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11/05/2011 at 11:24

hi girls

Beck, Ben sounds very sweet on the naughty step, little rascal! I think one advantage of the big family is mine know they're being excluded just by not being in the same room as everyone else, so are bothered by that. Emily knows what to say though, she'll promise to go & say sorry, give hugs etc then leg it!!! Grace has actually learnt the word now "sowwy" lol, so cute - but a disadvantage of the large family as it shows just how often it needs saying, lol

what's the weather like with you? And how was your time off? Did you go to Snowdon? I saw you had some new pics up & was going to show Peter but forgot! He is really looking forward to his trip, It's only 11 days 'till he goes!! 

well done Sharon, soldiering on! it's so horrid when you're feeling bad and the weather is naff, a bit of sun just makes it easier to get out & feel better. I really really hope we get some more soon, I'm back in my jumper today. It looks like colouring books, cars and cbeebies are the order of the day for us both now! (never mind what the kids do, lol)

did you get your early night? I fell asleep on the sofa - or rather, on Neil! - was going to watch the apprentice but forgot so we said we'd get it on i-player after the 10oc thing I knew, he had the midnight news on and i had an achey back!

hope you're feeling better today. do you go to work every day?

Neil is home today, we only found out this morning as a course was cancelled but he wasn't told! was a nice surprise as i got up late and emily & grace were up at same time which completely through my routine, but neil helped me get them all ready so we still got ben to school on time!


17/05/2011 at 10:26

hi everyone

how are you all doing?

it's been cold and miserable here for about a week now, and I've fair had enough of it! lol.  I swear it's not helping me shake this cold that i've had Definitely need a sun injection soon!  Weekend was fairly quiet, just visiting parents etc.  Ste's back on Sunday afternoon thank god, I have to admit that I'm struggling a bit now, think it's just 'cause I've no been feeling great I suppose, feeling very lethargic and fed up!

Sooo don't want to go to work today, it's not that it's stressful or taxing, just cannot be bothered!  Would rather put my energy into having a wee sleep lol!

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Love to you all and babies


17/05/2011 at 10:53

hi Sharon,

I hope you're feeling better soon. Defininately sounds like you need some decent sunshine, Easter was so gorgeous I think it feels extra cold now!  Ste's been away a while hasn't he? That'll be good when he's home, hopefully you'll be able to get some rest & the chance to pamper yourself a bit too. Sounds like a nice long soak in the tub is called for!

How is Grace now? Has she settled down again? Emily has a serious stubborn streak, I just have to decide which bits I'm going to battle her on and when I'll let her get away with it! Yesterday I told her to stop running over people's front gardens "I'm not running", so I corrected it to riding her scooter "It's Ben's scooter", I corrected that and got "It's not a garden, it's a driveway" at which point i coul've throttled her!!!  Did you find the sticker chart worked yet?

Grace is standing here next to me handing me Emily's Peppa Pig books, I think that may be a not so subtle hint that she wants a story lol

time for a coffee after that, methinks, see if I can warm my bones up!

hope you're feeling better soon



17/05/2011 at 19:15

Hi kathleen

I'm trading a soak in the tub for some chinese!!  Just finished getting my two to bed, well I say that, I actually think Grace is up there singing!!

I think all girls have a little stubborn streak, don't they?!  I have to laugh at the things she was saying, they get so clever don't they?  But I do agree, they do push just that extra inch to far.

Grace has settled down a bit yeah (scared to temp fate I am lol!), I think it helped that she got her dad back for a bit, I think she was a bit scared with him being away and not fully understanding the situation.  I didn't really find the sticker chart worked, she wasn't that bothered about it!  But I do use the stickers for her when she eats all her meals etc, just to show it doesn't go unnoticed.

Bless Grace with the peppa pig books, that pig has alot to answer for lol! 

Joey has perked up with his talking this week which is great, we've got ball, car, tree and a lot of wagging his finger and saying something that resembles a right old telling off - I need to catch him on video doing it it's so funny!

Well, hopefully grace has dropped off to sleep and my chinese won't be far away, yum yum, I'm so hungry!!


27/05/2011 at 03:09
Hi Girlies

Ive missed you glad all is going well. Its been really nice reading through the posts as in the past I have felt that James is being a naughty little boy but it sounds like they all go through this stage although I think I need to discipline him more but whatever I seem to do he just laughs and thinks it is highly amusing, no more accidents with him although I took him to childcare last fri for the first time and he was only there 2 hours before they called me to fetch him as he had fallen and cut his lip and eye (I was not happy) as it turned out he had been left to play outside with the big boys and left unattended so I have taken him again today and we will see how it goes, saying that there was a small baby their (crawling) but no-one seemed to be taking care of her at all.

I cant remember if you said Ste was back or not Sharon, hope he is for the weekend, has the weather picked up yet? Heard anything more about the housing situ ???

Just read on FB that Tracy is off camping this weekend so hope she has a fab time, im sure she will enjoy it whatever and if in doubt just drink more wine !!!!

Did you get the cake sorted Kathleen (bow) it looked good as it were, goodness knows where you get your patience from you must be one talented young lady.

All good this end, weathers turned a bit cooler, pregnancy going well although I am massive 25 weeks in, so fair way to go, doesn't seem as exciting this time (if you know what I mean) feel I really should be more motivated into getting things sorted.

Exciting for Ash doing a posh n becks and as for Beck she wants to slow down doing all this running ha ha you go girl, hope you are well and all the other yummy mummies too.

Well soon be time to pick my boy up, I miss him hes like my right hand man

Have a great weekend, love to all

T xxx
30/05/2011 at 16:49

Hi Girls!

Tina it's great to hear from you, I hope James had a good time & didn't hurt himself I

30/05/2011 at 17:12


Cheeky little boy laughing when you tell him off! Grace pays no attention to me unless I'm really firm with her, then she cries! Ben has a smile that totally gives him away when he's been naughty!

thanks for your comments re the cake, but you should see me the day it's due - STRESS!! lol, I enjoy the design stage and the fiddly little details but getting the icing smooth and the shape right has me in a seriously bad mood! Neil tends to step in there and we work together on that bit. I also hate seeing it cut just after I've finished making it!

Sharon, I'm sorry I didn't reply to your last post. You know, I read it then didn't repy for some reason, then totally forgot! I need to find a decent chineses place round here, the one we go to at the mo is mostly nice, but their chicken is nothing like chicken!! I think they use the stuff with lots of water and bulking agents, yuk!

lol at Joey wagging his finger! bless him! Grace is the complete opposite, has talking down to a fine art (putting words together now!) but still a bit unsteady walking. She was so funny when we took her to the 'mountains', couldn't work out going up-hill at-all!  Poor thing has a mahoosive bump on her head at the mo, she fell up a step at a friends house, but was holding a beaker with a flip-up spout & landed right on that.

I hope Tracy's camping weekend was good. brrr! wouldn't fancy that! lol tina, I agree, drink more wine!

lots of love & hugs to Ash & family, I've been thinking of you lots.

Beck & Karen, hope you're both doing well & babes & families too!

I now need to get oredering knight stuff for ben's b'day, think I may dress up too! I've seen a suit of armour that I would so love to get for neil to wear, but it's silly money so i think we'll just go with cardboard cutouts!

love to you all


06/06/2011 at 16:14

hello girls

how are you all?  Just been quickly catching up on the posts and sounds like everyone is very busy!

Kathleen - noticed that you found a good site for ben's birthday, what date is it?  did you order some things? your cake pics are fab by the way.  You're on to a winner there.

Tina - lovely to hear from you, how are you keeping?  hope the heat isn't so bad for you?  Re the childcare - that doesn't sound great that they've been leaving him unattended, grrrr, I hope you made your feelings clear about that one!!

Had a whirlwind few weeks, last week was a stress...think I just reached the end of my tether with the whole housing issue.  Everything just got on top of me and had a little couldn't stop crying moment lol!  However, by the end of the week my luck turned and we've now got a lovely house in a place called Longniddry (by the sea!), it's 2 minutes from where we grew up and our parents are close by plus there's a lovely little school behind our house where grace & joey will go to nursery and school!  The best news ever, just now got a house move to contend with and find money to buy lots of new stuff!

I better get on, started clearing out grace's wardrobe lol!!

Lots of love to you all, sorry just a quick posting.


06/06/2011 at 17:12

fantastic news Sharon! I'm so pleased for you & hope the moving bit goes    smoothly. I was just wondering how you were and how all that was going! It sounds lovely and it's great that you'll be close to parents. When is moving day? Longniddry by the sea, lol

Ben's birthday is 21st June, we'll just do a family tea & cake that evening - Ben has announced he wants Banana cake -  then on 2nd July we're doing his knights party. That's Neil's birthday so it's a joint do again, we thought as he'd have his cousins over (with their parents) we might as well celebrate both together, make the price of hiring the hall worth while! I ordered knight and princess party bags, complete with bits of stationary and toy knights & jewellery & she was brilliant, phoned me when I e-mailed her with a mistake with my order & put together a bespoke bag when the one I wanted was out of stock!    That's very kind of you about the cakes, thank you. I'm far from professional in terms of the finish I get, I still have so much to learn & I want it to be perfect now!

Is anyone else having probs with this site? It keeps blocking lines and jumping about!

I have just been handed a paratrouper with a tangled up parachute, best go and get untangling for Ben, then got to think about dinner but I am stumped on that one. There are loads of possibilities as we went shopping only yesterday - I just don't fancy any of the things I know I can cook!

Lots of love to you all


10/06/2011 at 11:15

Hi kathleen

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you!!

The party sounds like a great idea, and good as a double celebration.  Sounds like you've found a good party supplies person, it's always a good thing to have on hand and know that you get good service.  At work we were taking calls for a party supplies website and the woman would NEVER speak to people and said she'd only deal in email communication - terrible I think!! 

A week of mayhem so far!  I've never written so many lists in all my life, trips to B&Q, and am now more clued up on domestic appliances than I've ever been!!  We get our keys today, and have a removal booked for the 30th!!  We've been clearing out all our clutter as we have a lot less storage in the new house (which in a way is a good thing) but means we've had to be pretty ruthless!  Lots of stuff to charity though which is always good.  just to sell the beast of a sofa!  It's too big for our new house, would take up way too much space.  I resigned from work this week, and although it isn't great in terms of pennies, it's been necessary for my sanity and to focus on getting the kids settled in our new house etc and will allow me to look for a job that I actually want.

How is everyone else doing?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Love to you all

Sharon xxxx

10/06/2011 at 13:14

Hi all,

sorry have not been around for a while, have till been reading posts, but find it hard to find the time to actually write anything.

Sharon - woo hoo - great news about the new house, shame that the sofa wont fit, but nevermind.  Will be nice to have some time off work settling you all in.

Kathleen - party sounds good and your cakes are great.  I'm sure with all the practice you are getting you will get that perfect finish soon.

Good to hear from you Tina - James sounds just like Ben, he always just laughs at me too.  Does anything his dad asks him to though which really annoys me.  Guess I must be a bit of a soft touch too.  How has he been at childcare - no more accidents I hope!  Not suprised you were fuming.

We are all good here, Ben had his first go on a bouncy castle last weekend, and loved it, he was grinning fro ear to ear.  It was good excersise for me too   Been to do the shopping this morning and to feed the ducks at the park.  Ben just having a nap now, so we're having a well earned rest.

Got some big news to share with you all...........we are moving to Australia!!!!!  So excited and nervous all at the same time, but think it will be a great big adventure for us all.  Can't wait to live by the sea and have nice warm days   I have got 2 job offers with companies that will sort visa's out for us.  One in Perth and the other Adelaide.  Think we are going to take the Adelaide one, as its less isolated and Perth is mega expensive (think london prices) due to the mining boom out there.   Just got the offers in writing, so early days, but hope to be out there by christmas.  Families have been ok about it, although upset that we are going.

Not putting anything on FB yet as not handing my notice in at work until the visa has come though, so please dont mention on there.

Have a good weekend all.

Beck xx

13/06/2011 at 08:41

Hi girls

Beck - that is fantastic news!!! Well done you!  That is amazing.  What an achievement, and 2 job offers go you!  Big changes as you said, but it's all about building your life and Ben's too.

Just a quick one from me.  Must get in the shower!  I've had two days of painting in the new house and I'm aching!  We're pushing the move back a few weeks just to let us get some money together for better flooring etc but it will be worth it.  Just want to get all the decorating done so it looks fab for us moving in!  I've got Grace's room done, it's pink and purple (think very bright!) and she's getting a purple carpet.  i'll take pics when I get it all fixed up! We're so excited!

Right, I better go!

 Love to you all


13/06/2011 at 15:02

Hi girls, sorry not replied, I've not been getting my e-mails again!

Beck, that's fantastic, well done you! very exiting! will you buy out there or rent? Good luck with the sale here, I saw on fb that you have a couple of veiwings, and i guesse you've got the visas sorted now as you posted about it on there. Has Chris found work there yet?

Sharon, all sounds very exciting for you too, I love the sounds of Grace's girly room, I can't wait till my girls can have thier own rooms all girly (tho Heather would prob have camo or something!) and filled with teddies, lucky little miss higgins! that's great that you're able to do it up before you move in. It'll be great to se the pics. When will Grace start school? Here it's the september before their 5th birthday, so Emily will go next sept & I think I have to apply by end of jan. That's great to have school so close, can you see it from the house? Just seen you said she'll go to nursery there too - will that be this sept? Emily is staying at playgroup as ben's school don't have a nursery class & I don't want to change twice. Not to mention Grace wil go in oct so it'll be great them going together. Any joy on selling the sofa? We have a shop here that sells appliances that are in perfect working order but might have a dent or something on the side, so fine if they're next to a cupboard or fitted in - can't think of the name of it now - but they were great, it meant we could get bosch which neil rates highly!

What are you doing, beck, will you move somewhere furnished and ready for you to go straight in? i can't quite imagine the logistics of moving overseas, found essex to london tough enough, but that was pre-internet so had no choice but to spend weekends up here looking at flats! Are your new employers in charge of the relocation thing for you?

i'd best go see what the tribe is up to! I have my two boys off school today, I was sick yest, then ben was in the evening, peter said he had a sore tummy so i thought i'd best keep them both at home - but they've been absolutely fine so i think for ben it was down to 2 parties and all that sweet stuff, and peter?...prob just milking it!

love to you all


13/06/2011 at 21:24

Hi all,

House sounds great sharon and i bet Grace's room is lovely.  bet you can't wait to move in

Kathleen - sorry to hear you have been ill, glad the kids haven't caught it though.

Visa's haven't come through yet for oz - will be a few weeks yet, but decided what the heck, everyone knows anyway, so may as well talk about it!  Can't wait, think it will be so exciting, although very scary!

New job have offered $5k (about £3k) towards relocation costs, so all helps, although it will cost in the region of 12 grand to get us, dog and all our stuff over there   It will be worth it in the end though.   I have done so much research and have lists everywhere, so hopefully will be OK with organising everything.  We will move into a rental (furnished) to start with, prior to looking for a longer term unfurnished rental, then eventually buy somewhere, when we know more about area's, schools etc.

Love to all xxx

20/06/2011 at 11:17

oh Beck, I was sure I had replied to your last post! Must've written and not pressed submit or something!!

Great to see you have sold the house, have you found something over there yet? Sounds a good plan you've got, will make the move easier and give you the chance to get settled and get to know good areas schools etc. Are you using a virtual house hunt, to see around the houses? I like pretend house hunting on-line, where would I live and what what I do to decorate, except sometimes I get emotional as I can't see us ever actually having a house to live in!What sort of time-line do you think you're working to?

How's all yours going, Sharon? ooh I'm very excited for both of you ladies with house mooves! Hope it's going well for you too, Sharon.

My gang did all get ill! first a tummy bag that spread like wild-fire, then an ear infection for Emily I think she's better now, but we had a few nights of her being up all night crying despite being on max dose of ibuprofin. I've kept her off playschool again today, as I wasn't too sure this morning, but she seems a lot brighter now

And then Ben's birthday tomorow! Can't believe my little boy is about to turn 5! bless him!! I need to get out today for his card as I've barely left the house last week. poor neil didn't get anything for father's day from the girls, thankfully ben made a card at school.

hope you're all staying well

love to you all


24/06/2011 at 09:42

Morning all

kathleen - did Ben have a good birthday?  Have you all recovered from the sickness bug yet?  It's awful when the domino effect happens.  Is Emily better with her ear infection? The cake pics on fb are FAB, you should be very proud!  What happened with Ben's outfit?  is the party this weekend?  Hope you all have a fantastic time.  Looks like you've got good weather which always helps!

Beck - Well done on selling your house, so glad everything is working out for you.  Will you have to move out soon, or are you waiting until you move to Aus?  What a fantastic opportunity for you and your family, you must be so excited!?!

Not sure where the time goes just now!!  Thankfully I've still got the kids at nursery for another week whilst we get  stuff in the house done, it's never ending but we are getting there.  We're also hoping to find out next week if we will get help from the families charity for flooring, the house has nothing down and we can't move in until it has!!!  we had some savings but that's been spent on everything else we need! eeek, so expensive.  It will be worth it in the end!  I'm having a few hours to myself today to get my hair done, can't wait!  It's our wedding anniversary tomorrow, reckon it will be a takeaway and a bottle of bubbly in the house! 

Right, I better go, got the kiddie winkles out in the garden!!

Take care and speak soon


14/07/2011 at 14:47

Sharon, belated Happy Anniversary, did you have your take-away and bubbly? sorry I missed your post, I thought i had checked on here more recently but clearly not!! Did you get any help for flooring? If not, isn't that something SSAFA would help with? It is so expensive, we had to get this place new carpets, it had some down that must've been held together by dust! We found some old photos taken here in the '30s, I'm sure it was the same carpet!

Lovely that you had some 'Sharon Time' to get your hair done, bet you must've needed that bit of pampering after all the work you've been doing on the house & stress of moving!

We had great weather for Ben's birthday, it was really good, thank you for asking. The church hall I'd hired had a garden we could use & we'd ummed and aahhed about paying extra for that one, over their other hall which hadn't. I'm so glad we did as the kids just played outside for most of the time! It meant all my nice ideas of party games weren't used but they had a great time which was the main thing. In the end Heather cut the sleeves of a white t-shirt off, and drew a red cross on the front, so Ben wore that with the rest of the costume. I didn't get any pics though! WAs so busy with the party and Heather - who normally takes lots of photos - was in the middle of splitting up with her boyfriend!!

Beck, how is it all going with your move? Do you have a date for it yet? Will you need to move somewhere here first? I hope it's all going smoothly for you.

How are Karen, Ash, Tracy & Tina, and all the babes? Not long for Ash to wait 'till her little daughter is here! I'm all excited but (glad to say!) not the least bit broody!!

Right, best be off & get the girlies ready to meet Ben from school. They're covered in glitter, after pulling out the art draw!

love to you all


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