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20/10/2008 at 11:29
Hope your all feeling ok today. Tereza sorry to hear your still bleeding.
I found when pregnant last time the dye just fell out within one wash, I tried using rosehip tea spaying in everytime i wash my hair has covered grey up buetifully, and is cheaper! for blondes camaille is supposed to be good and for a natural brown just normall tea, doesnt leave hair smelling of tea, either.
Im rather washed out today very busy weekend not only work but sil down with her girl, so rest of time spent rond mil's found out though that the lunch Id made for Joseph didnt get used and they gave him a jar she had brought down that her girl had outgrown, Joseph only ever has jars when we get chaught out and about and only ever hopps organic, im a bit peeved that she decied my homeade lunch wasnt good enough, havent found out what jar it was yet and short of going through her bin I doubt I will, thants my rant over going for retail threapy now as Ive just recieved a bouns, have a good day ladies.
20/10/2008 at 11:35

Morning Bernadette, thanks hon hope it goes soon grrr!

oooh happy shopping honeyxxx

20/10/2008 at 14:27

Hi Everyone

 I have just come back from my scan and so far everything is good.  The pregnancy sac could clearly be seen (it just looks like a malteser!) though the "yolk sac" can't so I go back next Monday for another scan.  The sonographer thinks I am only 4 weeks pregnant hence why the yolk sac cannot yet be seen.

My cyst on my ovary has got bigger and is kind of shadowing my womb (made it difficult to see the pregnancy sac) so again they are going to keep an eye on it for me. 

The sonographer could not see any bleeding around the sac so wasn't overly concerned about the brown discarge that I have ben losing.

20/10/2008 at 14:36
hey marge glad all is ok honeyxxxx
20/10/2008 at 21:34

Hey Ladies,

Hope all is well!

I went to my scan this morning and everything is fine and i got to see the babies heartbeat! i wont have another scan now until the 25th nov... which is ages away!

I have a Midwife appt booked for wednesday so im really looking forward to it.

How is every1? xxx

21/10/2008 at 08:16

Morning girls

Sharne, Im thrilled everything is ok and the scan went well ... really happy for you

Hows everyone else doing? I havent been on the last few days as I have my niece and nephew staying with me until Wednesday... Im exhausted lol! We havent stopped. They are 7 and 9. I havent had chance to go through all the posts Ive missed yet but hope everyone is good? Missed coming on here!

My boobs are so sore and Im really fed up of feeling sick all the time.. The only food I can stomach is rich tea biscuits!! Im hoping that it wont last much longer... would love to eat a normal meal.

Anyway, will jump back on later if I get 2 mins.. lol

Take care everyone

Linds xxx

21/10/2008 at 09:49

Morning Girls

Not bleeding anymore wohoo and still have symptoms and still showing preg on tests at the mo so hope is all ok!

Mroning Sharne glad your scan was all ok honey

Hi Linds sounds like you have been busy! poor you for being sick and the sore boobs all i have really had is the sore back so far


21/10/2008 at 14:34

hi girls

vicki - yes ive gon off sex lol!!!

sharne - hugs 4 u chick - ive neva heard of bells palsy - i hope its not 2 serious n that ur ok xxx
glad ur scan was good xx

marge - hiya.hows the bleedin now? xx glad the scan went ok x

jade - i dyed my roots the otha ex SIL is a hairdresser n she told me wen
i was preg on chester that u CAN dye ur hair durin pregnancy.

tereza - glad bleedins stoppd xxxx

well im ok,stil tired etc,been busy gettin stuff ready 4 fri as we r off 2 butlins 4 a week.
got tonnes 2 house is a mess cos theres boxes everywhere half packed ready 4 house move lol!
also got bags everywhere in my bedroom full of kids xmas presents!!!

watched that new film stepbrothers lasnite nearly wet my pants laughin lol so funny u gotta c it!!!

bn 2 town 4 halloween stuff 2day.we wil b in butlins 4 halloween week.
better dash,im starvin n while chesters quiet im gona grab a cuppa n summin 2 eat.hes bn actin spoilt lately,
wantin attention 24/7 and wantin 2 b picked up all drained!

cu 2nite girls x sorry if i missed any1 i wil re-read later xxx

21/10/2008 at 14:52

Hi Amie

thanks am glad bleeding has stopped too! only problem is will have to provide sex now and am so so tired! but he has been patient bless him he he!

21/10/2008 at 17:41

Tereza honey, sorry to butT in lol as i havent even said hello on my thread yet, just got in lol and i was having a nose!

Just thought i would mention when i was bleeding with DS2 i was advised to not have intercourse till 12 weeks, its normally safe to have sex through out pregnancy honey, but if there is bleeding, even a little they tend to advice you to avoid sex till 12 weeks if its stopped by then!

Think of the fun you can have without intercourse honey, get that imagination working and give Kev a wee treat lol!

Good luck ladies xxxx

21/10/2008 at 17:48

hiya again x
i bn 2 asda 2 change baby milk cos the 1 i bought was already open n had a curly dark hair in it!

i think i got thrush   i had it all the time carryin my 2nd.but 1st n 3rd pregnancies i didnt have it.
the last few hrs its bn feelin itchy n like dry.sorry if its 2much info but any1 elses bodies now givin them thrush?

 tereza - ash is rite - wen i started bleedin (on the one i lost) they told me 2 avoid sex for 12wks.also wen carryin chester (after the mc) i purposly avoided it cos of worry.every1 is diff tho,i didnt bleed carryin him but felt 2 scared.this time around ive gon off sex n cant b arsed 2 do it anyway lol.hes made 2 wiv 'alternitaves' lmao!!!! yeah so do like ash says n get ur imagination goin hehe!!

21/10/2008 at 18:46

thanks ash and amie

will have to get back to you on that one as kev is not keen and tereza does not do other stuff as she is a prude!


21/10/2008 at 20:34
tereza lol a prude how u feelin this evenin chick?all i can suggest is  if ur not bleedin n not in pain n u fancy havin sex,its totally up 2 u.if it gets uncomfortable u can always stop?! wat u up 2 then?we bn watchin that watership down on tv.jus had chicken fillet burgers n chips,tonnes of mayo.gona hav a yorkie cookie now wiv tea lol.i cant stop eatin arse will be the size of a fiat punto by the time i give birth lol!!
21/10/2008 at 20:40

so whos had scans so far?r they early scans due 2 problems in the past?ive stil not told my gp im goin away fri 4 a week.wen i get bk i wil b 9wks.
will ring gp then 2 arrange midwife then i wont hav 2 wait long til scan (usually at 12wks?)
who's findin out babys sex at 20wks?i didnt on my 3boys but seeing as this one is my last baby im gona find out.
gonna watch a film now.take care girls xx

21/10/2008 at 20:51

i am feeling grand thank you amie kev says i am still a prude haha, ate loads too had a pizza and garlic mushrooms yummy! watership down always made me cry lol! not up to much just been playing and chatting on facebook i will be huge too lol!

think scan is 12 weeks yet i havent had one but that will be jsut before christmas and am excited! i will want to know as soon as i can lol i need to know what colour to buy if baby cooperates nicole just had a scan and baby was in wrong position so she doesnt know naughty babyxxxxx

22/10/2008 at 09:45

morning all hope you are all well today?

panicked today as did another pregnancy test one of those cheap ebay strip things and it was very faint, spoke to ash who told me not to panic until i did a proper one so have ordered one off the internet but ash did remind me that a line is still a line phew!

22/10/2008 at 10:07

a line is a line yes! nip 2 boots n get 1?

i bn up all night chesters now full of gotta go down cheist 4 stuff.i stil need summin 4 my thrush.its killin mums on her way down 2 do my ironin lol!

gona hav beans on toast now xx

22/10/2008 at 10:12


Both of my preganicies had faint lines and agree a line is a line

Well wev had a liein today Joseph didnt get up till 9 first time eveer and think only cause most of the night he was waking setting his dreamshw off and going stright back to sleep was at least once an hour till 5am, plus hes got a stinky cold, stil have terrible and is really gheting to me now, not lost so much weight this week which is good, but still cant eat very much although it smells great it tastes awuful to me, sticking to lots of apples and bananas, tried ginger and peppermints to no effect !!!

Should really start packing to as we move this weekend while Im at work, and then cleaning flat next week so not to sure when intrnet will be back on after weekend, havent even started packing but most of it is oing in to storage till we get our own place so shouldnt take long to do, hopefully.

Hope all the rest of you are doing well, good to hear scans went well and that those who where bleeding have stopped to.

22/10/2008 at 10:44

Hi everyone

Tereza - I thought my pregnancy test was negative cause I could only see one line so I left it on the top and when I came back a few mins later to bin it I noticed a real faint line.  It doesn't matter whether its  a faint line or a strong one - I am sure you will be fine.  I too have also gone off sex completely - in fact I think I am more worried in case it makes me bleed (I am losing brown stuff already - not much though)

Aimee - I am still losing brown stuff - been like it now for 13 days.  Am not concerned though as my scan on Monday shown the pregnancy sac and the sonographer could not see any blood around the sac.

I think I will be twelve weeks by the middle of december so (hoping that I am not showing much) my plan is to put scan photos in my parents and in-laws xmas cards.  My mum will be well happy and excited but I am a bit nervous at how my mother in-law will be as I am facing redundancy (was told in May this year but am still here!).  When I miscarried in June she commented that "it wasn't the right time anyway because of my job" - gulp!!. 

22/10/2008 at 10:46
Thanks girls am sure all is fine ! Sorry your children both have colds my partner has man flue at the moment so know what you are going through xxx
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