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10/10/2008 at 12:36

Am feeling quite good today tierd but well, a little dizzy no sickness yeah Hope all are going just as good today. Congrats on the new house wish I could find them that quick.

Vciki when I fell pregnant last year the first midwife I saw told me I was due 31st Jan, then when I saw my reg midwife she worked out my dates to be a week later 3rd feb, and the scaner said it was 26th Jan but cause dates where so close they didnt change it from 3rd, was so confused plus ment I would have to go 2 weeks after 3rd before inducing if he didnt come sooner, stubborn buger had to be induce on 12th. I chose to go by the later date also so I didnt get my hopes up too much, about having him earlier.

10/10/2008 at 12:52

thats wot i was thinking all my dates are either at the beginnin of june or the end of may so its kinda hard to work out which month so im stickin with u lovely ladys hear on the june thread.

sorry bernadette i didnt ask how far are you n whens ur due date?


10/10/2008 at 13:08

From what I can work out my birthday 1st june but can ganurntee itll be diff esp since they take it to a sunday down this way dont know if youve found that, but any date round there just adds to the 3 birthdays already that week in my family, very busy month, have been told off for adding to it lol but cant help when these things happen .

We will see what next tuesday brings when I first see the midwife.

10/10/2008 at 17:27

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok, feeling rubbish today really sick and bloated - look about 6 months pregnant today!!! Been up since 6 so shattered, and have tea to cook yet as well as bath time, then putting everyone to bed. Then have to catch up with washing, and try and squeeze in some college work AAARRRRGGGGGG!!!!

How did home bargain shopping go Amie? Love that place, have one here in nottingham brilliant for christmas stuff, might go myself next week.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend

10/10/2008 at 17:45

hi lovelies!!

vicki - im 6 weeks 2day - im due on 5th june - same due date i had 4 my 2nd child in 2001!!! as 4 if u r due in may - u dont hav 2 leave us n join may thread - i am on the march 08 thread n chester came along in feb!!! but i remain on march cos i luv the girls they r fab!

redgirl - thanx 4 the midwife number - i aint got top-up,but wil arrange a gp appointment on such a knobhead i cant believe i didnt think of the tablets - well at first i thought it  must b ok,cos i had them on pregnancy on chester,but obviously not in 1st few wks wen baby was formin...

jade - homebargains - i spent 46 quid on loads of stuff 4 xmas - stockin fillers 4 the boys n lil fisherprice toys 4 chester.then in poundstretcher i bought chester a spiderman ride along car - it was 10quid,its from age 12months plus.a good buy! also baby food jars 15p a jar!!! they sell nappies 2.

anyway gona shoot off now cos its a mess here n i not cooked tea yet.feel shattered 2day.

hope every1 is ok xxxx cant wait 4 us 2 hav bumps!

10/10/2008 at 19:20

Evening all

Im really worried.. been reading up and found out that your not supposed to change cat litter and you shouldnt eat shell fish. Well, Ive been changing my cats litter a couple of times a week and I had mussells yesterday! Do you think this will cause problems?? Because this is my first pregnancy I didnt know any of this and Im only now reading up on everything.... I feel like an idiot. Why didnt I read up on things earlier!!

10/10/2008 at 19:48

try not to worry about it hunni eating shell fish once shouldnt cause any problems its just in case u get food poisoning i think n if your feeling fine dont worry about it. as for the cat litter u can still change it apparently if you wear gloves n stuff but i would still steer clear from now on. it a good excuse to get ur other half do do the smelly jobs lol. i would just have a word with ur mw if ur nervous about it.

i cant wait to get a bump. ive got a bit of bloating at the min n my stomachs rock hard. i suppose the bloating give u a little bit of a taste of what it will be like but i still cant wait.

ive been feelin much beta today i only felt a lil bit sick this mornin and i havent been sick once today i hope it lasts now ive had i sick free day i dont think i cud go back to the way ive been feeling.


10/10/2008 at 20:23

Hi Vic

Thanks for your reassurance..  Just feel so new to this and Im scared that Ill do something wrong. I know its probably natural to worry.

Im like you though.. I cant wait to have a bump. Im counting down the days until the 12wk scan so I can tell everyone. My oh thinks we shouldnt tell anyone until then and I do agree to a certain point. The thing is, Ive already told about 6 people and sworn them to secrecy.. Hell kill me if he finds out .. lol

Hope your ok. Glad your feeling a lot better... lets hope this is the end of the sickness!!! 

Lindsey xxx

10/10/2008 at 20:36

i hope so. im the same weve told our parents (well my parents and ohs mam were nt on speaking terms with his dad) and a couple of close friends but weve sworn them to secrecy till i go 4 my scan tho aswell. ive already had 1 mc so i dnt want to jinx it. i told every1 last time.

i dont want to add to the stress of every1 asking me about it n having to tell them if something does happen. ive got enough of that goin on at the min to last me a life time lol


10/10/2008 at 22:40

Hi all Just in from work, busy with kitchen roll offer this week! Well felt fine this morn no sickness then come having dinner dont know what happened didnt feel like eating it in the first place then oh had to feed Joseph, as I couldnt keep mine down (sorry if tmi) but suddenly felt better on way to work, until someone come through the till with a rack of hot ribs, normally love the she had to turn away, am allgood now.

There is so much that we can get oh to do now and must be honest I did blag a little extra out of him last time, if hes not in to reading the books you can get away with so much, lol .

Vicki I think if that had happened to me then I would be the same but have told most of my family and close friends, just work that doesnt know yet.

Hope youve all had a good evenign and catch up tomo evening work all day.

11/10/2008 at 14:49

hiya every1 amie i just want to check you are ok after the comments on the it finally worked thread. dont worry about them they are all just being rude and very offensive.


11/10/2008 at 16:25
hi vicky - oh my god! i came on 4 a chat n saw ur msg!! so i had a peep on the it finally it worked thread - i was so shocked!!!  i cant believe it - how childish! 2 b honest it really upset me - im pregnant 4 christs sake n i felt so sick wen i read the comments it felt like a punch in the stomach..... all i did was say my point on wat i believe!! i dont need this stress.its reallly bothered me.cos ive made fab friends online n its made me thin again about comin very upset.infact ive cried.thanx vicky 4 ur support ur very kind n normal!
11/10/2008 at 22:47
I read it amie and don't see what the fuss is all about, after all everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don't worry about it, its not worth it. x
11/10/2008 at 23:27

Amie, just read the thread now. Ignore them! What a bunch of horrible people!

You are entitled to your views and you didnt say anything wrong.. they have completely blown it out of proportion. There are definitely one or two nasty women on there.

You are a lovely person... dont ever let people like that upset you xxx

12/10/2008 at 00:30

hi girls - ive had the worst day of my life - ive cried all day - i know every1 is sayin dont worry about it but its upset me so much i havent eaten n ive bn sick all mum is livid cos she is so worried i wil hav a mc again.i wont b goin there again.thanx 4 the support.....all m friends who hav read the threads agree that i wrote nothin offensiv.i cant believe it...

anyway hope u girls r ok,i read sum of u r worried about cat litter n shellfish??? dont worry jus use gloves from now on,lol.i went campin couple of wks ago,didnt know i was preg n i kept eatin pate on toast lol! i also drank a bottle of pinacolada.wen i found out i was preg,ive avioded everythin now,but dont worry 2 much (((hugs))).....

as 4 tellin ppl about the baby ive told all my family.

gona go bed now n wake up 2 a new day!

12/10/2008 at 08:43

Hi Amie, Try to just put all that to the back of your mind and concentrate on yourself. People like that are not worth it and certainly not worth getting upset about. I know thats easier said than done but treat this as a new day and remember you have a lot of friends that care about you.

 Im off down to leekes this morning... looking for a sofa! We have completely gutted our house that we bought last year. Weve been living in one room for 9 months so chuffed that we are at the decorating stage. Cant wait to have a sofa to sit on and a bed to sleep in. ( Been sleeping on a mattress for the last 11 months!!) Glad its nearly there as I didnt fancy sitting and sleeping on the floor as I get bigger!! Ill never get up!!

Anyway... hope you all have a good day and are doing good? 

Vicki/Bernadette... anymore sickness or you feeling much better?

Speak to you later

Lindsey xx

12/10/2008 at 10:14

MOrning Just a quick message before going to work.

Keeping fingers crossed they put me on a till with a gun that works cant go another day of lifting sacks f rice and dog food (carefully ofcourse), and reading off codes all day arrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Am feeling much better thankyou, a little bit offish and feel sick but not been thabkgod, luckily Im mostly ok at work, as hey dont know yet am waiting as long as poss as its a new job

Amie hope your feeling better and you should just ignore these people as everyone else has said each person is entilted to there own opion and if they want to be childish they are not worth getting upset over, we are here for you to sound off at too sending ((((((hugs)))))))) your way as you erseve them stay strong.

12/10/2008 at 10:48

hiya girls!!!

well 2day is my first day ever,ive woken up feelin sick!!! im glad tho lol funny as it sounds ive always wanted mornin sickness haha! i jus never had it on the others so its summin new! i normally wake up starvin n eat huge breakfasts,even wen preg.but this morn i felt really sick n forced my self 2 eat 1 slice of toast.managed half a slice unlike me! i jus hope i dont actually BE sick!

2day im stayin in,need 2 do cleanin.since fallin pregnant ive bn obsessd wiv the smell of dettol and johnsons baby lotion! ive bn buyin loads! i hav already cleaned my livin room n hav wiped the sofas down wiv dettol everythin actually,ive wiped wiv dettol!!! every1s moanin that it smells like a hospital here lol but i luuuurve it!!  ive bn usin chesters baby lotion on myself i think it smells soooo sweet n cute!!!!!

bernadette - i hope work is ok 4 u chick take it easy - at least no more liftin!!!

redgirl - ooooh i do luv lookin 4 sofas n beds! its hard decoratin houses,i hope u find a lush bed - jus think,the 1st nite u sleep in ur new bed wil feel like heaven!!! wat type of sofas r u after then?

jade and vicky - how r u girls?hope ur ok? xxxxx

12/10/2008 at 11:20

hiya every1 sorry i wasnt on last nite i was at work till 11 last nite i was shattered lol. amie i hope ur feelin much beta my oh even said u said nothing wrong so dnt stress there probly just stressed themselves n blew it all out of proportion. 

i love shopping for the house. i love ikea!!! i could live in there lol.

im feeling much beta ive had no sickness today so far n yesterday was a gud day too. its kinda worrying me a bit tho cos its a bit soon to stop getting the sickness.


12/10/2008 at 12:01
vicki - ive never had mornin sickness but i imagine u dont hav 2 hav it everyday?maybe ur jus havin a good few days lol? i 2 luv ikea! especially the cafe part! their meatballs r amazing! where do u work then vicki? if u hav already said,sorry lol,i jus got baby brain from havin chester n now ive got pregnant brain.2 top it off im blonde an all!!!
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