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04/12/2008 at 20:08

Hi Ladies,

 Can I join you? My name's Isobel and am due with my first baby on (i think!) July 6th. We were trying for 14 months so this is a very wanted baby! I was beginning to give up hope of ever conceiving and then we went on holiday, i completely lost track of dates and hey presto!! I'm so excited, but also very nervous. I haven't been able to tell any of my family yet as i really want to wait until my 12 week scan.

After a quiet start i think the hormones have really begun to kick in this week. I'm usually a real night owl but have been struggling to stay awake past 8 now! Also feeling quite sick and achey... but i'm taking every sympton as a good sign. Anyway, will be really nice to get the perspective of other mum's to be for the next 9 months!

 Izzy x

 ps - apologies for any wonky spellings along the way!!

05/12/2008 at 11:48

Hi everyone!  I've been following this forum from the start, when it was just Roo, bless her!  I didn't want to tempt fate by registering with the site but then I thought, what the heck!  I am ten weeks pregnant today!!!  (Every day counts!) which I think makes me due about 3rd July but will know more when I go for my 12 wk scan.  I found out at 5wks but thought I was 7wks so that was a bit disappointing.  DH and I are very lucky as we conceived the second month of coming off the pill which really surprised me - so much in fact I still can't beleive it, it's all very surreal!   I've always been very maternal so can't wait!  I have had two scans already as had some pains prior to knowing I was pregnant but everything is fine (last one was at 7 wks 3 days!!!!! how do they do that?!??!)  ~Am also lucky as not had any ms at all, just can't stop eating!!!  Oops!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone and good luck!!!!!

Look after yourselves xx

05/12/2008 at 12:32

Hi Girls!!

Hope you are all well! Welcome to Isobel and Baby Bear! Congratulations on your pregnancies and welcome to July 09 Mummies!

Firstly...Kelly was right with the abbreviations....

DH - darling husband DF - Darling Fiancee DP - Darling Partner DD - Darling Daughter DS - Darling Son

PMSL - Peeing myself Laughing LOL - Laugh out Loud IYSWIM - If you see what I mean

BFP - Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test)

Rach, I too have a cough and cold and it isn't helping my nausea, thankfully I haven't been sick yet but I nearly am when I have a coughing fit. I am sucking cough lozenges and taking a honey and lemon medicine that the pharmacist said is pregnancy friendly.

Kelly & Nicky, sorry your morning sickness is so bad, I really feel for you!

Kate, glad you've got your appt, it will be here before you know it!

I have received the date for my 12 week scan, it's on the 30th December and I'll be 12wks 4 days, only 25 days to go, Lol!

We are having a new boiler and some additional radiators fitted this week and the mess is awful!! I was meant to be having a 'rest' this morning whilst my sis in law looked after dd for me but unfortunately she has woken with a high temp and just isn't herself and wants constant we are still in pj's and are watching back to back dvd's with a smattering of cleaning every now and again!!

We are hopefully going to pick out our real Christmas tree when dh gets in from work, dd was soooo excited after watching Peppa Pig pick out a tree on her cartoon but I don't know if she is going to be up to it later

What plans do you all have for the wkend? I am working tmrw then on Sunday we are having a 'Christmas Day' for my brother who unfortunately has to go back to sea next week (he is in the navy)! We are all swapping presents early (adults) and tghe kiddies get a present each so should be a fun day.

Roo. xx

05/12/2008 at 12:51

Hi everyone

Welcome to Isobel & Baby Bear, it's exciting times isn't it. What a lovely message from Charlotte too.

 Thanks for definitions - all is clear now. My DS is a massive Peppa Pig fan! We have our tree up, have made sure all the deco's on there are 'unbreakable' and sure enough they are already getting pulled off and thrown about as DS shouts "BALL!"

Don't forget to take extra care with your teeth now you are pregnant. Pregnant woman are prone to dental problems. I am feeling paranoid about this at the moment as I had sore gums yesterday, so am going mad on the brushing and mouthwash. I have been eating lots of sugary things lately, so need to be careful.

The main problem is, not been able to have a glass of wine, what do I have instead? Everything is full of sugar and too sweet. I am already over Appletiser, Britvic, etc, et. Any ideas on some nice sugar-free non-alcoholic drinks?

An early Christmas sounds fun this weekend, Roo. We are heading to the Dickens Christmas fair in Rochester, and also need to get all my Christmas shopping done for international post.

Take care, N

05/12/2008 at 22:32

Evening All,

Thanks for the tip on the teeth Nicky.

TGI Friday. It seems to have been a long week! Friday nights used to involve cuddling up with a large glass of wine, so i'm trying to make do with a cup of de-caf tea - not really the same sadly! I've been drinking a lot of lime and soda - trying to con myself there's vodka in it, but i know what you mean, Nicky, sometimes there's just no substitute for a glass of wine- oh dear i sound like a right alkie!!

Off to get the Christmas tree tomorrow, trying not to tempt fate and get too excited but keep thinking about what this time next year might be like We are in the process of trying to sell our little (not very baby-friendly!) flat. Not an easy thing in this climate! Not sure what i'm going to do if we are still here when the baby arrives. Our neighbours will love us!

Take care girls!

 Izzy x

06/12/2008 at 18:42

Hi Girls,

This is my first time on here - found out a few days ago that I'm 6 weeks pregnant (due 29 July 09, so may end up creeping into the Aug 09 group!) with my second!! I'm so excited but very nervous too, as my friend miscarried only a couple of weeks ago, and that is on my mind a lot.

All in all though life is pretty good.... oh and Izzy you're absolutely right there is NO substitute for a glass of wine!!!

 Jules xx

07/12/2008 at 09:04

Hi Girls and all the newbies.

Congratulations  I am 9 weeks today and have a MW appointment tomorrow, finally!

I have done a small amount of Xmas shopping, there are some good bargains at the mo.

Its my dads Bday today so popping round his at some point.

Roo- my cough is finally getting better, I'm starting to get a decent nights sleep  Hope yours goes soon?

I'm really looking forward to Xmas this year, can't wait to tell my family I'm PG. I have my scan on the 29th so have to wait a few days after to see the little one.

Does anyone else get a really big tummy by the end of the day? I look like I am 20 weeks PG rather than 9! It goes down by the next day though.

We are starting to get busy on here now

Have a good day girls.

rach xx


07/12/2008 at 09:06

I thought I would post a list of abbreviations which will be readily available to us all!

Acronyms & What they mean

AF - Aunt Flo (your period)
AKA- Also known as
AI - Artificial insemination
BBIAM/BRB - Be back in a minute/be right back
BB or BBS - Bulletin board
BBL - Be back later
BBT - Basal body temperature
BF - Breastfeed, or Boyfriend
BC - Because, or Birth control, or Before children
BCPs - Birth control pills
BD - Baby dance (sex)
BH - Braxton Hicks contractions
BIL - Brother-in-law
BM - Breast milk, or Bowel movement
BP - Blood pressure
BTDT - Been there, done that
BTW - By the way
CD - Cycle day
CF - Cervical fluid
CIO - Cry it out
CLBB - Contented Little Baby Book by Gina Ford
CM - Cervical mucus
CUL - See you later
CVS - Chorionic villus sampling
CWIM - See what I mean
DD - Dear/Darling daughter
DF - Dear/Darling fiance
DH - Dear/Darling husband/partner
DPO - Days past ovulation
DS - Dear/Darling son
DSD - Dear/Darling stepdaughter
DSS - Dear/Darling stepson
DW - Dear/Darling wife
EBF - Extended breastfeeding
EBM - Expressed breast milk
EDD - Estimated due date, or expected date of delivery
EWCM - Egg white cervical mucus
FF - Formula feeding
FIL - Father in law
FT - Full time
FTR - For the record
FWIW - For what it's worth
FYI - For your information
GDBD - Good Day Bad Day - You know those days (in the 1st trimester) when you worry that you're not realy pregnant just going mad?!
HPT - Home pregnancy test
HTH - Hope this helps
HV - Health visitor
ICSI - Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
IMHO - In my humble opinion
IMO - In my opinion
IRL - In real life
IUI - Intrauterine insemination
IVF - In vitro fertilisation
IYKWIM - If you know what I mean
JJ - Just joking
JK - Just kidding
JMHO - Just my humble opinion, or Just my honest opinion
KWIM - Know what I mean
L&D - Labour and delivery
LOL - Laughing out loud
LP - Luteal phase
MC - Miscarriage
MIL - Mother-in-law
ML - Maternity leave
MW - Midwife
MYOB - Mind your own business
(((name of person))) - Hugging that person
NMS - Not my style
NMSAA - Not my style at all
NP - No problem
NTS - Nuchal translucency scan
O - Ovulation
O'd - Ovulated
OMG - Oh my gosh, or oh my god
OPK - Ovulation predictor kit
OT - Off topic
PG - Pregnant
PND - Postnatal depression
PROM - Premature rupture of membranes
RLT - Raspberry leaf tea
ROTFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
SAHM - Stay at home mum
SAHD - Stay at home dad
SAHP - Stay at home parent
SD - Sperm donor
SIL - Sister-in-law
TCOYF - Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
TIA - Thanks in advance
TTC - Trying to conceive
UTI - Urinary tract infection
VBAC - Vaginal birth after caesarean section
WAH - Work at home
WOH - Work out of the home
Yw/Ty - You're welcome/thank you

Sorry for being a geek

08/12/2008 at 20:46

Wow Rach  thanks (or should that be ty!) for all that. As a fellow geek I will have to take that away and study my abbreviations!

Hope everyone is keeping well - there seems to be some nasty bugs going around at the moment.

 We managed to finish the Christmas shopping (yay!!) at the weekend, get the tree up (double yay!!) and i've even managed to get a batch of christmas cards out. I'm not sure what's brough on the this flurry of activity but i'm not sure it will last.

Rach - i wish i had a little bump. So far nothing (except the usual paunch!), i feel like a pregnancy fraud! I guess i will have to make do with the nausea and tiredness for now. DH was cooking hot dogs (never been my favourite food) at the weekend and the smell made me retch!

Izzy x

09/12/2008 at 10:31

Morning All

I was actually sick this morning after I had just taken my folic tablet! Left it too long without eating something this morning I have not taken another one as I don't know how much I left down? sorry for TMI

Izzy you are having a GDBD lol. I get days like that tummy doesn't look so big today?

I have not got any xmas decorations up yet, think I should get into the xmas spirit and put it up this weekend .

Have a good day

Rach xx 

09/12/2008 at 13:52

Wow thanks for all those abbreviations!! Did always wonder about the VBAC, have  seen it on several forums... now it's TMI ha ha.

Saw the midwife for my booking-in appointment yesterday, told her how sick I was feeling and she said it was better to just BE sick from time to time... I wish!! I just have the constant gagging thing going on... if DH says "Sausage and mash for dinner?" I need to leave the room!!!

Anyone having weird cravings? I seem to be getting through a lot of grapes these days... and Sausage and Egg McMuffins (minus the egg though!) MMmmmmmmmm if only they were open all day... mind you, I'd probably put on 4 stone....

Feel like July is aaaaaaaaaaaaaages away.......

09/12/2008 at 15:50

Hi  Kelly,

I have the constant gagging thing going on as well! DH thinks I'm putting it on. I wish!

I do seem to be keen on wotsits crisps at the mo I'm liking more savoury things to sweet, probably a good thing as I don't think I would have any teeth if it was sweets!

I can't wait to tell people as I can't keep making excuses for wanting to leave work early.

I had a MV appointment yesterday and told work I had to take my cat to the vets.

Got to have my blood tests tomorrow at 2:20 so got to think of another reason?

Work does know that i am trying for a baby due to a MC last year, but I still don't want to tell them just yet! What to do .......ummmm do you think if I say I need a blood test to check my Iron levels, they would fall for that?

Boss is off today so free to go on here knowing I will not get busted. lol 

Rach x 

09/12/2008 at 17:16
Rach, yeah I think the iron level thing is a legit excuse... just say you have your iron levels monitored every 6 months because you had a low iron level a while ago and that the only app thery have before Xmas is tomorrow and just say to your boss if he needs a letter to confirm, you can get one (which he won't ask for anyway so no need to worry about that...) Hee hee we are turning into such liars!!!!
09/12/2008 at 22:25

Evening girls!

Yes i seem to be turning into a liar extraordinaire at the moment - we are having a Christmas Party at the weekend and i am planning on brewing up a batch of mulled ribena so whilst everyone else is enjoying their mulled wine, they will be none the wiser that i am sipping away on my

Did anyone see that programme last night on BBC4- i think it was called something like Babies in the womb. It was completely horrifying, all the effects that pregnancy has on the body. I felt quite sqeamish! Then i ended up crying at the end - has anyone else noticed that? If i'm not crying then i'm snapping at someone. I'm not being very patient at the moment  My emotions are all over the place.

Food cravings seem to be anything diary - can't get enough muller yoggies and smoked cheese... (not together... yet!) Also anything fruity - orange juice in particular.

Anyway, i'm off to bed now!

Take care all

Izzy xx

10/12/2008 at 09:21

Hi everyone

 Izzy I saw 5 minutes of that programme and had to switch off!It was all about what parasites babies are and we just don't need to hear that right now.

Had my first doctor's appointment yesterday night. Was a bit of an anticlimax but was so nervous I didn't really take anything in. I have the MW next week so hopefully I will be calmer for that!I don't know why I get so freaked out!

The food thing hasn't really kicked in - other than when I want something I REALLY want it - nothing else will do.

My plan for the festivities is fizzy grape juice hidden under the table and masquerading as fizz. Igot away with a dinner party a couple of weeks ago by having a half full glass of wine in front of me and raising it from time to time. No one seemed to notice it never went down.

Nausea is getting worse rather than better but the doctor said last night that it was a good sign and should go at 12-14 weeks so we are all over 2/3 there!

Have a lovely day.

Kate x

10/12/2008 at 10:17

Morning Girls,

I had 3 weetabix this morning to keep my hunger at bay! yummy

Feel like I am missing out on nice things like fried egg sandwiches, my boss offered to buy me one and I had to turn it down as they are never cooked right through. Yokes are a little runny, just like I like them . Once work knows I'm PG I could ask to make sure its cooked all the way through, but for now I think I will have to give it a miss. 

Kelly- I just asked my boss and he said its fine to pop out at 2 for a blood test, didn't need to say anymore? Few I don't like lying, I'm not very good at it and feel like people can tell.

I haven't suffered with any morning sickness today, so I guess the early breakfast has helped

Have a good day


10/12/2008 at 10:34

Hi ladies, sorry I've not been in touch before now, had a manic weekend and was shattered so didn't get chance to go on the internet.  Feel really tired this week, had a couple of weeks where I thought I was feeling better but it's taking it's toll this week.

 Rach you're so right about a GDBD as I felt really pregnant a few weeks ago and now I'm starting to wonder if it's true or if I've actually dreamt it!  Considering I've already had two scans that's rather worrying!!????

Izzy I'm with you on the emotions front as I'm either a right misery or really hyper!  I cry at anything at the moment!!! 

 Just want my scan date through now as it's driving me potty not knowing an approximate date!!!

Sorry ladies - moan over!  Having a week where I feel like no one understands!!! ha ha!  Told u I was emotional this week!!!  Ooops!! xxxxxxxxx

10/12/2008 at 10:36

Kate let me know how you go on the hot ribena thing!  I LOVE mulled wine at Christmas!!! 

...mind you, I LOVE wine at any time!! LOL!


10/12/2008 at 13:36

Hi Baby Bear,

So far I have not been too bad on the emotional front.... Touch wood!

My tummy today is really bloated today, just eaten so that doesn't help!   I feel like it stands out like a saw thumb, I'm sure someone is going to guess? 

off to get my blood test soon, oh how i love needles! Still its for the baby!

Had a little panic this morning thinking about the birth, silly I know as I have so long to go, I just hope its not tooo painful??

Anyway I'm going to try and put it at the back of my mind and just enjoy being PG!


10/12/2008 at 13:46

Right, my craving for today is plain spaghetti with a bit of butter on it. Mmmmmmmm.

Oh and like you Isobel, I polished off 3 Muller yoghurts (with the choc flakes you can add to) last night, I never eat yoghurts so my hubby wasn't too pleased when they were all gone....

I have our Xmas work do tomorrow night and it's a sit-down meal, eeeeks. There is no way I can get away with not drinking so I will have a small glass of wine and just sip at it and hope no one fills it up... I know the odd glass of wine won't do any harm, but I'd rather save my wine allowance for when I sit in front of the x factor ha ha!

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