my mind starts reading into it. Google has never been used more!    

My cough was a nightmare Last night and the night before. DH was worried about the baby with all the coughing I was doing. Its so annoying, I'm not getting a lot of sleep because of it! Tried sipping small amounts of water and garggling with Listerine, which did help a bit as it numbed my throat. Hope it goes away soon!  

Have a good evening ladies.

xx Rachxx 

25/11/2008 at 19:46

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Rach. Hope you get spoilt

Hope everyone else is well and relaxed. Know what you mean about worrying about every little niggle - i'm a google addict to!

Speak soon,


26/11/2008 at 14:40

Happy Birthday Rach - I hope you and your twin are having a lovely day and got lots of fab pressies.

All is well at this end - I am feeling much better and recovering from my bug - a bug on top of morning sickness with no medicine is a truly horrible experience! 

Feeling grotty yesterday so treated myself to some really nice maternity clothes - I can only wear trackie bums for so long! Found a really nice shop called Crave Maternity. Very posh but they were having a half price sale so got a dress, two jumpers and some jeans. Well worth looking at their website if any of you are ready to take the plunge!

I am 6 weeks today so finally get to make an appointment with the midwife and get started so to speak .

Hope you are all happy and well.

Kate xx

26/11/2008 at 18:57


Hope you had a good birthday Rach.

Kate, when r u due? Thought you would be more than 6 weeks? Have you spoke to the midwife. Im not sure what Im supposed to do. I have an appointment that I booked for my 12 week scan, but thats it..;/

Still feeling sick.;(

How is everyone else?

27/11/2008 at 09:01

Dear Rach 94

I am due on July 20 which - I believe  - means I am 6 weeks yesterday.(Ihave a short cycle which probably explains it!) The way that it works in Royston is that you call your widewife (number given in pack by the GP surgery) when you are 6-8 weeks pregnant. You then have a booking appointment at your home which is about 40 minutes long - and I am a bit fuzzy about what happens!It is my midwife who will book the scan after that appointment. Where I live it is all midwife led and we do not see the doctor at all. I think it is normal though to have that booking appointment either with your GP or your midwife before the scan. I would ring your surgery and ask them. But above all don't worry about it - you have plenty of time. Hope that helps.

Hope you are feeling a bit better with your sickness - the likliehood is that it will stop soon and it is all a good sign - although horrid!

Kate xx

27/11/2008 at 10:50

Morning Ladies!

Well I have the day from heaven dd is at playgroup all morning and then my in laws are collecting her and taking her for the afternoon, dh will then pick her up on his way home from work...which means, I have all day, just me and Ted (my nickname for bean..Lol) I have caught up with Emmerdale and Easties, am now watching This nipping to the local shop for some munchies as there is nothing in the house that I fancy thanks to my nausea and then I'm going to relax in a nice warm bath before and afternoon nap....I can't wait!

My nausea is becoming more resident as apposed to fleeting visits, I also have a cough which isn't helping with the gagging and retching....however I can't moan as anything that means the pregnancy is progressing is a good thing.

I have my scan on Monday and have decided that is all is well we will tell the world....I am looking about 4 months pregnant and although I can avoid friends I can't avoid work next week and people will start guessing so I want to announce before the rumours start.

Rach, I hope you had a lovely birthday!

Kate, the maternity clothes sound nice, I love Crave and was impressed with the online sale.....can't bring myself to buy any yet...Haha!

Right, I'm off to the shop....will be popping on and off throughout the day so feel free to keep me entertained with posts girls...Lol!


27/11/2008 at 10:57

Hi ya

Sounds like a wonderful day Roo. My lil' 18th old is having a nap, so I have just over an hour of time to myself.

Kate, I'm due on the 20th too! I have been given a midwife appointment for next week which I'm told will be with a group of preggy ladies. I got my scanned booked when I went for my EP scan this week, which will be the first week of Jan. Scary to think I will be 12 weeks by then!

have a good day


28/11/2008 at 15:25

Hi all, another newbie to your forum!

I have actually been reading your posts for a few weeks now! I have been using Thinkbaby forums religiously since I got pregnant with my first child over 2 years ago, but since then have recommended a lot of friends to the site too and they now know my screen name, so I've been trying to figure out how to change my name on here, doh!

I am due July 18th, have had zero symtoms at all this time round... last time I was in bed by 8pm, was nauseous all the time, could hardly eat any food without being repelled... and this time I have NO SYMTOMS!!!! I guess every pregnancy is different but wish I had a few symptoms just to ease my mind that all was ok!

Have midwife visit in early December so will hopefully have the odd gagging reflex by then ha ha.

xx K

28/11/2008 at 16:38

Hi Kelly,

I had the same quandry as yourself! I have real life friends that use this forum and I didn't want them to know just yet so am posting under an alias!! We have a scan on Monday so if all is well we will be announcing it and then I will be able to go back to using my proper name.

Lucky you not having any symptons, I have nausea, headaches, back aches and hideous pregnancy insomnia! Every now and again I feel fine and then the exhaustion hits me...I have bee lying on the sofa this afternoon whilst dd plays with some toys I gave her out of her Christmas box...Lol! Bribery works a treat when you feel lousy!

I am 8 weeks today and due 10th July, it took me a while to convince dh that it was ok to share our news as after a mc in Aug at 15 wks we were both intially adament that we would keep it a secret until Christmas, however I am already looking 3/4 months pregnant and for someonw with a usually tiny waist, it is very obvious....also, I have had to have quite a bit of time off work over the last 3 weeks due to spotting and don't want everyone thinking I'm taking the mick. The way I see it is, if we are going to lose this little bean as well it will have nothing to do with when we tell people....

What plans does everyone have for the wkend? We are looking for a new carpet for dd's big bedroom and then on Sunday we are taking her to local garden centre to see Santa and his reindeer, I can't wait!!


30/11/2008 at 09:52

Hi All,

Sorry I have not been on here for a while, I have been feeling sooo rough!

This cough and now cold has been wearing me down  .

Thank you all for my birthday wishes I had a lovely time and did get spoilt rotten. Last night My sis and our other half's and a few friends went out for a bday meal to a new restaurant called dim t , the food was really nice but portions were a little bit small for my liking. lol

Roo I bet your little girl is going to love seeing Santa, and his reindeer and you! lol

Hi Kelly 101, Congratulations.  I have also got a MW appointment in the first week in Dec. Had a letter from the hospital with my scan date, I have to wait till the 29th Dec! I would of liked an appointment before Xmas but hay never mind, we will have to tell people without a pic.

Have a good day everyone

Rach xx   

30/11/2008 at 16:44

Well what a grotty day it has been today!

Dh has been great today though, he has mopped  the floor and given the house a general tidy up. He would not allow me to do anything but relax, Bless

How are we all today?

Not looking forward to work tomorrow, just don't have the energy to do anything, luckily we are quietening down with the run up to Xmas, which is also a bad thing as it does makes the day drag.

How is everyone doing with there Xmas shopping? I haven't started yet

Rach x

01/12/2008 at 13:37

I spoke too soon!!!!!! Nausea has hit me with a vengeance!!! I just have to open the fridge and look at the contents and I want to heave.... can't stomach a cup of tea, gag at thought of Christmas dinner..... aaaaaaargh!!! I cactually lost half a stone in the first 3 months of my last pregnancy and it looks like I am heading down the same route, all I can stomach is fruit! Oh and chocolate ha ha!!!

We are going to try and keep pregnancy a secret as long as possible... last time I managed till 14 weeks which was pretty good going! I just hate all the attention and people asking every 5 minutes "How are you feeling?" ... my sister announced all her pregnancies about 5 seconds after she conceived and boy did those 9 months get drawn out....

Hope I get a scan this year still but think it might get pushed over the early January.... keep watching the post just in case a letter arrives!!!!

Must dash, have a good week everyone.... xx  

01/12/2008 at 21:04

Hi Girls,

My scan went really well, saw the heartbeat flickering away and am really pleased. I will have another scan in approx 4 weeks so will get a proper date then but am almost certain it's the 10th.

Rach - Glad you had a good birthday, my dd enjoyed seeing santa but it was freezing and the one reindeer looked more like a mingy alsatian instead...Lol!

Rach:0) Lucky you having a partner waiting on you hand and foot, my dh does the odd task but you'd think he had run the marathon they fuss he makes!

Kelly, I'm sorry you nausea has grabbed you. It's so vile and I hate it too...Lol!

Just to confuse things, my real username on here is 'RachelF' but seeing as though we have so many Rach's I think it's prob best if I stay as Roo on this thread...Lol!


01/12/2008 at 23:13
Hi Roo. it's Alice from Feb 09 thread! Just read that ur due on 10th! Can u make ur baby come 2 days late please! Then they will be born on my 21st birthday! haha! I'm pleased they let u have a scan early! Take care x x
02/12/2008 at 20:55

Hi everyone,

I have just had a nice homemade pizza, Yumm yumm.

Feeling really sleepy now but that could just be because I have eaten toooo much lol

Roo - I'm glad you are keeping your name, as my maiden name was Rachel f!!

Had to ring the doctor today as DH was getting worried about my cough,I have had it for about 2 weeks now!

She said exactly what I thought, take nothing apart from homey and lemon.

It should keep DH quiet now, I think he thinks I am not worried about the little one! menIf only they knew how much we worry.

Moan over now

Kelly- Sorry to hear about the sickness, its horrid isn't it?

I was sick at the weekend but not sure if that was just because I had not had any breakfast?

Have a good evening all


04/12/2008 at 09:09
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04/12/2008 at 09:13

Hi everyone,

What a lot of Rachels' we have here!

Congrats on the scan Roo, seeing that heartbeat is very comforting isn't it.

How is everyone coping with morning sickness, I've have had to run to the bathroom a couple of times this week mid-conversation!

I had labour dreams last night! Was all very odd ... such as when a doctor came to examine me, he was checking to see how many teeth the baby had?!? What?!?! You will all think I'm a bit mad now!

Anyway, when I woke up stressing about who would look after my lil' boy when i was in labour. No point worrying just yet i guess.

 Now this might seem a dumb question but could someone explain all these abbreviations - DD , DH, ABCEFG I can guess what they are, but feel reluctant to use them when I dont know exactly. Not very up on this forum chat business.

Have a good day all


04/12/2008 at 11:59

Hi everyone

Hope everyone is feeling OK today. My morning sickness has stepped up a notch this week which is great fun! Finally got my widwife appointment booked - Iam in on the 15th of December. I will be nearly 9 weeks by then but they are so stretched here that that is as early as they can manage. I have got to have a doctors appointment in the meantime to check all is well.  The only other thing to report really is that I finally bit the bullet and went and bought maternity bras as I was starting to get that very unpleasant overflow effect.  I have gone up two cup sizes whixh is obscene so I fervently hope that is done! Got to brave the shops this weekend to get all the Christmas shopping done, I am determined to do it all in 1 day as I am not going to have much of a chance after this so fingrest crossed I will get it all done.

 How is everyone doing today?

Kate xx

04/12/2008 at 14:14

Hi Nicky, I also had a labour dream the other day, I was in labour in the car ??? and the doctor refused to give me an epidural and I was trying to escape... not sure what that's all about.... DD I THINK is "Darling Daughter", DH is "Darling Husband" etc but I bet someone goes and totally proves me wrong now ha ha! Kate, I've also had morning sickness with a vengeance, just opening the fridge makes me want to hurl!! People at work don't know yet and merrily chat about their Big Mac and greasy fish and chips lunches in front of me, lovely.... haven't acually thrown up yet but nearly hit the floor with my retching.... last time it went after about 12 weeks so whew, only 4 more LONG weeks to go, great! (So much for Christmas dinner this year...) xx

04/12/2008 at 14:47

Hi girls, its Charlotte from the 'born july 2008' thread!

Just thought i'd pop in to see how you're all doing, so i'm glad to see you're all ok (apart from the vivid dreams and sickness....the dreams are common in pregnancy, so they'll continue. The sickness will subside!) I managed my xmas dinner last year but it really put me off roast dinners throughout the rest of my pregnancy (and ive only just got back into them!) The thought of it whilst pregnant made me want to hurl....uurghh!

I managed to get my 12 week scan in on Dec 27th last year and cant believe it was year ago! It was a lovely end to the year, and the dates were right within 48hrs!

Good luck and look forward to those magical moments of seeing your LO's bounce around on a screen in front of you! You'll love it!

Take care and have a great year brings about a whole new chapter in your lives!

Charlotte and Abigail. xxx

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