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October '09 Mummys and Babies

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09/02/2009 at 10:22

Is anyone else due october 09??

I already have a 17month old but have just found out that I am pregnant for the 2nd time.  Think i'm due around mid Oct so really early but will burst if i don't tell someone soon!!!

I used this website last time throughout my entire pregnancy and it was fab - love to share stories with anyone who's due in oct too!!


09/02/2009 at 10:42

Congratulations!! I've been waiting for somenone to post due in Oct, am due in September and it's nice to see the threads moving along (it finally feels like time is moving, yay!)

Am due the 25th of September, so who knows, I could well go over into October! Is your little one a boy or girl? Was the pregnancy planned or a total shock (like mine!)?


09/02/2009 at 11:46

Hi Kerry,

 Congratulations to you!!  My son was born 23rd Sept - good time to have a baby!!

 First baby not planned but a happy surprise, second one planned but we didn't expect it tto happen so quickly!!

Don't worry time will soon fly by - after the first trimester it does fly by until those last few weeks!!  Make the most of it while you can!!

Let's hope you are on time but at least you can go into 2 forums!!


09/02/2009 at 11:59
Wow congratulations... this time last year it was me!  Hope you have a good pregnancy!
09/02/2009 at 12:20

I went 5 days over on my son, then was induced as he was HUGE (9lbs 5). My daughter was 7 lbs 9 and a half and came 3 weeks early. They are now 12 & 11. So it could go either way (though 3 weeks early sounds good to me!!)

Did you find out because you were late, or did you have symptoms?

09/02/2009 at 12:33

Wow that's big - you're a hero!

I was only 2 days late - just 'knew' i was pregnant - although this time round i am not feeling too sick or more tired than usual - long may it continue!!

Paula - congratulations hope you and baby kayleigh are doing well!

09/02/2009 at 17:56

Congratulations!  One journey begins as another comes to an end...I have to have a c-section this Friday.  

Good luck to you and all the other October mummies who I'm sure will join you soon xxx

09/02/2009 at 20:08
Oh WOW, can't believe this thread is up already!! Congrats... I had not long found out I was due Oct 08 this time last year & before that I was in due Sept 07 thread!!! LOL... just over a year between my two boys!! Hope all Oct 09 mummies to be have great pregnancies! M xx
10/02/2009 at 15:07

Maria, you must have been in the Sept 07 thread with me!!  I too joined that one in my last pregnancy!

10/02/2009 at 15:52
Aw cool... well I was known as 'Mummy2B' back then and was originally in the due aug 07 thread but moved to due sept 07 near the end of my pregnancy and good job as J was due 30th of aug to start with but they changed date to 1st sept at a scan and as it happened he held on to 13th sept lol!!! I still speak with the sept 07 mummies in the 'september mums' thread under the birth forum... you should pop in & say hi!!  Congrats on your current pregnancy, hope all goes well for you!! xxx
10/02/2009 at 16:34

oh my word, how time flys, i as you can see was in the due oct thread, can't believe it's coming round again, i would have only been a couple of weeks this time last year, i was 2wks late, and had to be induced, she just didn't want to come out, bless her! she is now nearly 4mths, well congrats to you both, i expect this thread will soon fill up, oh my word i'm getting broody already lol!

well best wishes to you all

lisa&hannah xx

12/02/2009 at 13:59
Hi all - thought i would add myself to your thread!!! i should be due around 11th October, its with a little trepidation i add myself, i had a VERY early miscarriage in August last year i was only 5 weeks gone when i lost the baby, but it still hurt! This time (im sure its going to be a boy!) my pregnancy didnt show on a preg test until i was nearly a week overdue for my period!!! and all my other pregnancies showed up straight away, im hoping when i have my scan on 23rd Feb that all will be shown to be where it should be and all is well and of course, how many there is!!! LOL my girls have ordered another boy!!! and my little son, well goes without saying he wants a little brother to boss, not that he doesnt boss the others anyway!! LOL nice to chat to someone about being pregnant, ive only told 3 people, my hub and my two very best friends, im just so scared that something will go wrong so this is really great!!! love & hugs to you all xxx
12/02/2009 at 16:56

Congratulations Karen, it's nice to see someone elsse has posted, i thought i was the only one!!

Do you have 3 other children?  Twins??  You must be busy if that is the case.

 I'm sure you must be pretty scared given your last experience but you have to be positive and this is the place to air your fears!  Rest up, don't stress too much and fingers crossed for your scan in feb.

Hope to speak again soon


14/02/2009 at 13:38
Hi again, erm nope - i have 6 children already and this will be baby(s) 7(8) LOL i cant wish this next week away quick enough!!! i just want reasurance that all is well this time then i can do a quick sigh and get back on with life!!! LOL my kids are boys, 19 & 17 by my first marriage, both left home and then with my 2nd hubby we have 2 girls who will be 6 & 4 in the next few months then a boy he'll be 3 in March and then littlest one (for now!!) has just gone 1 last December, quite a handful sometimes but i wouldnt change my life with anyone!!! (we get refered to as "tom & barbera - as in the good life - alot!!) I've had a mixed experience with pregnancies throughout my life, the first two were uneventful except both boys have congenital heart problems although they are both really healthy now (thank god!!) then we had to have clomid for me to get morag (1st child with now hubby) then i had a partial molar pregnancy (terrifying!!!) and then came rhiannon, then Gabriel then another miscarriage (again one which had to be removed) then Genevieve then last August another miscarriage, but that one left on its own! So as you can see i'm more than a little anxious at the moment, but as soon as i see the heartbeat i shall be ok. The girls have ordered a boy this time!!! LOL I asked my son what was inside and he said: 2 boys!!!! so i guess we shall just have to wait for a week and see!!! LOL hope everyone is well and not too much morning sickness etc! love and hugs xxxxxxxxxx
15/02/2009 at 16:06

Hi!  Can I join?  Got my bfp on Thursday, a day before my period was due and am SO excited!!!  Although very nervous too as it is such early days.  Already having trouble keeping it to myself so it'll be good to chat to you ladies on here.    I just want the next 8 weeks to pass, get to the first scan and everything to be ok.

I have a dd, born 21 Sept 07, so this little bubba will be number 2.  We weren't really trying for dd1, but have found it harder this time and were trying for nearly 7 months.  

So that's me!  Looking forward to chatting to you lovely ladies over the coming months and congratulations on your bfps!!



17/02/2009 at 08:07

Welcome Kelstar!  Congratulations!

Seems like we're all second and 7th timers on here!!  My son was born 23rd Sept 07 - how strange!!

How are you feeling this time round?

It's really early days but i don't really 'feel' pregnant.  I have been exhausted but with a little one i'm always exhausted anyway, i haven't felt that sick or had sore BBs.  Done 3 tests so sure i'm pregnant, maybe it will kick in over the next few weeks, I guess i am only about 5weeks gone!  I am terrified of something happening, but i felt that way the first time - like you K I want to get to the scan and start enjoyinf the pregnancy again!


17/02/2009 at 15:03

I'm struggling this time round.  Really, really exhausted and have been feeling nauseous (sp!) on and off for the last week (that's when I thought something fishy was going on and so I did a test 3 days before af due!)  Last time I didn't really get the tiredness at all and I only felt slightly nauseous between weeks 9 and 13.  Hmmmmm.

I'm also finding it so hard to concentrate on anything else!  I can't stop thinking about the little bean.  But I think that's making the time drag.  Need to busy myself me thinks!  You wouldn't think that would be hard with a 17 month old, working, studying and a man-child husband to look after would you, lol!

What's your little boy called m2b?  So cliched but I'm finding this stage just the best - lots of new words and just growing into being a proper toddler!  

Hope you're having a good day everyone and keeping those hideous preg symptoms at bay!  



17/02/2009 at 16:52

Sounds like your pregnancy this time around has been really different so far - i'm thinking i am having a girl this time but i guess that is wishful thinking!!

I'm having weird stomach aches - not period pain style cramps but similar to that, has turned out to be gas (nice!!) - aches in my hips a bit - didn't have this last time - anyone know what this is?

Our little boy is called Ryan how about yours?  I too am loving this phase although we're getting the odd tantrum and he keeps waking up at 5.30am - despite having been a 'gina ford' baby and slept through from 6weeks!  doesn't bode well with another one on the way and me being exhausted from pregnancy!!  It's amazing to think about how far they've come in 17mths!

Anyway, best get back to work - i too am finding it tough to concentrate - could happily fall asleep under my desk!!


21/02/2009 at 08:09


Can I join too! I got my BFP on Tuesday. I am currently 4weeks+4. It is my second pregnancy too, I also joined thinkbaby during my first pregnancy and found it to be a great source of help and encouragement and made some lovely friends.

So far I've not got any symptoms, a few butterfly sort of feelings in my tummy, but that could just be from excitment (or wind! lol!!) 

It's so amazing to know there is a little person growing inside me!

Take care for now


22/02/2009 at 19:30

Hi all, lovely to read all your messages.

I got my BFP on Tuesday, think I am about 6 weeks now, so just hoping that the little bean sticks.  Its my first so its very exciting, but also feel very apprehensive at each little twing. 

Have been moving house, so was humping heavy boxes around last weekend Hope no damage has been done - guess I would know by now if it had.

Like you guys, I just really want to get past that first scan, so I know all is well.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.


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