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10/12/2008 at 21:15
Hi everyone my names Cindy i think im about 5 to 6 weeks pregnant not 100% sure so i should be due end of july,feeling very sick evey day which is great!!(NOT) hope your all well.(does anyone here come from beds?)
10/12/2008 at 22:13

Hi Cindy,


Yes being and feeling very sick is all part of the joys of being PG it is meant to fade after 12-14 weeks, so I should hopefully only have 2 weeks and 4 days left of it? fingers crossed.

I had my blood taken today to check for the works, that wasn't to bad it was waiting for the MW that was the pain. I had to wait for an HOUR, as she was running late!

I don't need to see her till I'm 16wks.

Try and eat something if you feel a little sick, I find hat helps me.

Rach xx  

11/12/2008 at 11:20

Hi Cindy!  Congratulations!  Is it your first?  So sorry to hear you have morning sickness!  I've been told by loads of people to eat ginger biscuits,  not sure if it works but it's worth a try!!

 Rach, did you feel like the m/w was draining your whole body of blood???  LOL!!  I asked mine if she'd left any blood in my body once I saw how many samples she'd taken!! he he!  Have you got your scan date yet?

Kelly, hope ur work do goes ok tonight!  I had mine at the wknd and found it really hard!! he he!  I LOVE wine!!!!!  In fact, there isn't anything I love more than wine! ha ha!

I think you're all so good for not telling anyone just yet!  I was bursting at the seams!

I was just wondering if anyone's going to find out the sex of their baby?  I have always said I'd never find out but now I'm pregnant I understand why people do!  DH is definately against it though so it's saved me having to make the decision. 


11/12/2008 at 14:05

Hi all, haven't been on for awhile so have just been catching up...and now DS has woken up so I better go. I have been getting a big tummy by the end of the day too - but in the mornings it is pretty flat - whats that all about? Also watched that 'Growing babies' programme thought at first this will be nice to watch ... but what a scary show - basically going through everything that can go wrong!!

My preggy hormones almost got me into trouble last night. My brothers girlfriend made a comment that was a bit hurtful (as she often does), but rather than ignore it, as I usually do, I confided in my brother that I wasn't very happy about it. Regretted it straight away, as it just made him feel bad, and had to beg him not say anything and that I'm just some mad, hormonal, pregnant woman! All ok now I think, but I woke up this morning with that feeling of dread that you get when you got to boozed the night before and did something embarrasssing!

Anyway, had to get that off my chest! Hope you are all well. Better rescue munchkin from his cot


11/12/2008 at 16:11

Just read this in my pregnancy book and thought it was a cute way of visualising what is going on in our bellies so I had to share!

At 8 weeks, the baby is the size of a strawberry. Aaaah.

And at 12 weeks, it will be the size of a pear. Eeeeks.

By 16 weeks it will be a grapefruit etc etc we all know about the MELON part!

11/12/2008 at 18:46

Hello everyone,

Lots of posts to catch up on!

 The last 24 hours haven't been so good here- i managed to slip and fall on the ice yesterday morning, quite a normal thing for me really - i'm a total klutz at the best of times. This time i was in a complete panic as i went down really heavily. Anyway, i will try and keep this brief... i went to the hospital (alone, as DH was at work) where they were really lovely and reassuring, said everything would probably be fine as baby is well padded (excuse me?!) but to be on the safe side they did a scan and although i thought i was about 9/10 weeks, they said that i was only measuring 7 weeks... they also did some blood tests, said hormone levels were 'normal' whatever that means. I'm completely scared but it all. We're going back next Wednesday for another scan and more tests to check that the baby is growing so until then they can't tell for certain if the baby is smaller than expected because i got my dates wrong or because of something worse... which i'd rather not think about... mw seems to have gone awol too, helpfully..

Anyway DH has just got back from work so i'd better rush off and make a fuss, but everyone take care on that ice and hope you're not all feeling too sick!

 Izzy xx

12/12/2008 at 12:12

Wow Isabel, hope you are ok and getting some rest. Try not to worry about the baby measuring smaller. I have had this happen for both my pregnancys (and DS was a healthy size when born a week early). When I had my scan recently I was told that the reason baby is measuring small is because I have a longer cycle. If your cycle is usually more than 28 days then that could be why.

Hope everyone and your little strawberries are doing well.

Take care,


12/12/2008 at 21:30

Hi Rach and BB thankyou for your messages,i think i might only be about 4-5weeks im getting my dates mixed upgoing to the docs on tues.This will be my 3rd baby i tried ginger bics before didnt do much i ended up having crackers and rich tea they work well for sickness.Havent been to bad today just getting really tired now ,hope your ok now Isobel i know what u mean the ice is a pain in the backside cant wait till spring,take care everyone x

13/12/2008 at 14:55

Hi All,

Izzy- Hope you are ok and not too bruised ? Like the others have said, try not to worry about the size of the little one, I'm sure its ok.  Its still cosy and were it should be.

the ice is a right pain, I don't remember scraping my car this much last year?

BB- The MW told me she was only going to take two so at the end when I saw 5 samples I thought what a cheek! I wasn't too bothered about having my blood taken, still told her I wanted to lye down though... well might as well get comfortable. I had a Junior/Trainee MV with me as well, she was really nice but at one point I thought she was going to take my blood! Didn't want that as I know the MW does a good job and its as pain free as possible. The Trainee MW watched over her which put me off because she was describing the different ways of putting the needle in and out! [Ahhh just take it out!!!]

My scan is on the 29th Dec, Can't wait as I can worry a little less

My cough seems to have come back!! Will it ever go? 

I don't want to find out the sex of the baby, think it will be a nice to just wait and see.

Have a good day girls (((Hugs)))


13/12/2008 at 21:46

Good evening girls,

 Thank you for everyone's concern - i have some lovely purple bruises! Fortunately they have proved quite the party piece! We had our christmas party last night, nobody noticed the mulled wine aka ribena i was drinking so that was a success. Spent the day today cuddled up on my sofa watching sex and the city dvds - bliss!

On reflection, i am feeling quite positive about the scan. Firstly there was a baby there! I wasn't just imagining it! Secondly, although the weeks don't add up, i am still feeling the same back ache, nausea and sore boobs and still with the crazy diary cravings! I could literally eat a whole block of cheddar if i let myself...!

I don't want to find out the sex of the baby but i think DH is really keen. Does anyone else have this? For those of you who already have DD/DS's did you find out what sex you were having ? Would you do it again?

Rach - sorry to hear your cough is back again - what a nuisance!

Izzy x

15/12/2008 at 12:45

Oh Girls,

I'm having a right nightmare, I have just come back from the doctors as he was worried I could have a chest infection.

I have had a temperature the last couple of days which has really worried me now that I have little bean inside me. The Internet can be a hindrance as well as a blessing as you can read so many things that can go wrong if you have a temperature whilst being pregnant especially in the first trimester. I have just been taking 1 paracetamol to help with the headaches and aches and pains, so hopefully it will go soon.

Hope you are all having a better time than me.


15/12/2008 at 17:13

Isobel, poor you with your fall. I am sure everything is fine... I am secretly jealous that you have had a scan already!! I am patiently waiting for the postman to deliver my letter from the hospital....

Well I survived my work do ok, managed to get away with drinking just half a shandy, result!!

I have come down with a NEW cold, actually it might be flu cos I was shivering all night and everything aches, have also been taking just the odd paracetomol so hope that helps.. the problem is I am now coughing so much that it makes me gag even more, to the point where I did it in public! I am not sure how I will handle work this week (had today off....) Went and got some ginger tea and ginger biscuits as a last desperate attempt to calm it all down, I hate the taste and the smell but I can't keep any food down at all... might have to give MW a call....

Re: sex of the baby!! Yes I am 100% going to find out. We found out with our daughter and it just made planning everything so much easier, like her room and clothes etc... also I would want to know again this time, in case I need to hold onto all her old clothes or whether they can go straight onto ebay after the scan.... You do have to ASK to be told, I just assumed they would say "And now, would you like to know the sex?" We were all done with my scan when I said "Oh, couldn't you tell what it was?" and the scanner lady said "No you didn't ask and I can't re-start now". I broke down in tears and she gave in. Whew.

We aren't going to tell anyone what it is though, hee hee, so it's a surprise for everyone else but not for us....

15/12/2008 at 23:15

Hi Rach sorry to here about your chest infection that must be a pain hope it clears up soon.

Hi Kelly,sorry to here about you having the flu its such a pain being sick when your pregnant cause all u can take is paracetomol! Hope u feel better soon.

Im still feeling sick but because im not as far gone as i thought its a bit strange that im feeling sick already and ive gone off tea already,ive been thinking maybe because its my 3rd im suffering earlier on than normal, im seeing the doc tom so hopefully she can tell me,i think i better go to bed now,take care everyone x

16/12/2008 at 13:45

Hi everyone, It seems we are all poorly at the moment. Our whole household has been in bed with the flu since the weekend. I think I got about 20 minutes sleep last night with DH coughing and snoring, and DS, in bed with us, sleeping draped around my neck! I announced this morning that we need to buy a spare bed, for these occasions!

We did not know the sex of the DH before he was born as went through L&D hospital and they do not disclose the sex. It was a wonderful surprise not knowing. Although I have to admit I think this time we will find out (it will be too tempting!). I like Kelly's idea of just keeping it to ourselves though - so we still get to surprise all the family

take care and get plenty of rest

n x

16/12/2008 at 13:46
oops.... I meant to write "the sex of DS" not DH ... I already know what he is
16/12/2008 at 16:17

Hi all,

I am feeling a bit better thanks for thinking of me

Is anyone one else worried about getting the flu whilst PG? DH has got me concerned as he has been looking up info on the subject and it mentions things like it could cause abnormalities in the baby? I don't mean to scare anyone but it has got me thinking.

Has anyone who had been PG before had colds and fevers whilst PG?

Sorry to put a downer on anyone as I have had coughs and colds + fever for about 4 wks!


16/12/2008 at 20:00

Hi Rach,

I wouldn't worry about it too much (easier said than done!) I have the flu at the moment (think it might even be the noro virus urgh) and I was also sick a lot in my first trimester with my DS and she was a healthy 8lbs...

There's an article on ThinkBaby about colds and flu, here is the link:

I think the main concern is if you have an ongoing fever that doesn't go away with paracetomol - then I would deffo go see the doctor and get some antibiotics prescribed....

17/12/2008 at 12:21

hello all!

i'm a noob to this thread. I'm 9 weeks and 1 day PG and MW says I'm due on the 25th July(?!). It's our first and its all a bit bonkers - doesn't seem real, although I do feel sick all day and even worse in the evenings

hoping it won't last forever - i just look ill all the time!


17/12/2008 at 22:15
Hi claire congratulations! I know how u feel im PG with my third and i felt sick for about 3months with both of them and i feel sick now,im due around 26th july 3 days after my eldests bday! Im only 5 and half weeks pregnant but ive had 2 c-section s so ive got to have this one 2 weeks early.What are you hoping for?
18/12/2008 at 08:29

Thanks Hornet!

Not bothered whether its a boy or girl, although my dad has requested a granddaughter! and my SIL has a million bags of girls clothes!

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