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09/07/2011 at 13:51

Hi Everyone

Really hoping someone can give me some guidance here. I have started serious potty training with Isla over the last week and she seems to be doing well with the wees but we are having issues with poos. I don't think she even realises they are going to happen and just does them in her pants.

Is this normal, does it take them a while to realise no.2s go in the potty too. Apart from this she is doing really well. 

Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated. 

Hope everyone is well and not having any toilet traumas like me

Laura x

09/07/2011 at 18:28

Hi laura i can totally sympathise with u on this i had the same problem and was at the end of my tether when potty training Aiden,  i used to take him to the toilet and drop the poo in and say this is where it goes with ur pee pees and then one day it just clicked think it took about 2 months but never had a prob since it was weird how fast it changed he did go theu a stage where he asked but too late and had already started.  just persevere sorry i cant help u more than that!!!  hows bump coming along?

 hi to everyone else how are u all doing?

were fine here at a good age with the kids they really play well together now well most of the time anywaycant believe its 3 yrs since all our bambinos were arriving crazy really

ash x

13/08/2011 at 19:01
Laura, Tyler didn't like going on the potty to begin with. The first time I let him go nappy free he pooped right by my feet in the lounge haha. It will click eventually, it takes time though. How are things now? Another girl for you then, very exciting!

Ash, how are the kids doing?

How's everyone else?
Well, Fay is 15 weeks old. I didn't give up breastfeeding in the end. I couldn't do it! She is still BF, and FINALLY going 3hours in the day instead of 1.5! Something just clicked and she decided 3hrs is better lol. She is a nightmare at buff though. Somehow we ended up cosleeping she used to sleep 5hrs in the cot, then feed 2.5hrly until morning, but now she wants all night access to the goods, and I'm awake too often in the night with her she just feeds and comfort sucks all night! I have started, the last couple of nights, to feed her in her room and put her into bed for her first sleep of the night. She wakes after 40mins though. Going to try in a few days to settle her and put her back for another sleep and gradually increase to all night. I would love to sleep how I want, rather than safely and half awake in an awkward position! Ugh.

Tyler loves his sister... Most of the time lol.

Fay is 91-98th centile now! Yowzer!

Bev, how is your new house? It looks lovely! I have seen the video of Ben and William hiding in the wardrobe lol. Theyre so cute. XX
13/08/2011 at 20:23

Hiya julz nice to hear from u.  i had the same prob with rebecca when feeding gave in and fed her back to sleep constantly then one day i just thought no need to sort this so did a bit of controlled crying and couldnt believe it only took 2 nights i put her to bed and when she woke the first night i gave her a cuddle put her bk down left her for 3 mins or so and returned did the same took about 30mins she was bk asleep same the next night i then made a rule that if she woke before 6am no feed it worked a treat and couldnt believe i hadnt tried earlier remember they forget quickly if u take something away even though its hard, i then went on to succesfully feed for a year and loved it with no resentment or lack of sleep! x

laura hope ur pleased to ahve another pink bundle glad everythings healthy

vicky,bev,pearl,paula hows things


15/08/2011 at 07:13

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well. Thanks for all the potty training advice, (touchwood) we seem to be doing much better lately. Isla starts Nursery on Thursday and with a childminder today so just a little concerned that all the change may put us back but time will tell. 

Julz - Just reading over your post has reminded me of all I'm going back to (think so far I had blocked it all out ). I hope you have managed to have a good nights sleep. 

Ash - Thanks we are pleased. I was convinced I was having a boy, no idea why as I was also convinced Isla was a boy. Obviously my instincts are rubbish! Just need to think of names now, had our little boy name all sorted (Blair) but now back to the drawing board. I remeber with Isla having a similar rule of if she woke before a certain time there was no feed, they definately do use feeding as a comfort. 

How is everyone else doing? I have a cough and have been awake most of the night coughing, oh how I miss being able to take medications . I am back to buggy hunting too as not too keen on the travel system I used with Isla but with having a fiat 500 not ha


ing much luck (suppose that's what I get for having a teeny tiny car). 

I have changed my work hours to fit round Isla going to nursery so now working monday to thurday until 2 instead of 3 full days. Missing my extra day away from work just now but only 4 months to work then I am on maternity leave. 

I hope everyone is doing well and all babies and toddlers are good too

Laura x

15/08/2011 at 07:14
ow no idea what that link is in the middle of my post, most strange!
18/09/2011 at 08:14

Hello ladies, I can't believe our thread is still going!!  Been an age since I've been on here, 2 small boys keeping me very busy....  Scary to think our babies are are now pre-schoolers!  Where did the time go??  Can you believe I'm flipping preggers again!!!!????  With Ben we needed help to conceive and now we've turned into breeders!  LOL  It was not planned - we were very happy with our 2 boys, but fate has decided 2 was not enough, and now the shock has subsided we're really happy, and hoping for some pink!  It's not common knowledge yet so please girls no public comments on FB.  But if I don't tell someone I'm gonna burst!  

I can't believe I'm gonna have a baby when I'm 40!!  AHHHHH!!  

Love to you all xxx

18/09/2011 at 08:37

Hi everyone

oh wow  congratulations!!! When is your latest little bundle due?I can't believe this thread is now onto 3rd pregancies since we began. It is lovely to come on here to talk, when I found out I was pregnant this time I was desperate to tell people too.

We were looking after my friends 1 year old yesterday and Isla was so good with her and she loved having someone to play with, let's hope she is as keen once her baby sister arrives. We also had a mini 4d scan yesterday, I will attempt to upload a photo soon. We actually have a full 4d scan booked for next weekend but thought OH was going to have to go to China for work so booked a mini one so he could see little missy and now he isn't going, never mind will be lovely for us to see her again next weekend!

Isla is doing well, seems to be getting much better with the potty when she is with me or at nursery but still a nightmare with childminder! Was getting very stressed about it but I think it has been hard for her moving nursery, starting with a childminder, me being pregnant and also she was used to being with my mum 2 days a week and now she is at the childminders. I'm sure she will get there soon.

OH has promised to take me somewhere lovely for my birthday in November, anyone have any suggestions where to go (within UK)?

How are all the other pre-schoolers, (OMG it's so scary our LO's aren't even toddlers anymore!!) mummys, babies and bumps doing?

I hope everyone is well, would be lovely to see the thread a bit busier again, get posting everyone xx

20/09/2011 at 12:11

omg omg omg baby number 3 bev how exciting!!!! cant believe it massive congrats x

laura so glad things r going well not long till ur bundle is here, birthday treat what about loch lomond or crief hydro is nice and not to far from u or inverness u get good deals on super breaks

hi to everyone else lurking hope all mums toddlers babys bumps r well x

20/09/2011 at 15:22

Thanks Ladies.  Baby due 10 May, so still early days, I had a miserable pregnancy with William so am determined I will enjoy and make the most of this LAST one!  

Laura, glad Isla is getting better with the potty - Ben was the same for ages he refused to do kaka on the toilet or potty and would insist on a nappy!!  I read that many children have this problem as they see the poo as a part of them and are reluctant to let is 'fall' into the toilet!  Any changes are so stressful for our kids, I'm sure she'll settle soon.  You planning on taking Isla or will it be a quiet relax for the grown ups??

Hope everyone else is well and take care xx

06/01/2012 at 17:39
Hi ladies it's been ages since anyone posted so thought I'd check in, how are u all??? Laura a mummy of 2 now how are u finding things? Maisie is such a beautiful name hope alls well, bev how ur pregnancy going? How far along are u now? Julz love ur updates and lovely photos on fb she growing so fast!! Vicky it must nearly b floras 1st birthday? Hope have a lovely time, hi to anone else still lurking. We're all fine here had a great Xmas aiden was a great age as u all will know really understood it all and got right into the Santa thing, Rebecca was great at opening present etc but didn't really understand yet! Can't believe my baby will b 2 in feb how time flys, hope to hear from some of u soon Take care xxx
07/01/2012 at 09:17

Hi Everyone

Hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. We had a great time, although very manic with a new addition and lots of visitors wanting to meet Maisie.

So far things are going really well, have found being a mummy a lot less stressful second time around.I had forgotten just how hard breastfeeding is to begin with but we are getting there now.

Ash - Can't believe Rebecca is almost 2, it's scary how fast time flies by. Love your pictures on fb what a couple of cuties you have.

Bev - Hope you and the boys are well. I see from Fb that you are now back in Egypt, hope you had a lovely time at home and it's not too bad being back.

Julz & Vicky and anyone else reading hope that you are well and that the little ones had a great Chrsitmas. I loved it this year think it is the first year that Isla has understood, was great seeing how excitied she was.

Going to go now and post some pics on fb that we had taken on the 31st of the girls.

Hope to hear from you all soon xx

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