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31/10/2008 at 14:18

Hi Girls,

I am Roo, have just found out today that I am 4 wks pregnant. I miscarried in August so am very apprehensive yet excited. Are there any more due in July's out there?


01/11/2008 at 09:26
Anybody? Lol.
01/11/2008 at 09:49

hiya roo im from the june thread but id just like to say congrats huni


01/11/2008 at 11:52
Thanks chick....thought there might be a few more by now...hey ho! x
01/11/2008 at 19:31

Hello Roo!

I found out this time last year that i was about 4 weeks pregnant....i now have a beautiful 4 month old daughter! I just can not believe that a year has gone that quickly, i've been through a pregnancy, birth and now have my little girlie!!!

Enjoy it. It will go sooooooo quickly!

More people will join your forum soon. Alot of people wont realise they're even pregnant yet!

Am almost quite jealous. Enjoy it and good luck!

Charlotte and Abigail. xxx

01/11/2008 at 22:29
Thanks Charlotte...I'm due around the 11th July so you'd think some people would x
01/11/2008 at 22:41
Hi roo, congratulations hun!! im gate crashing from the jan 09 thread, good luck hun any questions just ask and ill try and answer them for u xx
02/11/2008 at 09:45

Hi Roo,

Wow! Cannot believe there is a Due July thread already... where has the time gone? I was due in July this year and had my beautiful little boy Connor on the 12th (he was two weeks early and very keen to get here!).

As charlotte above says... enjoy this time as it really does whizz by. Are you feeling sick yet? I had terrible sickness that lasted about 3 months. Not exactly throwing up all the time but felt like a constant hangover (without the luxury of being able to drink - lol!) And the tiredness really does hit you like a sledgehammer! But hang in there as by February next year you'll be feeling a million times better, blooming, with an added little bump to showoff. I'm jealous too!!!!

Keep us updated on your progress - if you don't mind us gatecrashing on this thread so we can feel like we are doing it all over again too!!

Take care!

Sarah & Connor (16 weeks yesterday!!) xx

02/11/2008 at 11:41

Hi Roo...sorry, i'm gate crashing again!

Hi Sarah! (We are in the born july/aug 2008 forum together!) Like she said, we can look back on our pregnancies are pretend its us all over again......the slobbering, chatterbox in her bouncy chair in front of me just reminds me that it isnt! (She's teething.)

I was dur July 10th and had Abi on July 8th (i wont bother you with the birth dont need to worry about anything like that just yet, and dont want to scare you!!!!)

I really wish you all the best. Its a fab time. (Sickly at times, also tiring but exciting!)

Good luck to all of those due!

Charlotte and Abigail. xxx

02/11/2008 at 12:09

Thanks girls,

I have one dd who is 2 and I used this website for the birth forum then, also I actually lost a baby at 15 weeks in August..I would have been due in Feb feel quite accustomed to all the aches and pains (and am also petrified about having nother mc). I have a stonking headache which hasn't shifted since the day I found out...also I have come out in tonnes of spots and 2 attractive.No sickness as yet and boobs are still ok but I will no doubt will be tender as hell in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your support girls xx

03/11/2008 at 07:52

Hi Roo

I'm not due in July either (sorry!)  But if I post it'll keep your thread high up the list

I'm sorry to hear about your angel baby.  I hope all goes fantastically well this time.

Take it easy, congratulations, good luck and fingers crossed for no morning sickness  

Louise xxxxxxx 

03/11/2008 at 18:36

Thanks Loopy (you may remember me from feb 09 forum...aka as Rachelf...I have come on under another name so that a reallife friend doesn't notice, here's hoping she won't see this thread...we're not telling anyone other than parents until 12 weeks, you see!)

Hope your pregnancy is going ok for you xx

03/11/2008 at 19:40

Hey Rachel I did suspect it was you! Roo is a cute online name

How exciting for you to be pregnant again.  A summer baby!  Fingers crossed it doesn't get too hot for you!!!  My personal heating system has gone completely haywire - I can't decide if I'm freezing cold or baking hot!!!

Good luck with everything and remember to heed your own advice...take things easy xxx

04/11/2008 at 21:19

I am excited but so very scared, I don't want to get my hopes up too much and am not planning too far ahead. Every little twinge makes me worry and I am devouring every pregnancy book to check I'm doing everything perfectly (bonkers considering it's my 3rd pregnancy)

How are you? I do pop on to Feb09 now and again but scan rather than fully read. xx

04/11/2008 at 22:22

I don't really post on the due Feb thread now.  I've made myself at home on the 'It finally worked' thread - as I know people on there from TTC.  It's quite nice because there are lots of ladies there at different stages of their pregnancy.  One was induced last night and we're awaiting news!

You'd be more than welcome to join us if you're finding it quiet on here

It's understandable to worry...but don't forget there are lots of muscular twinges early don't panic!  Did the doctor give you any further explanations on the mc?  If it was just down to you overdoing it, you know exactly what you need to do to give yourself the best chance of a normal pregnancy this time round x

I'm really well thanks.  I'm having a boy who we're calling Isaac.  He's starting to kick quite a lot.  I've got a mw appointment on Friday and I'm looking forward to hearing his heartbeat again (you never stop worrying, no matter how far you get!) 

05/11/2008 at 08:49

Ah, I love the name Isaac, that was on my list when I had my daughter but hubby vettoed it in the end as he doesn't like Zac, and it would have been shortened to that by

I went to see the consultant a few weeks ago and they had lost my test results and therefore have no information on what happened. I am really cross about it and am looking into taking it further however at the moment am trying not to get too stressed. I see the mw tmrw so amd going to discuss it with her and demand lot's of additional care as well as extra tests like the gbs one as I am scared there was some type of infection that they will never know about.

I can't til I get to your stage of pregnancy, the whole 9 months (and is a worry but these first 15 weeks are going to seem like an eternity for me..grr!

Still no sickness and my headache seems to have calmed down today thank goodness.

I'll keep an eye on your 'it finally wored thread..' to see how the induction goes... x

05/11/2008 at 21:16

Hi Roo

Just wanted to say, you are not alone  I am also 4 weeks pregnant.

This is my second pregnancy as I also lost a baby at 10 weeks. I am keeping everything crossed and just hoping this one sticks!!

I haven't been to the doctors yet, still can't believe im pregnant.


05/11/2008 at 22:42

Yay!! Hi Rach and welcome!

Sorry for your loss xx

At least we can share the mc worries's so unfair that all the pleasure and exciting anticipation of pregnancy vanishes once you have lost one baby...I'm going to be a bag of nerves from here on in.

Do you know your due date? I am due either 10th/11th so am 4wks 5days.

How are you feeling...any symptons? x

05/11/2008 at 23:03

Me to!.  I think thats why I don't want to get too excited about it yet?

I think I will be due either the 11th/12th

I am feeling ok at the mo, got a few symptoms but luckly no morning sickness so far

How about you?x

05/11/2008 at 23:07

Think I should got some shut eye, speak with you soon.

Night night 

Rach & Apple pip  xx

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